3 Qing Family

"Qing Chenyi, it's all up to you to ensure that our Qing Family can survive the crisis we find ourselves stuck in. If you can enter the Flying Sword Sect, then Bai Li and the Black Rose Sect behind him won't be able to do anything to our Qing Family!"

Just a little behind Qing Yi stood an elderly man. Despite his looks, he was not weak in the slightest and he was someone at the peak of the second stage of the Core Formation Realm, as well as the first elder of the Qing clan. His position in the Qing clan was only behind the current head of the Qing clan, Qing Yi's father.

This time, he was in charge of leading a group of promising children from the Qing clan to try and enter the Flying Sword Sect.

The First Elder spoke, but he did not say those words to Qing Yi, the daughter of the clan's head. Instead, he said those words to a white-robed young man standing in the forefront of the group of Qing clan children with a proud look on his face.

Although Qing Yi's status was the most noble and honourable among the disciples of the Qing Family, in terms of talent, she was far from the best of them. Even counting her among the top 10 of the children present would be considered a stretch.

"First Elder, don't worry. I will be sure to enter the Flying Sword Sect and get their support! With me entering the Flying Sword Sect, staying safe from the Black Rose Sect will not be a problem for us at all! Instead of us worrying, it should be the Bai family worrying about themselves in the future!"

Qing Chenyi smiled. Not only was he the number one genius of the Qing Family, but he was also considered as the number one genius of Bright Sun City. In his opinion, joining the Flying Sword Sect was a matter of course. Not difficult for someone like himself at all.

Qing Yi pursed her lips when she heard this. The look in her eyes felt somewhat sad to onlookers.

That's right… Qing Chenyi was the one who had the most hope of entering the Flying Sword Sect. Even the two others behind Qing Chenyi had quite a good chance of entering according to the Qing family.


It had to be said that even though she was the sole daughter of the current clan head, Qing Chenyi's talent was way higher than hers.

As the only child of the current family head, she did not manage to inherit her father's outstanding talent but in the end, still enjoyed the family's best resources. However even with this, she could not even rank amongst the top ten of the younger generation of the Qing family… 

It was not that she did not work hard. She had already worked extremely hard, maybe even harder than any of the others from the younger generation of the Qing clan. From the beginning of her cultivation, she had never dared to relax in the slightest. However, the so-called talent wasn't something that could be made up for by hard work…

At her age, her father had already broken through to stage one of the foundation Establishment Realm.

"Haha, You? Entering the Flying Sword Sect? Hahaha… Qing Chenyi, are you and the Qing family even worthy of such a thing?"

Right as the members of the Qing family were about to move towards the testing area of the examination grounds, a mocking voice sounded out just behind them. The Qing family's people did not even need to turn around to know who it was.

"What!? Bai Cheng, I'm not worthy? Are you? Get lost!" Qing Chenyi turned around and coldly looked at the black-robed youth behind him.

The young man's name was Bai Cheng, from one of the two great clans of Bright Sun City. He was a member of the Bai family, and he was also one of their younger generations most brilliant talents. Definitely within the top three of the Bai family, though he was quite lacking when it came to using his head...

In the past, Bai Cheng was stronger than Qing Chenyi and had even bullied him and other members of the Qing family from time to time, but later on, Qing Chenyi rose up and suppressed him in both talent and strength.

Whether it was his talent or his strength, Qing Chenyi was above him now.

"Heh, Qing Chenyi, what are you so proud of? When I enter the Flying Sword Sect, I will completely surpass you easily. At the next year's Bright Sun City Grand Competition, I will let you know that being in the lead for a moment means absolutely nothing. Haha, enjoy your place as the number one in Bright Sun City while you can." Bai Cheng did not become angry upon hearing Qing Chenyi but continued to laugh. Acting like the generic villian from any old story...

"Oh? I don't know from which hole in the ground you popped up from. However, since you can enter, naturally I can as well." Qing Chenyi snorted coldly. His talent was above Bai Cheng. If Bai Cheng could enter, so could he.

"Then We'll Wait and see. I'm looking forward to your expression when the examination ends. Hahaha…" Bai Cheng laughed and was about to walk off when he caught a glace of Qing Yi and suddenly froze in place.

"Yiyi, how is it? As long as you agree to marry me, then both the Bai and Qing family will be one big family. When I become a disciple of the Flying Sword Sect, I'll ensure that your Qing family is safe and sound in the future!"

The matter of Bai Cheng's love for Qing Yi was no secret in Bright Sun City. He had gone to the Qing family several times to propose already but had been rejected every time by Qing Yi's father in a domineering manner. He had even been beaten up by him a few times in the process.

Qing Yi's mother had passed away just after she was born. Her father only had one daughter left at this point in time.

He would never force her to do anything she didn't like. Let alone make her marry someone from their rival family, the Bai family.

Qing Yi shot a cold glance at Bai Cheng. She did not say anything. Instead, she looked at the pavilion in the middle of the examination grounds where the higher-ups of the Flying Sword Sect were located.

It was because the appearance of a single person had attracted her attention.

"Who is that?"

"I saw him enter the pavilion earlier, maybe he was there to deliver a message to the higher-ups."

"Eh? Who is he then? Not anyone can enter the pavilion, maybe a young elder?!"

This 'young man' who had appeared only a little after he entered was naturally Xuan Hao.

His appearance once again caused quite a stir in the examination grounds.

However, what truly made people care about him was not that.

Instead… Xuan Hao stood beside Feng Chen!

Who was Feng Chen?

The Master of the Flying Sword Sect!

Not just anyone had the right to stand beside him.

Before Xuan Hao appeared, there were only three other people who did so outside of the Flying Sword Sect and all of them were Nascent Soul Realm experts!

Some people started questioning who Xuan Hao was.

This young man… Who was he?

The son of the Flying Sword Sect's Master?

No, everyone knew that the Flying Sword Sect's Master didn't have a wife. Furthermore, the last person who mentioned anything about him marrying were called in for a meeting with the Vice Sect Master Zu Fei and mysteriously appeared beaten up somewhere in the outskirts of the Flying Sword city.

Quite a few people shivered upon the thought of the Vice Sect Master Zu Fei.

"Heh, You people are quite ignorant, right? This person is called Xuan Hao. Although he is young, he is a Core Elder of the Flying Sword Sect! A Nascent Soul Realm expert!"

"Nascent Soul Realm? The same level as the Sect Master? He doesn't seem that much older than me, how is it even possible to reach the Nascent Soul Realm at such a young age!?"

"There's nothing impossible. This Core Elder Xuan is indeed a Nascent Soul Realm expert. Not only is he one of the youngest core elders in the Flying Sword Sect's history, but he's also the youngest Nascent Soul Realm expert in the Heavenly Sky Kingdom. Don't forget that Nascent Soul Realm Experts can change their appearance easily as well..." Another person reaffirmed.

"How do you even know that in the first place?" Some people still didn't believe the claim.

"I naturally know that because my sister is an inner disciple of the Flying Sword Sect!" That person said proudly.

Within the Flying Sword Sect, there were thousands upon thousands of disciples with distinct levels. The disciples were all divided into three levels, Outer disciples, Inner disciple and core disciple. For example, even if they entered the Flying Sword Sect after a series of selections, they were still only outer disciples. Apart from those lucky enough to be chosen by an elder to become personal disciples.

The position of an inner disciple in the Flying Sword Sect was already high.

As expected, when this person revealed that his sister was already an inner disciple, a few gazes of envy and jealousy were immediately shot over.

How they wished they could have such an awesome sister...

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