1 The Encounter

This is the time I hate the most!

Even though I hate this subject, there is nothing I can do. Even the first week of classes for a student in grade 11 is already difficult. Even though my teacher's lectures are boring, I must participate in this class since it is important.

The two students came to class to sell us tickets while my professor was still lecturing. a contest entry ticket.

A tall Chinito man greeted everyone and announced that they were there to sell raffle tickets for the competition.

I would like to buy a ticket, but I might not win. I just wasted my money so I just didn't buy it. It took them more than ten minutes to sell tickets to our class then they left. I followed him with my gaze until they left. I know this is not the last time I will see him inside our school because it is too small for us.

"Ok class, let's have break time and come back at exactly 6 pm understood?" Sir made an announcement, and my classmates left for lunch.

"let's go, Monica, let's eat!!" sis yen said

She is one of my closest friends in class. She was only two years older than me because she stopped high school before

"I'm not hungry," I said

She just nodded and left as well, I just read my notes and I was about to answer an activity when I suddenly felt sick, so I ran out of the room and went to the comfort room. Not far from our room. I vomited a lot of blood again. When will it end?


I was confused by the voice that spoke behind me so I looked in the mirror in front of me, the man selling tickets earlier was standing behind me and he offered me a handkerchief and water. I immediately washed my face and then I closed the door of the comfort room. Upon entering the comfort room, the sink is placed so anyone passing by or coming from the other comfort room will see you.

I waited a few minutes before leaving, as the man selling the ticket might still be outside. It's embarrassing that someone saw me in such a situation, but did not all the time I can hide my real situation. I looked to the left and right to make sure he was gone and fortunately, he was gone so I run back to the classroom.

While my professor was teaching, I was looking outside the classroom. The Chinito man returned to the comfort room, maybe he believed I was still there and was waiting for me to leave.

"Class dismissed!" I heard my professor shout

so my classmates yelled and went out.

"let's go, Monica!"

Sis Yen and I go home together because our house is close to each other. I arranged my belongings and we left the classroom. We both stared at the tall Chinito man so I immediately pulled sis yen out of school. She wondered why I was in a hurry but I did not answer her until we got away.

"What is that? Why are you in such a hurry to leave?" Sis yen asked

"I have diarrhea" I excused myself

And from now on, I always notice him...


It's been a year since I saw you and liked you. But until now you still don't know me because I'm the type of girl who is shy, not beautiful, and not proud. I always ask myself why I am like this. What is wrong with me? But despite my imperfections, I want you to notice me because I am this. I don't want to pretend just to get to know you.

If I only had one request, that's how you would notice me. I hope you at least notice that I have a secret crush on you. He is a famous student at the school I attend, a lot of girls also like him and most of them are beautiful. Maybe those who are not lucky with beauty will not be noticed by anyone famous. Of course, if there is something good, why do you have to endure the bad?

Luke Santos. The ultimate campus crush, Because of his killer smile he fascinated our soft hearts. I am Monica Villareal. Senior high student and one of the women who like Luke Santos.

The man I met one year ago. I no longer assume that he will notice me one day because I know it is impossible but I wish he noticed that someone else gets hurt every time he dates a woman hahaha! But I did not expect that he would also notice someone like me who is not beautiful.

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