7 Chapter 7: Ascension! Zero-order six-star!

Most of the people in S.H.I.E.L.D. are the top talents in the world. These excellent talents are naturally much higher than ordinary people in terms of spiritual level, but it is precisely because they are mentally stronger than ordinary people. , so they were so easily influenced by Cthulhu sculpture.

In a short period of time, Louis, who was far away in Hell's Kitchen, was here from S.H.I.E.L.D.

Gained a full 1892 fear points!

This income is terrifying!

And the fear of this kind of thing, at this moment, is still being harvested continuously.

Soon Louie's earnings this time.

It reached 2000 points!

Being targeted by S.H.I.E.L.D. so quickly was actually something that Louis did not expect, but since he was already being targeted, Louis would not mind taking advantage of S.H.I.E.L.D.

"The number of people with abnormal mental strength in S.H.I.E.L.D. is really unusual!"

Louis through a connection with [Cthulhu sculpture].

He could know what happened to the Trident Building.

I also know Nick Fury's braised egg head, because of the [Cthulhu sculpture].

Raised the secondary alarm of SHIELD!

And want to seal the sculpture!

But doing it this way...

Is it useful?


The [Sculpture of Cthulhu] in the current underground research institute of SHIELD is the most special sculpture in Louis's hands. That sculpture is many times more special than the other sculptures, because that sculpture contains grams Projection of Sulu.

What is Cthulhu?That's the Old Ones!Although not the strongest of the Old Ones.

But he can definitely be called the most famous one among the Old Ones.

Of course, in the Marvel world, there is no concept of the myth of Cthulhu.

Only Louis, the transmigrator, knew Cthulhu's great name.

A projection of a mighty Old One...

Even if it's just a projection...

Has unimaginable power!

[Host: Louis (23 years old)]

[Equal order: zero order five stars]

[Balance: 4911]

[Items: Cthulhu Sculpture × 3, Silver Key Fragment × 1, Necronomicon Remnant Page × 7...]

[God: The incarnation of the ancient god Bast, the projection of the old ruler Cthulhu! ]

After looking at his Fear Point balance, Louis muttered to himself in a low voice: "In addition to the 2000 Fear Point benefits brought by the [Cthulhu Sculpture] and [Cthulhu Projection] of S.H.I.E.L.D., there are other One after another, the place has brought a profit of 300 fear points, and today's single-day profit may exceed 5000!"

The benefits of fear points are generally very strong in front, and then begin to gradually weaken.

In the end, if it weakens to one person for an hour, it may only be able to provide 1 point.

Even, one person may only provide 1 point for a whole day.

It wasn't actually Louie's most profitable day.

The day of his highest profit was a month ago, when he gained 13000 fear points in a single day.

But that time, it was a bit louder.

Almost caught Gu Yi's attention.

A lot of people died.

Stroking the soft fur of the black cat, Louis actually knows that he is in the Marvel world and is not a good person, especially his fear descending system, which means... His future path is a super The villain in the eyes of the hero.

Of course, things like decency and villain are just different positions.

Different positions have different ways of looking at pros and cons.

The point of view of everything will be different.

"Open the System Mall!" Leaving aside the miscellaneous thoughts in his mind, Louis opened the System Mall.

The interface of the system mall is also very simple, but there are many products in it.

There are many, many, and most of them are expensive!

Even some commodities, with his current strength.

There is simply no way to be able to unlock the purchase.

For example, Louis's strength is "zero-order five-star", then he can only buy zero-order one-star ~ zero-order five-star products. If it exceeds this level of products, Louis may be able to afford it. He now has enough fear points. Affordable.

But being able to afford it doesn't mean you can afford it.

Products in the system mall that exceed his level of strength.

All are in a locked state.

Only when Louis reaches that level of strength, this blockade state will be unlocked.

to be able to buy those items.

As for how to increase the strength?

The path to strength improvement...

There are two in total!

The first path is to cultivate according to one's own efforts. Even a person with very terrifying aptitude, if he wants to cultivate to the level of zero-order five-star, it will take decades of hard work, and it may even take longer.

The second path - is to take shortcuts, use fear points, and improve your own strength.

Fear points in addition to being able to buy items in the system store.

It also has other miscellaneous functions.

Improving one's own strength is one of them.

And there will be no side effects, and there will be no unstable foundation.

Even the supreme mage, the ancient one.

It's actually a shortcut.

Louis only hesitated for a few seconds, and his mind moved slightly.

[Ding!Are you sure, spend 4000 fear points to improve strength? ]

[Ding!Successfully spend 4000 fear points! ]

[Your strength has been improved! ]

[Strength: Zero-order six-star! ]*

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