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Crowning Cruel Crow


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"If a man is left out in the cold, he will burn the whole world to feel its warmth." Transmigrated into the Era of Conquerors, Demon Sovereign Azkiel struggles to rebuild the Demon Empire that will conquer the cultivation world. But out of all the places he could have emerged, Azkiel appears in the chaotic heart of Garkia, a country of warring states and famous for its divine tragedies comically made by the Ancient Gods of Mount Olympus. Adding some spiciness to Azkiel's dish of dilemma, Kelzer—a Vampire Samurai in his 9th Reincarnation—offers undying service to be his disciple and create the new generation of Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. But whether Kelzer will help Azkiel or turn into Red Ruin is unknown. To build a strong foundation for his empire, Azkiel needs youngbloods to collect crowns and expand his conquest. Thankfully, the place he appeared, after his transmigration, contains Cursed Immortals that fit his bloody requirements. ... It's the Dawn of Angels, but the Domination of Demons never dies, and Byzum—a Dragon Demon—proves to everyone that Hell is a dish served 24/7. To accomplish his missions, Byzum made allies with a Barbarian Druid, Shadowless Reaper, Blood Bandit, Spirit Stealer, and a Transmigrated Joker. A strange team, but a deadly one, and it seemed enough to kill Fauric Frossa until they found out that they can never kill what was already dead. ... [The Background Photo of the Book Cover is not mine. If you are the owner of the picture, no need to be shy and just contact me to remove the picture.]


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