1 Prologue

He looked around as he tried to calm down the fear he was feeling. This is the first time he has felt this fear in all of his life in this world. The only wish is that he will not be caught by the former, because he can do nothing when everyone is caught, he will just choose to end his life if he will be the kind of woman he loves forever. "You can't be a vampire Celeste Lilith" he whispered to himself while still searching for the girl. He did not care about his own shroud with many tears because the only thing on his mind right now was to see the mortal he loved. "Lilith!" He shouts loudly echoing in the cave of the dead where anyone who desires a mortal to become immortal like vampires can become a vampire. His fangs began to sharpen as the moon appeared in the sky and he could become strong and agile. He knelt on the ground as he struggled with the pain and heat he felt throughout his body. This is the time of his full leadership. This is the time of his infinite strength. Now is the time to call him King of vampires.

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