Crushing on your majesty:the girl he hated Book

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Crushing on your majesty:the girl he hated


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A princess whose father refused to give her his surname. A stepmother who called her illegitimate and disgrace. Lived her life like an orphan,trying to fill her empty stomach and cover her head with atleast a piece of cloth if not roof and mortar. Was she Evalinge Williams With a dream of serving in military one day,she studied and got admission in the top school of the elite and rich. But who knew that one glimpse at the country's future Prince will ruin her plans and shake the very base of her innocent heart. A mistaken steamy incident in the shower room was all took for the prince to take notice of this persistent stalker. He hated her shyness,her status,her persistence,her weak self and everything related to her initially. But little did he knew that one day she will become his only weakness. Breaking all his assumptioms and stereotypes she will stare at him with the ferociousness of a lioness that only a lion like him could handle. Evalinge Williams was truly a mystery that confused the young Prince's philosophies. But without a doubt he couldn't deny their unspoken chemistry. Times will change,enemies will strike. Bloodlines will be questioned and wars will ignite. But the question will still remain. Will winds of time and weights of crowns make them unite as one? Or will Daniel alway's remain his stalker's crush. "Crushing on your majesty was my hearts untamable compulsion, While loving him, my life's first and last obsession. -Evalinge "