43 Quest Rewards and Formations

Finding an isolated place to sit down after seeing Qing Yi off, Xuan Hao excitedly entered his sea of consciousness to interact with the system.

[Main Quest (Complete)]

Rewards: [Moon silver (Mystic)], [Ash Sunstone (Mystic)]

[Redeem]: [Y/N]

Outside of Xuan Hao's expectations, what he got from completing the system's main quest was not an increase in cultivation, nor was it a boost in comprehension or a secret technique to boost his strength.

Accepting the rewards, Xuan Hao saw the Main quest changing from the completed to a brand-new quest.

Main Quest: [Any disciple reaches the Core Formation realm.]

Main Quest Reward: [???]

Nothing out of the ordinary, the requirement just went from having a disciple in the foundation establishment realm, to having one in the core formation realm.


Exiting his sea of consciousness, Xuan Hao instead focused on the two objects that had appeared in front of him after he accepted the rewards from the system.

One of them was a brightly shining silver ore, most likely the Moon silver. The other object he got from the system was an ash-coloured stone, this in turn should be the so-called Ash Sunstone.

Xuan Hao had no clue what these two objects were, nor did he have any clue what they could be used for as the system did not give any description about them other than the small note besides them symbolizing that they were of the mystic grade.

Mystic grade materials were for people in the Domain Lord Realm! While Xuan Hao did not know purpose of the materials he got, at least he knew they were precious if the system gave them that kind of valuation.

"Well, nothing to worry about for now, I will just check up and see what they can be used for in the future. The Explorer Union should have some information on this if the sect doesn't…" Not bothering too much with the unknown materials he got, Xuan Hao threw it to the back of his mind and quickly hid away both the Moon Silver and the Ash Sunstone.

At this point, Xuan Hao really wished he had a storage ring of some kind to store them in. Sadly, he would have to wait until at least reaching the Half-Step Domain Lord Realm or be lucky enough to find one.

At least for now, Xuan Hao decided not to worry about it and hoped that his pavilion would be safe after his leave from the sect soon.

Nobody would go up and try to rob a core elders place while he was gone? Right…?

Xuan Hao did not know if it was because he was suddenly storing something precious at his pavilion or something else, but he decided to set up several formations to guard the room where he stored the Moon Silver and the Ash Sunstone.

Looking at the more than three dozen formations surrounding the small room, Xuan Hao nodded slightly to himself.

At least he had managed to learn some rudimentary formations in the past, even if they were not as strong as some of the more complicated formations. Stacked on top of each other, they should still be able to provide some protection.

However, if any formation master saw the complicated mess that Xuan Hao had manged to set up and called a formation, they would probably want to beat him up on the spot.

What Xuan Hao had done was nothing short of a disgrace to all formations, as he had simply drawn in some qi from the surroundings and stacked it on top of each other and called it a formation.

No complicated formation runes or complicated rune lines, just a mess of qi naturally smashed together to create a barrier of some sort.

This had repeated several times until a few dozen "formations" had formed.

"Wha… WHAT IS THIS!?" A short scream was heard from behind him, as Xuan Hao turned around and looked at the person in question.

"Hm? Qing Yi, you finished cleaning up?" The person in question was Qing Yi. Small droplets of water were still dripping down from her hair as she looked towards Xuan Hao's formations with a shocked look on her face.

"M-master, what is that… Thing…?"

"Hm? Ah, that is a formation I set up! Awesome, no?" Upon hearing her talking about his recent masterpiece, Xuan Hao flashed a bright smile and pointed at the abomination that he called a formation.

"A formation…? I thought formations were supposed to exist in harmony with nature… Not this…" Looking speechlessly at her master's proud visage as he pointed at the different formations he made, Qing Yi decided to not talk about the "formations" that he had set up.

Looks like her master wasn't as perfect as she thought, at least when it came to formations, he was worse than a beginner. All that was needed to break her masters so-called formations, was to inject a bit of qi into them and let them collapse on themselves.

Qing Yi even started to wonder how the formations still hadn't collapsed yet…

"Ah, by the way master, how are we going to get to Bright Sun City in a days' time…?" Deciding that nothing would come from starring at the formations any longer, Qing Yi instead asked about a question that had been plaguing her for the past few days.

"Hm? Ah, we will fly there. By the way remember to pack your stuff as we will be leaving tomorrow morning!" Saying so, Xuan Hao took his leave and made his way back to his room in the pavilion.

"Ah ok, we will just fly there… Fly? W-wait a minute! MASTER! What do you mean by flying there!" Seeing Xuan Hao had already disappeared, Qing Yi quickly ran off to catch up to him and find out what he meant by flying.


As Qing Yi left the room, all the formations set up by Xuan Hao collapsed in on themselves as the qi that was holding them together dispersed into the surroundings.

Xuan Hao would most likely not have any future as a formation master…

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