1 Inanna on a lotus

I'm in a room. Pure white and empty as far as the eye can see. I'm getting some real hyperbolic time chamber vibes.

"Hey kid, you awake" says the glowing girl on the orange lotus who just magically appears.

I'm in awe of how beautiful she looks. Also how tired she was. A beauty like her shouldn't be stressing out on some flower. So I asked " hi beautiful. What's your name and where are we" hopefully distracting her a little cause she seems stressed

I heard mild giggles coming from her that drew me in, I wish she keeps going forever. "Well to answer your questions is a little difficult. I have lots of names but considering how I can tell your trying to cheer me up you can call me Inanna. I'm a god and I'm here to sort out your death. You remember how you died?" She asked me with a hint of sadness and pity in her eyes.

I thought on it. It was a typical day were I finished up work and made my way home. I got on a train that was too crowded for my liking and gripped my belongings tighter than I should have. I left the station and made my way through the neighbourhood to my cousins place. I heard my cousins shout my name so I looked and saw the two of them. Stephanie and klein rushing towards me only to hear a barrage of noises surround me. BRAKKA BRAKKA BRAKKA BRAKKA BRAKKA. And my cousins couped over like a tipped cow. The scent of iron bombarded me and I felt angry. Local thugs got into it with a rival gang and we were collateral damage

Then everything went red and then I ended up here. I recited to Inanna as she stared at me with a sprinkle of shock on her face. "Well that's most of it. But you left out the part after" "after?" I asked confused. " Yes after. You see that but about your vision going red wasn't you being shot. You went into a rage and attacked those thugs. Killed nine and injured 6 others. Impressive really however that put you into a precarious situations after death." As I let her information sink in I responded with "how so". She closed her eyes and breathed through her nostrils blowing her stunning black hair for a moment and shaking her lotus for a brief second. " that incident was not how you and your family were meant to go out. However that was within error. What wasn't within the plan was you fighting like that. You entered a fight. A gang war. And that although be it small still qualifies as a war which falls under my divinity hence you being an error in that department brings you here to my dimension where I'm meant to deal with you."

More information that's above my head, joy. Wait she said deal with me. Oh shit I'm gonna be deleted. "You aren't going be deleted for a few reasons" she read my mind and replied. Oh no think happy thoughts. No fluffy stuff. Your a calm river. She giggles again most likely due to my thoughts. "Listen sweetie. Your hear because people who are errors are appreciated. It shows that life still remains unpredictable and as thanks for once again showing this to the gods you get a few perks. Also I thought it was hot the way you lost it on those guys which is why you ain't dealing with those old bags of bones or that ass ares."

She called me hot was all I heard. I could die happy if I could die hahahahaha. "So what are these perks" "straightforward, a good listener. Calm under pressure. Good fighter. Your getting more and more appealing. Ahem cough cough. So for being irregular you get to decide where you end up. It can be anywhere but the traditional choices are reincarnation on earth, being a ghost on earth, heaven, neo heaven which is way more fun, or the other two methods of reincarnation." "What are those." " the first is called the circle of samsara were you'll end up in one of six realms based on your karma which I can't tell you about unless you choose that option but I wouldn't recommend it. The second is something your familiar with from all that entertainment from your world. Isekai." "THAT ONE PLEASE!!!" I screamed. She giggles some more and I blank out although this time not from her as I go through all the possibilities.

Classic into a game type world. Into an anime world. Unique world. Expanded universe. Superpowers. Living my dreams. And about a hundred other thoughts in a second. I suddenly stopped. "What did my cousins chooses" she looks at the distance. " the female isekaid to some rom com reverse harem. Guess she was pent up. The dude ended up in dxd as a fallen angel living and is being punched by the mc of that world." We both break into laughter

"So each world has an MC or several that you guys watch and ensure acts out their role huh" I said. She grew shocked. "Yes. Excellent deductive skills. I'm definitely you out myself. Alrighty then time to spin the wheel. Spin this (she says as a wheel with indecipherable words appears on it) to determine which world you end up in." So I grasped and spun and the dial ended up on a 14 character word that turned into....

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