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heyo crazy cronie here, review on 01/09/2021 @chap 211 (released chap till date: 219) review divided in: Short review Long review with ratings CC rants. Conclusion SHORT REVIEW: A slow paced SOLish where mc accepts disciples with some action & comedy. LONG REVIEW: writing: 9/10 Lil typo mistakes but not to the point where it hinders your reading experience... at least I didn't have any prob. update: 10+2/10 Yeah, deserves more than the max rating... For me 7 ch/week is must for full rating for any original novels and this one releases more than 7 plot: 7/10 ^ Don't get me wrong for the low ratings... There is nothing wrong with the story... The world is being slowly introduced to us which is something I really enjoy ^ the story is well connected and till now there is no plothole (nothing caught my eyes atleast.) ^ But the low rating of this section is because author-chan it seems you forgot the title~ I mean *spoiler* it has been almost 150 chaps he din get any Disciple. *spoiler end* ^ the system hasn't been really explained... Tho it might be done in the future.. for now i dont have any idea I mean till now I thought it's only related to disciples but suddenly we get different side missions *spoiler* about finding the core of the secret realm and then a survival quest. *spoiler end* ... characters: 8.5/10 Nothing bad... Most characters have their own quirk, but still characters could have been given a little more depth. Till now tho it's good. pacing: 9/10 ^ This is a slow paced novel. And it's really enjoyable reading this... ^ -1 maybe because i feel a little increase in pace would do good? Just my opinion dialogues: 9.5/10 Author did a good job here. People conversing here is one of the things most likeable about this novel. entertainment: 9/10 Welp this is a biased rating since it totally depends upon how much I enjoyed... Overall: 4.5/5 CC rants:- ^ Well, first of all I should correct my previous review. This isn't similar to History's no. 1 founder in anyway..... This one leans more towards SOL compared to HN1F which is action packed. ^ Secondly this is for ya author-chan~ It's high time we have a disciple xD... ^ Also high time MC breakthrough next realm.... ^ This is for the readers... MC is little intelligent compared to other novels so you won't get irritated by his dumbness.. ^ And well... nothing else keep updating ๐ŸŒš CONCLUSION: This is one of my weekly pastime... I just stack chaps to read it every weekend... And a must read if you're into SOL type novels... I'll say it once again; there is no romance, harem so to all suckers for this genre stay away... (I'm a sucker for harem and this is one of the few novels I'm reading which doesn't have harem)

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If you like laid back cultivation stories where MC already had a high start and just teaching some disciples then this is for you. It's something I would read if I want to relax and chill. Hope this gets more attention keep it up author!


It's entertaining enough to keep my attention. That's all the matters to me. I like these types, where the MC has to accept disciples. There isn't enough to really criticize, the grammar and spelling is fine. Maybe someone could argue you should've expanded on when and how the actual MC took over the body of his predecessor? It just jumped straight into the action, but I actually prefer this over some long info dump at the beginning. Anyways, I look forward to the more.


Heyo crazy cronie here, review on 29/03/2021 @chap27 (released chap till date: 27) review divided in: Short review Long review IMO Ratings Conclusion Warning (includes spoilers) short review: Gives you 'Accept disciples and become stronger' and 'History's no one founder' vibes. AND LET ME SAY IT ONCE AGAIN, THE REVIEW IS BASED ON JUST 30 CHAPS! long review: pros: 1) Even though the story isn't original, this is still a fresh read since this ain't the type of plotline WN authors generally pick coz it's a lot more difficult. 2) A light hearted novel with almost zero tension. (This can both be a pro or a con depending on readers. To me a pro.) 3) MC is smart unlike other novels where the main trait of the mc is idiocy. No plot armour saving MC's ass, mc knows to hide, to run.... Atleast for now that's the casd 4) I love the pacing of this novel. Literally the events are not postponed forever and takes place when you need them. 5) Side chara gets the deserved attention. Even though still less than 30 chaps I know the author is giving them the screen time required. 6) Author interacts with the readers... Listens to their ideas, opinions and advices and uses them, a big plus compared to those who just take many criticisms and advices comments as malice.... 7) Maybe because it is new but the updates are stable.. and it is even 10 chaps a week!! Something which I love!! cons: 1) [NOT REALLY A CONS] Too much info? Author sometimes give more than info dump required. (I cut my entertainment points coz of that.) 2) A light hearted novel with almost zero tension as said above. (This can both be a pro or a con depending on readers. To me a pro since I was searching something like this.) 3) [NOT REALLY A CONS] Nothing can be said clearly about world. We don't exactly know where the plot is heading... But then again WE ARE JUST 30 CHAPS IN!! 4) MC doesn't have really have any ambition. Like *SPOILER* he just gets a disciple coz the system said so... The system didn't threaten him and neither it was shown that mc wanted to become really strong!! That maybe coz it's just 30 chaps and maybe revealed in the future. 5) [NOT REALLY A CONS] Easy to understand writing with little bit of typo errors and some grammatical mistakes which are negligible. IMO: - A little less info dump would be better... - A little ambitious MC would be a big plus for this novel, like creating your own clan/group/organisation... Just a lil bit of hint would be fine ... Even something like wanting to live a carefree life that's why making your disciples strong is also okay As long as my opinions doesn't spoil the plot RATINGS: writing: 8/10 (con-5) update: 9/10 (pro-7) plot: 8/10 (pro-1&2, con-1&3) characters: 8.5/10 (pro-3&5, con-4) pacing: 8.5/10 (pro-4) dialogues: 8/10 (pro-5) entertainment: 8.5/10 OVERALL: 4.2/5 Conclusion: This novel has excellent potential! I am just worried like many other WN authors, he doesn't stop updating... I am seriously waiting for more updates:). Thanks for the chapters! If possible pin this review @PurpleSpring bruh! Next review after chap 100 WARNING: *SPOILER (not exactly)* - MC till now seems to be neutral. Neither hero, nor villain... Should have been anti hero but even that isn't mentioned... -


Interesting concept, with a mediocre execution. The core concept of a master that has to pick and raise his disciples is fairly good. Nothing too original, but fun nonetheless. The excessive exposition and focus on banality make this novel hard to read though. So while the core concept remains fairly is interesting and fun, you'll have to keep skimming and skipping through the text to get to the actually interesting bits. Characters also aren't very interesting. As said above, the story is told mostly through introspection and exposition. Leaving very little room for actually interesting character interactions. There are some good/fun this here and there, but there is just too little of it. Characters all remain very flat and interactions often times don't feel quite natural. I wouldn't recommend reading this, unless you really love stories with a lot of exposition, a very slow pace and with excessive amounts of detail. If you're into that, go for it. Otherwise skip this one.


40+ chapters plot- MC awakens system, accepts disciple with awakened physique, gets a flower to awaken it. THATS IT filler chapters of maid tea contest and a whole chapter of a single conversation or the same thing repeated in 10 different ways


Pro's You can see the writing quality improving as the story continues MC can cultivate outside of the system Con's I noticed many inconsistencies in the story The story is in desperate need of more world development The system is an almost a non-existent part of the story Certain story points that are added for plot are illogical Qing Yi is a bully and seems completely ungrateful to her master - The story had great potential yet delivered an average story, however the writing has shown vast improvements as the story progresses. I still don't completely understand the reasoning behind Qing Yi having a complete personality change into the most annoying and hated character (by readers) in the story, but it is too late to change after the fact. Hopefully, she jumps ship to the other alchemist, as it would be congruent with her current personality. Overall, I look forward to the next story by the Author, as with their rate of improvement, it will likely be an exceptional work.


It was great, though not enough chapters yet to thoroughly tell if it would be even better in the future. So yah~ Keep up it up! Don't mind this ---v (Anyway....seriously can't even post or write a review without enough Letters/Words...) <---don't mind this.


I like the story, but the action is too slow. A typical case is a one-day test in the novel, but the author describes it in more than 40 chapters. Slow character development, unnecessary reflection and repetition.


I enjoyed the novel... .


I like this kind of novel. I can't wait for another chapter. Keep the good work author. Hope this novel can get more attention and good rankings from the readers. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


Nice chill novel.. nice concept.. plot is also fine so far I just hope the mc can have more character in him rather than being a block of wood.. more of his emotions.. more of his thought process.. than just him being totally rational to the point that it seems like there's nothing wrong with it.. but nothing awesome about it.. just normal I hope the story can make me feel more involved rather than making me feel detached to it and feel like watching a perfect side story going on.


To be honest I like the story background but the inner writing I don't like it. Reading the first volume I think that the first disciple has no respect and gratitude for MC as her master, it's more like a casual respect not like a nascent soul stage cultivator master should have.


After 550 chapters:There are some unrealistic scenarios and a little too much stories with not Mc's POV, but overall u would enjoy reading this novel


Suggest reading it .Unique plot .Breathe of fresh air amidst the cliche novels on this website[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Im sorry but this story is just way to slow. Literally nothing happens and the pacing is off by a lot. It's not really filler but a lot of the chapters a filled with pointless stuff. I may sound harsh but I was expecting it to be slow but not this slow. I've read up to chapter 80 something and he has taught his disciple twice. I guess this is meant to be a chill novel but this is just boring. The writing quality is good tho and the world building is also good but slow.


Read till Chapter 85 Words cant express the greatness of this novel (i dont know how to write reviews) MC is an nascent soul stage expert and is one of the powerhouses in his kingdom His system lets him advance in his cultivation as his apprentices reach higher realm OH IMPORTANT POINT the mc still cultivates normally even though he has a system Our MC also has a mysterious background as his memories area hazy Yea yea i know my review is bad just give this novel a shot and i am sure you i will love it


i seemed to have read the first few chapters in another work. ignoring the originality of the premise, this one seems to develope better and with better writing style as well.


while there has not been many chapters released yet, I love the direction of the story and the characters to far. its a rather unique story idea, one I've always enjoyed reading. can't wait for more


In my opinion the story and background is great, the mc has a unique system and the world building is good. The story overall is quite funny and the disciples all have interesting personalities