1205 Here to Pick up a Disciple

From listening to the different groups of people fleeing to the outskirts of the primeval jungle where only weaker monsters resided, he realized that the Chun Family that Chun Hua had referred to was far more powerful than he had first expected. 

Not only was it one of the ruling families in a massive city commonly known as the frontier city that acted as the bastion between the Astorion Empire and the demon beasts of the primeval jungle, but it also had an old ancestor at the Dao Seed Realm.

Although the Chun Family couldn't be considered the strongest among the four families in charge of the frontier city, it was by no means weak and had an extensive network that covered a large part of the Astorion Empire. Placing them firmly as one of the strong factions in an empire that was just below a hegemon like the Blue Sea Empire.


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