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Crystal's Dream


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Crystal is the next dragon queen. Traitors hide around every corner of her life challenging her every decision. Confused she sets out on a journey of discovery. She travels through the world and across realms. Where she finds a place to call home and find the strength to fight back. As her team grows bigger so does her trust in those around her. Protecting the dragons and becoming the leader of the riders is only the start. Eione a dark wizard with no care about life around him seeks only power. He will stop at nothing to control every powerfull creature. Starting with the dragon and the riders. Crystal finds herself alone asking questions no one seems to have the answers for. She discovers love and finds the support she needs. Together they learn the true meaning behind power. Will Crystal be the leader the riders need? Will Eione succeed in his greed for power? Will Crystal find the answers to her questions? How will things end for her and her love Prince Leon? What is the secret behind the power everyone seems to fear? Will she overcome the darkness that lies ahead? ************************************************************* "What do you mean? You guys need to remember I didn't grow up in a palace I grew up in a forest. Then spend seven years in jail ever since I got out I've been trying to understand everything. I have been trying to make a living, how am I suppose to know what is going on when I was never told?" Crystal asked. "We didn't know that until we heard your stepfather speaking about it. Your mother trying to convince him to leave you alone but he won't. He believes Eione is telling the truth, Crystal. He has been telling the kingdoms that you can open a gate to another world that can destroy this realm. That is why the world and most ancient dragons are hunting you right now," Sakura said. "What?" Crystal said unable to say anything more. She looked at Prince Leon who now was hugging her and said. "The gate can not be, opened from this side only from the other side." The ancient keystone dragon looked at Crystal and realised the truth. "We have a crown with no training and secrets that is. Lost but the worst is now no one is alive that can or will be willing to train her," Ferrum said. "Is that a problem?" Crystal asked. "Do not underestimate the power of the Golsend crown Crystal. The elve elder did well in warning you about the use of your power. The only way to know about them is to train how to use them. We can help but even we do not know everything about the Golsend crown," Ferrum said. "The truth is, this is what the last queen of the realm. Tried to warn you're great grandmother about but she refused to listen," Alya said. "What do you mean Alya?" Prince Leon said. "We were there when the queen spoke to your great grandmother. She tried to convince her not to go to Golsend but she went anyway," Alya said.


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