Reviews of Crossdressing To Survive An Apocalypse [BL]


Crossdressing To Survive An Apocalypse [BL]


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OH MY GOSH!! I can't say this enough I'm addicted to this book! I love the characters they are so unique and strong. Even the pet rat has a great personality! You can't help rooting for everyone to survive the Apocalypse!!! Filled with comedy, love interest, family is everything, friends to share in life, this book has everything! Well worth the time to read and even read again. I have a habit of searching everyday for an update!! The author is doing a superb job at making this world come to life, Thanks!!

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This is a great webnovel and I definitely recommend it! I've read up to chapter 81 now and didn't know what to expect since this is my first apocalypse storyline, but I like that there's a mixture of transmigration, romance, and action. Lullabybao does a good job of really bringing out the personalities of each of the characters where you really start to love them and feel for them. I notice myself feeling their angst, love, or just laughing along with them. I also like like the world background and development, Lullabybao descriptively brings out the vividness of the scenes where I can visually picture where each of the characters are. Thank you Lullabyboa for taking the time to write this! I can't wait to continue on Yue's journey as he prepares and survives this apocalypses along with continuing to build his relationship with Fan. They're already so cute together and I can't get enough of them and their interactions!!


REVIEW TIME ! ! ! I started reading this novel a month ago (?) & I can say THIS NOVEL IS SO WORTH IT!!! The characters development is PERFECT & fit with their personalities (& by characters I mean the main couple & side ones TOO!) I actually love how the whole thing develops. If you're reading this novel for the first time you might find it boring at the beginning because everything is detailed & it takes time before the Apocalypse comes BUT IT'S ALL WORTH IT!!! ALSO ALSO!!! Dear author is doing a splendid work in giving us everything, even in details to make it a joyful experience when imagining the scene you read. & THAT'S another reason why I love this novel!!! 🥺🥺💖💘💘💘💘 So to put it simple, if you've not read this novel then you missed A LOT!!! (it's your choice, no force). At last, THANK YOU DEAR AUTHOR FOR THIS AMAZING NOVEL ! ! ! 🥺🙏💕💕


Its little early to write a review but I want others to give this a wonderful book a chance. The start is already awesome, I'm pretty sure this is gonna become an unhealthy obsession.


I Love It! I Want More!!!! Oh my god this book is really really good. I've read authors other work and I have to say I love your works soooo much 😘


5 star! Ive read other books by the author and I love it! not enough chapters for me to properly review this but i cant wait for more chapters :)


It's your Author San here, I'm overjoyed by all the love and support I'm receiving. you guys inspire me and help motivate me. Without you, my darling readers I dont know what I would have been. Love you guys soo sooo much 😘


This book is absolutely a must read. Features the emotions and feelings from the beginning to the end. With a dose of suspense in the chapters, it’s definitely a novel that would have the audience blown away. Try it out and give it a go, for once you start, you wouldn’t want to stop.


Maybe it’s a little small to start writing a reviews , but this is a really good novel. I love apocalypse themed things and it’s BL , my 2 favorite themes. So far we have 4 chapters but it’s really interesting. I really want to our MC and ML to fight together! Can’t wait for some drama , and fighting scenes!


Just in general, I like these kinds of apocalyptic genres with some reborn action, magic, and beautiful characters. I feel that though the plot is a little cliche, the author writes this cliche plot line(dying in an apocalypse and getting reborn, then preparing for it) in a delicate, interesting way that captivates me. Again, I like this webnovel also due to the sweet characters that lullabybao gives us. The pair of a domineering, cold ?ceo? paired with our sweet, bubbly, glutton baby is just one of the greatest things to see. When you see such cute flinches and blushes of when our ML starts falling in love with our cute protagonist, you die... RIP These cute interactions just make me keep going, and I can't wait for the reaction of when the officially meet ಠwಠ (///-///) I hope that this book will get some more recognition..


Very funny, author updates consistently And has a well developed character over the course of the book so far. Author is intereactive with the readers of the have questions and answers their inquiries. Personally this is a very original novel and something I havent seen at all or very little of. Overall: 10/10 Now here’s a meme


Again, I'm just here to show my everlasting support to this novel. I genuinely hope and think that this webnovel will go up into the ranks! I CAN'T WAIT FOR BABY ZOU YUE'S REVENGE AND FAN XUI'S POSSESIVENESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who can't?!




This is just an interesting start. I hope both the main characters meet sooner and help each other out. p.s I wish the rat is also Reborn so she can meet our MC.


loveing the story so far, cant wait to see how he ends up meeting ml in future🥰 wish there was more chapters but understand its a fairly new book still


this story is very interesting.[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


at beginning the story started strong and I had high hopes for it but as it progresed I found many plotholes . the characters being disposed when not need story lines being cut at rendom point no proper flow or stoey. at this point i feel like the author writting whatever comes at mind and mid story finds it boring and drops it. no offence though i admire the author for its work and thought. but i feel like this could be a jem if certian things were changed. 😘


I am totally addicted to this story! I love all the characters even the "bad" ones. Every day I spend all my FastPass just keep reading more!


I'm so excited that volume 2 has started! This book literally keeps me up on webnovel EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. >w< It's too good! The regular updates ensure that you'll always have a new chapter to look forward here! I genuinely can't wait for the spicy level to rise as much as the book description amounted....hehe..(///-///)


I can't wait for Season 2! Though I know that it'll be locked chapters, I still really want the start of the apocalypse! time to get serious!