1 Disclaimer/ Author Note

This is a work of fiction and its only for fun.  I do not own any of these characters from this wonderful BL drama Crossing the Line.  They belong to their respected owner. I am just borrowing them for a short time.

Photos, videos and any media used has been borrowed from the internet and are credited to the rightful owners. I just edited them a little.

This is my first time writing anything so I'm really nervous about this. It is just a story that popped into my head after watching the drama come to a close. I was not ready to let those cuties go.

Sorry in advance for any mistakes or errors.

Please comment and let me know how you feel about it. I am always open to suggestions.

Please do not share this story outside of Wattpad.  I worked really hard on this i would appreciate if others didnt take my work claiming it was theirs. If you want to share my work you may do so with my permission and give credits.

This is my first story there will be mistake but i hope you enjoy it any way.

Rated M for later chapters.

Thank you for reading


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