Profession Ranks/ Cultivation Mantras (spoiler)

Profession Ranks - Pill, artifact, etc rank - Cultivation Rank


Apprentice - Mortal Rank - Qi Condensation Realm

Journeyman - Earth Rank - Foundation Establishment Realm

Expert - Spirit Rank - Core Formation Realm

Artisan - Soul Rank - Nascent Soul Realm

Master - Mystic Rank - Domain Lord Realm

Grandmaster - Transcendent - Soul Ascension Realm

Pseudo Saint - Transcendent - Earth Immortal Realm/Dao Seed Realm

Saint Realm - Saint - Celestial Immortal Realm/Profound Immortal Realm

Immortal - Immortal - ???


Cultivation Mantras/ Qi Techniques Ranks:

Split between low, mid, high and peak tier

Mortal Rank: Qi Condensation - Foundation Establishment

Earth Rank: Core Formation - Nascent Soul

Heaven Rank: Domain Lord - Soul Ascension

Saint Rank: Dao Seed Realm - Profound Immortal (Not present on Ewaria Continent)

Immortal Rank: ???


Cultivation Realms:

✧Qi Condensation✧

Lowest cultivation realm, everyone can reach it with enough effort. Even those with no talent for cultivation.

✧Foundation Establishment✧

Not much different from the Qi Condensation Realm, people at the Foundation Establishment Realm are common. Most noteable about the realm is the fact that Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators enjoy a lifespan of 200 years.

✧Core Formation✧

Just above the realm where most people are located and just below the realm to be considered strong. Having a lifespan ranging between 300 and 400 years. The Core Formation Realm is where most people end up encountering a bottleneck that they might not breakthrough for the rest of their life...

✧Nascent Soul✧

Reaching this realm, one can be reffered to as an expert. The Nascent Soul Realm is the peak power among most kingdoms. Even outside, one can be considered to be strong. Lifespan of Nascent Soul Realm Cultivators are normally around 2000 years, though it can be increased through the help of special pills/potions or natural treasures.

✧Domain Lord✧

Referred to as Lord Realm as a sign of respect for their ability to single handley destroy or create a kingdom through their power alone. Comprehended a domain. Unique to the cultivator himself/herself. At this realm, even large empires will not dare carelessly offending one for no reason. Lifespan of an average of 10000 years, some can live longer depending on the dao they comprehended.

✧Soul Ascension Realm✧

Not much is known about the Soul Ascension Realm, but the ruler of an Empire will at least have reached this realm of strength, therefore the realm is often referred to as the Emperor Realm by those who don't know the name of the realm itself. 

✧Earth Immortal Realm/Dao Seed Realm✧

The Realm above the Soul Ascension Realm that dwells more deeply into the aspect of comprehending the dao through the cultivation of a Dao Lotus in the dantian. Not much is known about the realm, as even on the Ewaria Continent, those who reach the realm are considered to be only a step below the pinnicale of power of the continent.

Can be split into Early, Middle, Late and Peak Stage depending on the number of layers around the Dao Lotus:

1-4 layers around dao lotus, Early Stage Earth Immortal Realm

5-8 layers, Middle Stage Earth Immortal Realm

9-17 layers, Late Stage Earth Immortal Realm

18+ layer, Peak Earth Immortal Stage, Half Bloom Stage.

This view of the Earth Immortal Realm is what is used on the Ewaria continent and can differ from other continents that use the Dao Seed Realm instead.

The Dao Seed Realm can be split into Early, Middle, Late and Peak Stage, with the dao lotus being seen reffered to as a dao seed instead of a dao lotus:

Early – 8 Layers 

Middle – 18 Layers 

Late – 24 Layers 

Peak – 30 Layers 

Someone in the Dao Seed Realm/Earth Immortal Realm can generally live between 70.000 to 100.000 years depending on their strength and different life extending elixirs they might get their hands on. In rare situation, they might be able to live longer if they comprehended a specific dao like the dao of nature that give them a stronger vitality and increases their natural lifespan beyond the normal 100.000 year limit.

✧Celestial Immortal Realm✧

The highest cultivation realm on the Ewaria Continent. Only with an existence in the Celestial Immortal Realm can a power be considered to have reached the peak on the continent. The Realm can be reached after reaching the Middle Stage of the Dao Seed Realm and can be considered a weaker version of the realm, with a Peak Celestial Immortal only being comparable to a Profound Immortal in the Sea Formation Realm. 

✧Profound Immortal Realm✧

The Profound Immortal Realm can be split into four minor realms, spoiler, Sea Formation Realm, spolier and we havn't gotten there yet in the story.

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