Crimson Crown: The Undefeated King of Football

Kabir Ali, a young man from Bangladesh gets the King of Football System. Kabir is only 17 years old and he lives in England. With each match, Kabir is able to increase his stats and get stronger. [Ding! The Football King system has been connected to the host.] [Ding! The Host's Passing has been increased to 93.] Discover how Kabir becomes the greatest Player of all time and read how he conquers Europe and The Football World with the system. ___________________________ Title: "Crimson Crown: The Undefeated King of Football" This title encapsulates the protagonist's journey from a young man in Bangladesh to becoming the unparalleled champion of football. The use of "Crimson Crown" represents both his Bangladeshi heritage, with crimson being a color associated with the country, and the symbol of triumph and glory he achieves in the football world. Tags - Romance, Football, Sports, Rich, Harem (but only 3), adventure, strong willed Character, system _____________________ Disclaimer - The names and the places in this novel are inspired from real world. Some events, dates, may not match the real world as I am going to bring some changes in this novel.

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Chapter 30:- Win


[It's a goal. Kabir has scored the second goal of this match.]

Kabir's celebration was pure elation, as he stood with his arms spread wide, basking in the glory of his accomplishment. By scoring that goal, Kabir had officially become the second player in the history of the AFC Asian Cup to net 14 goals. The magnitude of his achievement was not lost on his teammates, who rushed to embrace him, their joy overflowing.

On the other side of the field, Yukina couldn't help but feel a sense of disappointment as her country's team fell behind. Kabir's words echoed in her mind, reminding her to simply enjoy the match. Deep down, she had to admit that Kabir's skills were simply too formidable for her country's players to stop.

Muto, Japan's goalkeeper, couldn't help but feel a tinge of helplessness. Not only had Kabir effortlessly defeated him in a one-on-one situation, but he had also managed to score the second goal of the match. Muto realized he had been naive to think that he could match Kabir's prowess. Despite the setback, he motivated himself to keep pushing and strive for victory, knowing that a single goal could change the course of the game.

Throughout the remainder of the match, Kabir kept a watchful eye on Muto, recognizing the goalkeeper's talent and determination. Following their coach's instructions, the Bangladeshi team adopted a defensive approach for the remaining minutes, ensuring they held their lead until the final whistle. Japan's attempts to score in the extra minutes were futile, as their focus was mainly on defending against Kabir and the relentless attacks from the Bangladeshi players.

As soon as the match concluded, an explosion of jubilation erupted among the Bangladeshi fans, players, and team management. This historic achievement marked the first time Bangladesh had reached the finals of the AFC Asian Cup, making it an enormous accomplishment for the entire nation. Players reveled in the celebration, running onto the pitch and exuding unbridled joy, reminiscent of carefree children.

Amidst the revelry, Kabir approached Muto, who sat on the ground, dejected and crestfallen. Kabir had witnessed Muto's exceptional performance throughout the game, earning him Kabir's respect. Without uttering a word, Kabir took a seat next to Muto, offering silent support as he gently patted his teammate's right shoulder. It was a gesture that conveyed both empathy and acknowledgment of Muto's efforts.

"You played incredibly well. You were the best player on Japan's side today," Kabir finally spoke, breaking the silence. Muto nodded, appreciating Kabir's recognition and finding solace in the kind words.

"Muto, let's exchange shirts," Kabir replied in English, his intentions clear. Muto agreed, and both players stood up, removing their shirts. Muto couldn't help but feel a tinge of envy as he glanced at Kabir's chiseled physique, admiring not only his good looks but also his football prowess.

"When you visit Japan, you must come and see me. I'll show you around my city," Muto offered, extending a warm invitation.

"I might just take you up on that offer after the AFC Asian Cup. I'll definitely visit you then," Kabir accepted the invitation with a nod of agreement.

"It's a deal," Muto affirmed, a sense of camaraderie and friendship forming between the two players.

Meanwhile, the sight of Kabir's bare upper body drew the attention of cameras and many female fans, capturing the moment with their lenses. Yukina couldn't help but pout, feeling a twinge of jealousy. She watched as Kabir received the Man of the Match award once again, his sixth consecutive win in this AFC Asian Cup tournament. No one had ever achieved such a remarkable feat in the history of the competition.

"Make sure you defeat South Korea and win the AFC Asian Cup," Muto expressed his final words to Kabir before leaving the field. As the match concluded, Coach Jaime swiftly whisked Kabir away for a post-match interview, eager to delve into the details of Kabir's outstanding performance.

[Ding! You have scored 2 goals. You have earned 20 points.]

[Ding! Due to your overall performance, you have earned 50 points.]

Kabir now had 70 points in his pocket.



After settling down for the interview, Kabir found himself facing a flurry of questions from the press. The first journalist congratulated him on the incredible victory against Japan and highlighted Kabir's new achievement as the active player with the most goals scored in the AFC Asian Cup, also mentioning that he became the second player to reach 14 goals. The journalist wanted to know how Kabir felt about this remarkable feat.

Feeling the weight of his accomplishments, Kabir responded with a sense of satisfaction. "I feel good, honestly. I mean, who wouldn't be thrilled in my position? Scoring goals is always a great feeling, but for me, winning has always been my priority. I play football to win. As long as I can contribute to my team's success and secure victories, that's more than enough for me."

Another journalist chimed in, shifting the focus to the upcoming match between South Korea and Australia. They asked Kabir which team he would prefer to see win and inquired about his personal favorite. Kabir, however, opted to remain neutral in his response, emphasizing his team's upcoming challenge. "I don't really have a favorite team in this competition. Regardless of who wins, my team will have to face them in the final. Our focus remains on our own performance and preparing for the ultimate goal."

The journalists continued to probe Kabir's thoughts and aspirations, mentioning the rarity of his achievements at such a young age and comparing him to the likes of Messi and Ronaldo. Kabir acknowledged the significance of his potential success but remained grounded in his approach. "To be honest, I haven't really given it much thought. My main goal is to win the AFC Asian Cup. However, winning this tournament would undoubtedly bring me one step closer to achieving my ultimate dream of winning the Ballon D'or. Like any football player, winning that prestigious award is a lifelong ambition. And of course, I also aspire to win the Premier League with Liverpool."

The conversation shifted toward the upcoming 2022 World Cup and Bangladesh's qualification for the tournament. Kabir's face lit up with excitement as he shared his dreams. "Every footballer dreams of representing their country in the World Cup and, ultimately, lifting the trophy for their nation. I am no exception. It would be an absolute honor to hold the World Cup trophy and bring joy to the people of Bangladesh."

With the interview concluded, Kabir and his teammates took the opportunity to express their gratitude to the fans and interacted with them. Afterward, Kabir met his parents and enjoyed a family dinner. However, a hint of guilt crept into his mind as he realized he had left Yukina waiting. Determined to make it right, he secretly messaged Yukina, inviting her to join them for dinner.

During the meal, Kabir's father made a comment that immediately soured the atmosphere. He suggested that Kabir, at the peak of his career, should start considering settling down and finding a life partner in the coming years. The words struck a nerve, and Kabir's appetite waned. This was a recurring issue that he had with his parents, especially in recent years. Their constant nagging about marriage had become tiresome, especially considering that Kabir was only 19 years old, a young age by societal standards.

In Bangladesh, where tradition and conservatism still held sway, early marriages were prevalent. Kabir's parents belonged to a traditional family, and they expected him to follow suit. Whenever Kabir questioned their insistence on early marriage, they would simply cite cultural and traditional reasons. It was a clash between their generation's beliefs and Kabir's desire to focus on his football career and personal aspirations.

Sighing deeply, Kabir felt a mix of frustration and annoyance as his father brought up the topic of marriage once again. He couldn't help but voice his exasperation, trying to reason with his father. "Father, we've already discussed this countless times. I'm only 19 years old, and my focus right now is on my football career. Just because you got married at my age doesn't mean I have to follow the same path. I've barely scratched the surface of my potential, and I'm far from reaching my peak."

Kabir's father inwardly sighed, realizing that times had indeed changed, and his expectations needed adjustment. He couldn't expect his son to conform to outdated societal norms. "Alright, I understand. But if you ever happen to meet someone you genuinely like, don't hesitate to let us know. Just remember not to play with anyone's feelings, especially now that you've gained fame. I'm warning you about that."

Kabir reassured his father, fully aware of the boundaries his parents had set for him. From a young age, they had instilled in him a sense of discipline and the importance of treating others with respect. He understood and respected their concerns. If he ever found a girl he genuinely liked, he would inform his parents, and they would try to initiate a conversation with the girl's family for a potential marriage.

Later that evening, Kabir found himself at Yukina's door, slightly late. Yukina opened the door, wearing a pouting expression. Kabir smiled and explained, "I apologize for being late. I was having dinner with my parents." Although Kabir could envision a future with Yukina, he decided to keep their relationship a secret for now. He wanted to take things slow, get to know her better, and see where their connection led.

"Did you have dinner?" Yukina asked, concerned. "Yes, I did. Thanks to a certain someone, I had to eat dinner alone in my room," Kabir replied, helpless yet with a hint of amusement. "Can I come in?" Yukina inquired, her eyes sparkling with anticipation. "Of course," Kabir responded warmly. Yukina was wearing panda pajamas, which made her look even more adorable. Kabir had the urge to pinch her cheeks, but he restrained himself.

As Kabir entered Yukina's room, he noticed that it was neither overly luxurious nor shabby. It was a simple, comfortable space. He sat on the edge of the large bed, his gaze shifting toward the TV, which displayed highlights of his goals and assists in the AFC Asian Cup. Kabir glanced at Yukina, his eyes filled with curiosity. Yukina blushed and settled next to Kabir, placing her laptop on her lap. "It's part of my job to stay updated on my client," she explained.

Kabir decided to test the waters and playfully asked, "Just a client?" Yukina blushed even more, her voice barely audible as she responded, "Friends... At least for now..."

Hearing these words, Kabir's doubts evaporated, replaced by overwhelming joy. It was an unofficial confession, and Kabir couldn't help but smile, feeling an indescribable happiness bubbling within him. He looked at Yukina, his heart filled with warmth and affection.

Interrupting their moment, Kabir cleared his throat and refocused the conversation. "Your current focus should be on winning the AFC Asian Cup. Do not lose your focus. Since you've beaten my country, you might as well win the final," Yukina reminded Kabir, shifting the discussion to the upcoming crucial match.

Yukina opened her laptop and showed Kabir an interesting piece of information. "Your Instagram following has reached over 10.1 million, and especially after tonight's match, it has increased by 2.1 million. On Twitter, you now have over 1.2 million followers. Around 60% of your followers are from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, while the remaining 40% are from all over the world. You've become the most followed Bangladeshi user on Instagram."

Kabir's response seemed rather nonchalant, lacking the expected excitement. Yukina couldn't hide her confusion. "You don't seem excited. Most people in your position would be thrilled. There are creators out there who struggle to even reach 1 million followers."

Kabir turned his attention back to the TV, more interested in watching the highlights than focusing on his social media accounts. "Why should I be excited?" he asked, a genuine curiosity in his voice. Yukina couldn't help but find Kabir unique and mysterious. He was different from the rest, and she struggled to fully understand him. She empathized with his concerns about fame and the loss of his private freedom due to increased public attention.

Changing the topic, Kabir asked about Yukina's dinner, wanting to shift their conversation to something more light-hearted. Yukina happily shared that she had KFC for dinner, revealing her fondness for the fast-food chain. Kabir, on the other hand, had enjoyed a meal of rice, chicken curry, and various traditional Bangladeshi dishes.

Yukina and Kabir settled down to watch a movie together, immersing themselves in the storyline. Several hours later, Kabir bid Yukina goodnight and returned to his own room. With the finals approaching, Kabir knew that as the captain, he had to set an example and arrive early for training the following day.


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