90 Lord Kubera's Notebook

The city of Kubera was quite a legendary city in the territory of the Flying Sword Sect, with merchants from all over the Heavenly Sky Kingdom flocking to it to do trade and with a Peak Core Formation Realm expert know as Lord Kubera as backing, the city was a relatively safe place.

The reason for the city of Kubera to enjoy the level of wealth that they did was mostly due to the excellent management of the lord Kubera himself. Taking the city from a normal one and raise it to its legendary status among the merchants of the Heavenly Sky Kingdom.

Many people thought that Lord Kubera was the incarnation of the god of wealth himself and it was said his wealth was above that of many peak forces of the Heavenly Sky Kingdom, but these were just rumours… In the end, nobody knew how much wealth Lord Kubera had amassed over the years.

Xuan Hao himself was also quite curious about this and decided to find out what had happened in the city of Kubera, that inevitably caused it to fall.

"Wow…" Looking down at the city below him, Xuan Hao could not help but let out a slight exclamation of surprise.

The city of Kubera indeed lived up to its name as a wealthy city with countless pagodas and other luxurious buildings spread all over the place with a giant tower like structure in the middle of it.

Even in the partially destroyed state that it was currently in, Xuan Hao could clearly see how prosperous the city had been before its fall.

"But where are all the dead bodies from the plague?" As he inspected the streets of the city, Xuan Hao could not even see a single dead body or living person, the city was eerily empty with nobody present. Dead or alive…

There was no sign of a plague having passed by and ravaged the area, it looked more like someone had fought and destroyed the city in the process, most likely the City Lord of Kubera fighting someone…

But for what had happened to all the people living in the city, Xuan Hao had no clue whatsoever.

Flying down to the centre of the city, Xuan Hao entered the main tower where the city lord would be living and entered the somewhat destroyed tower with a slightly cautious look on his face.

After he had landed on the ground, Xuan Hao had clearly felt the aura of several people in the Nascent Soul Realm still lingering around the area of the tower. No matter what had happened, the city lord had most likely fought with a group of people at the Nascent Soul Realm!

"Guess he is most likely not someone just at the peak of the Core Formation Realm… Maybe someone who went into hiding from a strong empire or something?" Sensing these auras, Xuan Hao felt a slight amount of fear as even the weakest person who had fought here was at the eighth stage of the Nascent Soul Realm!

If he was not wrong, the City Lord of Kubera should have been an extremely strong peak Nascent Soul Realm expert, if not a Half-Step Domain Lord!

As he walked further into the tower in the middle of the city, Xuan Hao grew more and more confused about what had happened.

The reason for this was quite simple, the plague!

The plague that had supposedly ravaged through the Kubera city was present in the tower, but not inside someone's body… Instead, a few dozen vials were located in the tower with the dark green ball of energy floating around in some sort of liquid.

Picking up the vial, Xuan Hao inspected it with a slight frown on his face, it seemed like whatever the city lord of Kubera was doing had most likely offended some of the people behind the plague, but the question was just what he had been researching before those people had come for him and how he was involved with the plague.

More importantly, whoever was behind the plague clearly had a strong backing and the chances of it being the Azure Sky Kingdom or the newly established Black Rose Demonic Sect was close to none.

After all, if they had someone that strong, they would most likely not need to use the plague to weaken the Heavenly Sky Kingdom in the first place…

"Hm? This is!?" Putting down the vial again, Xuan Hao looked through the entire tower and soon discovered a small notebook buried beneath the rubble of a nearby collapsed wall.

Removing some of the loose stones and other things on top of it, Xuan Hao saw the title of the notebook.

[Experimental Log #37: Plagues Created Using Plague Type Divine Energy]


Xuan Hao felt himself stopping slightly as he looked at the title of the notebook, this felt more like the logs a scientist back on earth kept when running certain experiments.

"So, the Lord of Kubera City was an Alchemist…" This was the only thing he could think of when he saw the title and the first few pages of the notebook.

Alchemists mostly worked like a form of scientist and their way of noting down things and certain other aspects were…

[Plague #127 of the Plague God Church has recently been spreading through the Heavenly Sky Kingdom, most likely the attempt of a newbie Bishop to convert the Heavenly Sky Kingdom to the faith of the Plague God and get a promotion.]

Towards the last few entries of the notebook, the former experimental data that Xuan Hao had no idea what meant, slowly turned into a diary of sorts as the Lord Kubera noted down what was happening outside in more detail.

[An Archbishop of the Church of the Plague God recently found the location of experimental site #5 and destroyed it.]

The entries into the notebook stopped here as Xuan Hao put the notebook away and prepared to hand it over to the Sect Master when he returned. Maybe the Alchemists of the sect could find out what Lord Kubera had written down in his experimental notes…

Looking around the tower, Xuan Hao let out quiet sigh as he turned to leave and return to his original task…

Whatever the plague was, it seemed like it would be way more troublesome than he had first expected…

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