21 Sneaking by the Raging Flame Sect Outpost

The Burning Mountain Range was not a mountain range that was burning in the literal sense of the word but was instead a long mountain range that had a lot of volcanos present in it. Due to this, it slowly became know as the burning mountain range. The burning hot environment that most of the mountain range was in didn't help in slightest.

Other than that, a lot of fire related herbs grew in it, the Infernal heart Grass was one of them.

From Mortal Rank Herbs all the way up to Mystic Rank Herbs that only King Realm cultivators used. All of them could be found inside the Burning Mountain Range, though finding something like a Mystic Rank herb was not something Xuan Hao expected to find.

After all, most herbs were defended by a demon beast at around the same stage. Meaning a Mystic Rank Herb would have a King Realm demon beast defending it… Not something that Xuan Hao could deal with at the moment.

Xuan Hao came to the entrance of the Burning Mountain Range where the Raging Flame Sect had set out an outpost. From what he knew, there would always be a Nascent Soul expert present, so as to ensure that nobody entered the Burning Mountain Range without them knowing.

The problem for Xuan Hao was how to evade the divine sense of the Nascent Soul Realm expert of the Raging Flame Sect.

But why not just enter the Burning Mountain Range from another neighbouring kingdom?

That would be even more impossible, as the imperial families of a kingdom would normally station Nascent Soul experts at the important borders of their kingdom. For better or worse, the Heavenly Sky Kingdom was not on good terms with the surrounding kingdoms. Meaning most of them had an expert at the Nascenst Soul Watching over their border with the Heavenly Sky Kingdom, so as to make sure nobody would sneak in without them knowing about it.

If he were only at the Core Formation Realm maybe it would work, as the Nascent Soul expert at the bord would not pay attention to someone who was below the Nascent Soul Realm, due to the simple fact that the they would not be able to harm the kingdom without having reached the Nascent Soul Realm.

Afterall, to a Nascent Soul expert, how much trouble could a mere Core Formation expert bring to an entire kingdom with dozens of Nascent Soul experts?

Xuan Hao really wished that he had learnt some form of concealment technique at the moment, but there was nothing to do.

For now, he decided to just try his luck and sneak in.

Flying through the air, Xuan Hao flew at the edge of the border as he quickly made his way towards the Burning Mountain Range. Hoping that the Nascent Soul Realm Elder from the Raging Flame Sect was not paying attention.

Sadly, things never go the way you want them to, and a divine sense swept out from the outpost set up by the Raging Flame Sect. heading directly in the direction where Xuan Hao was flying along.

Xuan Hao sensed the change and looked towards the outpost as he started to swear quietly at his fantastic luck, if the elder from the Raging Flame Sect discovered him, a fight would most certainly erupt. This in turn would attract the other Nascent Soul experts from the Raging Flame Sect.

Going 8 vs 1? Not really something Xuan Hao wanted to experience at the moment…


Just as Xuan Hao prepared himself to forgo stealth and go full speed towards the Burning Mountain Range, a loud scream echoed through the surroundings as an injured man ran full speed in the direction of the border.

The divine sense from the Raging Flame Sect outpost focused directly on the man and soon an elderly man appeared in front of him.

"Hmph, think you can just run away after offending the Raging Flame Sect?" The arrogant elderly man sneered as his lips curled up in a contemptuous smile.

"P-please, I-I didn't know- "

Before the man even managed to finish his sentence, a quick flash appeared as the man's head rolled to the ground. His eyes still open, clearly not expecting to suddenly die.

"Hmph, why would I waste time speaking to trash like you?"

Picking up a purse around the now dead man's belt, the arrogant elderly man soon disappeared back towards the outpost.

It was almost like nothing had even happened. Xuan Hao bet that if it were not for the now dead body on the ground, nobody would know that somebody just died here.

"Indeed, the Raging Flame Sect, they are as ruthless as rumoured… Thankfully that elderly man did not find me…"

Letting out a sigh of relief, Xuan Hao looked cautiously in the direction that the elderly man had disappeared into.

That elderly man was dangerous and from what Xuan Hao sensed, he was at the fifth stage of the Nascent Soul Realm! Even with his True Sword Intent, Xuan Hao could at most fight equally with him.

Maybe in a longer fight he would win, but by then the other Nascent Soul experts from the Raging Flame Sect would have arrived.

"Hah, I better get going before I get found…" Casting a glance at the dead body one last time, Xuan Hao began moving towards the Burning Mountain Range with increased speed.

Xuan Hao spent the next 1 hour cautiously moving towards the Burning Mountain Range, it was only after he saw the towering mountains in front of him that he finally let out a sigh of relief.

At the foot of one mountain was a small city, the city itself was mostly used by explorers who came to enter the Burning Mountain Range and try their luck and businesses buying the materials and rare herbs brought back by the explorers. Most of which was owed directly by the Raging Flame Sect.

Even though that was the case, the strongest person was only at the Core Formation Realm and was not something Xuan Hao needed to be careful about. After all, a Core Formation realm expert would never be able to sense a Nascent Soul expert if he did not wish to show off his cultivation.

"For now, I will try and see if there is any information regarding the location of the Infernal Heart Grass."

Landing a little away from the city, Xuan Hao took out a small bag with clothes and quickly changed into something less conspicuous. The robe he was wearing before was the main core elder robe of the Flying Sword Sect…

Thinking back, maybe he should not walk into enemy territory with the robe of a core elder from the Flying Sword Sect on…

Facepalming himself at how stupid he was, Xuan Hao quickly put away the brilliant and extremely colourful core elder robe and walked towards the city.

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