63 Return to the Flying Sword Sect

"Master, who is that? Perhaps the person you sensed earlier?" Qing Yi curiously looked up from the herbs she was sorting, as she looked at the unconscious Chu Yang that Xuan Hao had brought back with him.

"Yeah, found him laying around like this so I brought him back… He seems to be quite talented, so I thought about bringing him back with us to the sect, as it seems like he was injured somehow." Nodding his head, Xuan Hao told Qing Yi about his plans to bring a random person found in the forest back with them.

"I'm already done sorting the herbs I found earlier, are we going back now?" Throwing the last few herbs into the pillowcase that she had emptied for more space to carry herbs; Qing Yi tilted her head slightly as she asked.

"Yeah… We should get back as fast as possible, don't want to end up stuck in the Red Dust desert at night. Apparently, it gets quite cold, especially towards the centre of the desert, in the past a few Foundation Establishment cultivators apparently died because of the cold there…" Nodding his head, Xuan Hao answered as he waved his hand and erased the small wooden house along with anything else that might giveaway the fact that somebody had stayed besides the river.


"Do we really have to take him with us…?" The moment they got into the air; Qing Yi's voice could be heard.


Xuan Hao did not know what to say. The sword was not that big and even having two people at once was way over the limit of what could fit on his small sword.

Now, with the addition of Chu Yang, the space became quite cramped. Even if Xuan Hao carried him over the shoulder.

"Ah, I got it!" Suddenly having an idea, Xuan Hao quickly put it into action as he moved Chu Yang from his shoulder and attached him to the tip of the sword. Making sure that he would not fall with his qi and sword intent.

"I-is this really okay master?" Looking at Chu Yang dangling in the air from the tip of the sword, Qing Yi smiled awkwardly as she asked Xuan Hao.

"Sure~ He is unconscious anyway." Not seeing anything wrong with hanging Chu Yang from the tip of his sword while flying several hundred meters above the ground, Xuan Hao assured Qing Yi that it was fine, as she could only accept what Xuan Hao told her.

I'm sorry about this… At least you are not awake…

Thinking this, Qing Yi shook her head as she looked apologetically at Chu Yang's body dangling splendidly in the air. Looking like he was about to fall off at any moment.

At the way back. Not long after Xuan Hao, Qing Yi and Chu Yang passed through an area, a new legend about a certain man flying through the air with a sword in the back of his head would appear…

But that was something Chu Yang would not learn about for a long time…

The journey back to the Flying Sword Sect went without any distractions, as Chu Yang was unconscious the entire way and no random bandits showed up.

Landing a few hundred meters away from where the Flying Sword Sect was located, both Qing Yi and Xuan Hao jumped off the sword as Xuan Hao picked up Chu Yang and carried him.

"Welcome back elder Xuan! Who is it you are carrying?" The moment both of them made their way to the entrance of the city in front of the Flying Sword Sect, an inner elder in charge of guarding the entrance came out and asked as he glanced questioningly at the unconscious body Xuan Hao was carrying with him.

"Ah, found this guy injured on my way back to the sect and found out he was quite talented, so I just decided to bring him back with me…"

"… Okay…"

Sending a slightly weird look in his direction, the inner elder did not hold them up any longer as he quickly returned to his post.

Who was he to question if a core elder brought a random person back with him?

"Master is it really okay to bring this guy back with us…?" Qing Yi looked in the direction of the inner elder as she asked. The weird look that he had given her master when he said he had picked up an injured person he had never met before and brought him back… Qing Yi felt like there was something wrong with it…

"No need to worry… The guy is probably just worried about the little guy being a spy or something along those lines." Not minding Qing Yi's doubt, Xuan Hao smiled slightly as he answered and started walking towards the sect.

"…" Qing Yi did not say anything in response and thought what her master had said sounded like a good reason, but deep down she still felt that there was something wrong with the situation.

Maybe she had just thought too much about it, after all, how much trouble could a guy barely in the Foundation Establishment Realm bring to one of the top four sects of the Heavenly Sky Kingdom?

"Ah, master! Wait up!" Seeing that Xuan Hao had already walked ahead, Qing Yi threw her thoughts to the back of her mind, as she ran over to catch up with Xuan Hao.

Meanwhile, in the stables of the Flying Sword Sect, a certain shadow hawk had just started his retirement life.

Screech! Sceeeeech~

Come here humans! I need more meat!

"Ah, Lord Shadow! I will be there shortly with the recently grilled spirit lamb meat!" A disciple tending to the demon beasts came over and told the shadow hawk before quickly dashing towards the area for meat preparation.


Hurry up human!

Looking at the disappearing figure of the young disciple, the shadow hawk rolled around and laid on its back as it waited for the disciple to return with its meat.

Retirement was life, it could laze around all day just like it saw the other old demon beast do in the past. Finally, he could enjoy the good life! Nothing would ever get him to move as much as a single wing ever again!

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