73 Chu Yang's Decision

As both of them were walking through the Alchemy Hall, Qing Yi saw several people curiously looking at her as they passed by.

Most of the people passing by at the moment were just like the elder at the sign in desk earlier and were mostly of the older generation, so far, Qing Yi had only seen one other person around the age of senior brother Yu and that was still someone around thirty years old! As for anyone around Qing Yi's age? She had not seen a single young person in the entire Alchemy Hall yet.

The only young people she had seen was at the entrance where they traded a few spirit stones for pills or potions, but these people were most likely not members of the Alchemy Hall in the first place, so Qing Yi did not count them in.

"We are here!" Coming to a stop in front of a giant door, Yu took out a small card and pressed it against the door as it started glowing.


Soon the light from the card dimmed down and the giant door slowly started opening up as rows upon rows of bookcases spread out from beyond the door.

"Welcome to the Alchemy Halls Library! When you get your own card like I have, you will be able to freely enter as well. For now, we are just here to get you the two books." Spreading his arms out as he proudly presented the library, Yu smiled as he motioned for Qing Yi to follow him inside.

"You mean to say that I'm currently inside the Flying Sword Sect?!" As Qing Yi was at the Alchemy Hall, Chu Yang was asking Zhi Ruo about anything from where he was and what had happened to him.

"Yes, you are currently inside of elder Xuan's pavilion in the Flying Sword Sect." Having a slightly annoyed expression, Zhi Ruo wanted to get back to what she had been doing beforehand, as Chu Yang just kept asking about the same thing again and again.

"…" Turning slightly frustrated at the fact that he had not found out about what had happened to the black clothed men who knocked him out, Chu Yang look at Zhi Ruo as he soon sighed to himself.

No matter how much he asked, she would only give him the same answer, as for what happened to his pursuers, she had no clue.

"Thank you for answering my questions, yo-" As Chu Yang was about to say Zhi Ruo could take her leave, he suddenly realized that she had already run out of the room by the time he looked in her direction.


Not knowing what to say, Chu Yang just shook his head at the quick escape of Zhi Ruo and started thinking about how he should go about his current situation.

Given that he was relatively safe at the moment and the fact that a Core Elder of the Flying Sword Sect wanted to take him in as a disciple, Chu Yang felt like he could relax. The chances of the people who had chased after him, finding him at the moment, was abysmal.

For now, he was safe.

"The Devil Immortal Jade!" Realizing something, Chu Yang hurriedly searched through his clothes and soon took out a small inconspicuous jade with the words devil and immortal written on it.

This jade was the reason why he had been chased down after running away from the sect that he had been a part of!

Chu Yang clearly remembered that his sect had slowly changed after someone came and met the sect master. After that mysterious person had met his sect master, a lot of people suddenly started to go missing and even a few elders and disciples of the sect had gone missing as well.

Chu Yang had clearly felt the atmosphere of the sect change as people around him slowly turned more and more ruthless. Deaths in normal sparring competitions became more common, as a lot of questionable things started happening.

The point in which Chu Yang found out that something was terribly wrong, was when he had overheard a conversation between two sect elders talking about the Devil Immortal Jade.

The Devil Immortal Jade was a jade that the Sect Master had been carrying constantly since the mysterious person had visited and after hearing what the jade truly was, Chu Yang felt a deep fear that sent a chill down his spine.

The Devil Immortal Jade was an artifact that was used by an extremely powerful demonic sect known as the Devil Immortal Sect to summon forth otherworldly demons!

Chu Yang had no idea what the Devil Immortal Sect was, but he knew at that moment that the sect that he had known was gone and he did not see any way out of it.

After all, all the people who had left recently had mysteriously disappeared or encountered an accident along the way…

So, Chu Yang decided to do what he did best and pretended to become more and more ruthless as he adapted to the other disciples around him.

This had continued for one year as he slowly prepared his escape, but it was at the day that he was going to escape that he saw it! The Devil Immortal Jade!

It was placed down by the Sect Master and laid in a giant ritual formation, Chu Yang, along with some other disciples had been set to watch a ritual preformed by one of the Core Elders.

As they had all waited for the Core Elder to come, Chu Yang had sneakily taken the Devil Immortal Jade as he began his escape plan, telling his fellow disciples he might be a bit too sick to participate in the demonic ritual, at least nobody questioned it.

With that Chu Yang made his way out of the sect through a hidden entrance he had created beforehand and ran away.

Maybe because of luck or something else, the Core Elder did not return to the ritual site for the next few hours and Chu Yang was not the only one who had escaped the sect that day.

When they realized it, more than one hundred people had escaped. Leaving the upper management quite helpless on how to catch them all.

In the end, Core Formation and Foundation Establishment cultivators were sent after the escapees. The ones at the Core Formation Realm was a priority to catch first, so only a few other Foundation Establishment cultivators were sent after him, as the sect had deemed that the chances of someone at the Foundation Establishment Realm taking the Devil Immortal Jade was low.

Even then, they should still be able to catch him, just that it would take slightly longer…


Thinking about this, Chu Yang sighed to himself as thought about Xuan Hao's attempt to recruit him.

Maybe becoming a disciple of the Flying Sword Sect was not such a bad thing… At least he would be safe here...

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