Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough

Inside a quiet pavilion located inside one of the Heavenly Sky Kingdom’s four largest cultivation sects, a young man slowly opened his eyes with a helpless expression as he gazed down towards the fog located at the base of the mountain that the pavilion was located on top of. Not only was he the youngest Core Elder in the history of a large cultivation sect, but he was also someone who had transmigrated over with a system! The system in question wanted him to train up disciples and in turn help him get stronger! But there was one major problem in all of this… He didn’t have any disciples! Ding~! Talk about great timing... ____________________________ Release Schedule: 7-14 chapters a week ____________________________ If you are interested in LitRPG, I'm writting another novel called [Reincarned as a Lizard]. A side novel, I write on it when I need something other than Xianxia.

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Third Domain Lord Realm Disciple

"How terrifying..." Muttering this to herself as she observed the fall of the Onyx Empire's capital city, Elder Dust Fairy quickly made the demonic cultivator carrying the observation artifact leave the place before he caught the attention of those terrifying True Demon Realm demonic cultivators who didn't seem to care whether it was a normal cultivator or a demonic one as they massacred everyone inside the city and around it.

Soon after, she stopped observing the situation taking place in the Onyx Empire and instead took out a communication talisman to inform the different demonic cultivators, who now worked under her through the help of Su Wuhan, who made it seem like she was also a demonic cultivator, about the situation and have them prepare for leaving the different outpost that they had established over the past few months inside the Onyx Empire under the guise of escaping before the people from the Blue Sea Empire appeared.