Crimson Bonds: An Isekai Yandere Tale

An act of kindness in a bloody graveyard, that not even the devil itself would have come up with, such a tragedy. After dying to a soldier that he spared, Zenyph wakes up in an unknown medieval world, with supernatural beings and magic. One thing becomes apparent to him, the laws of earth do not count here. Love isn't a phenomenon that only exists between good and good. Obsessive love? Possessive love? Familial love? The lines haven't been drawn, it's all fair game. This story will focus on a yandere mc with yandere harem members, I will also be focusing on action because of course magic is cool. Hope you enjoy reading it, I'm mostly writing it for myself but it does help if others enjoy it and encourage me! Tags: Gore, Fantasy, Supernatural Races, Magic, Yandere, Isekai, Weak To Strong, Smart MC, Harem, R18

Synphomia · Fantasy
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85 Chs

Intricate Ties

After finishing with his bath and putting on the clothes Lynette laid out for him, Zenyph met up with Lynette in the hallways and they walked together towards the dining room in comfortable silence. Once inside however, everything changed drastically, the tension was thick enough to cut with a knife.

"Your Majesties and your highness, may I present the fourth prince, Prince Zenyph Drakonhart" announced the servant boy as he gestured towards Zenyph.

The third prince Nytio smiled devilishly while studying Zenyph's figure intently before answering, "Thank you, Simon."

"My apologies for arriving late, brother" bowed Zenyph while suppressing his disgust at the strange aura emitted by his half-brother.

"Please have a seat beside me, little brother." beckoned Nytio as he pointed towards an empty chair near him. Zenyph obliged his older sibling's request and sat down opposite to his mother who nodded silently towards him with a blank expression on her beautiful face.

"Mother." greeted Zenyph simply with a small smile. Then he took the chance to observe the other three faces that sat at the table. The first person who caught his attention was Tessa Drakonhart, the second Queen.

She wore an elegant dress which hugged tightly against her fit figure making it obvious that underneath there wasn't anything extra fat hidden anywhere, but instead lean muscles covering every inch of her tall frame. Her long blue hair hung loose down past her waist flowing freely behind her back and cascading gracefully around her hips giving off an enchanting appearance.

On her face, she adorned a pair of expensive looking ruby earrings that contrasted nicely against her pale skin tone.

Next to her sat Freya Drakonhart, the first queen

She had long red hair tied neatly into a ponytail secured behind her neck with a gold band and sparkling red eyes that appeared almost magical as they reflected the light of the candles hanging above them. A beautiful white silk robe with intricate patterns covered her slender body leaving only her smooth shoulders exposed. Her most notable accessory was the red crown which rested atop her head.

Last but not least, there was Nytara Drakonhart, sitting across from her son, Nytio. She wore her usual dark dress and black veil covering up most of her features from prying gazes aside from those intense golden eyes that bore deeply into Zenyph.

When they connected for a brief moment, Zenyph felt shivers run through his bones leaving goosebumps prickling along every inch of his skin and making him shiver uncontrollably causing Nytara lips to curve up into a knowing smirk.

"Brother, I heard about how you went missing during dinner last night." inquired Nytio casually as he poured himself some wine from a crystal carafe next to him and sipped at it slowly while waiting patiently for a reply from Zenyph, "Is everything alright now?"

"Everything is fine, brother, my apologies for the inconvenience" apologized Zenyph politely before continuing, "It's just that my.. uh-um... guests were far more energetic that I expected. They wanted to experience one of the finest drinks, the Sylvarian Palace, had to offer thus I obliged." replied Zenyph in hopes that he's not acting too out of character.

"Ah yes that certainly would explain how you spent hours in the library no? Couldn't find the way to the nearest bar eh?" 

After hearing Nytio's response everyone else laughed loudly and joyfully except for his mother, Queen Hina, and the second Queen, Tessa who remained expressionless and quiet.

This whole interaction was becoming increasingly uncomfortable for Zenyph who didn't really understand what was happening, but nonetheless he managed to play his part pretty well so far despite feeling completely out of depth in regards to socializing here.

"Anyways" interrupted Nytio abruptly halting all conversations occurring around him before pointing towards Hina, "I believe you've told dearest brother about dear old dad?"

"Uh..." responded Hina hesitantly unsure how to answer that question without embarrassing herself.

"Yes mother told me how father has fallen ill to Chronosiphon and has last than a year to live." stated Zenyph solemnly as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath preparing himself mentally for whatever might happen afterwards.

Nytio's eyes narrowed suspiciously for a second before returning to normal, "I see, I'm glad mother told you that since I hate repeating myself."

After finishing Nytio continued by explaining everything Hina previously told to Zenyph but this time adding details unknown to Hina, "As you've already known the imperial heir is chosen based upon their birth rank and age. The first emperor of our dynasty, Fomoris Drakonhart named this method as the Eldritch Decree, it has been followed religiously ever since. For instance if two princes have the same age they compete amongst each other for dominance and if it cannot be resolved fairly, then a test will decide who shall succeed to the throne. Thus is how the Eldritch Trials came to existence."

Zenyph nodded in understanding while listening intently until Nytio spoke up again interrupting him mid-nod, "Are you interested in participating in the Eldritch Trials next year, little brother?"

Zenyph's heart started to race as he realized what Nytio was actually asking. He didn't know if the invisible pressure was coming from Nytio or just in his head.

'Did mother tell him about my plan? Did he overhear our conversation? How much does he know? I've barely begun with anything. How can I answer this question without revealing too much? Should I fake ignorance?'

Before Zenyph could answer Tessa replied instead, "How foolish! Are you trying to get your own brother killed?"

"Oh please spare me that bullshit, we both know that Zenyph is no longer considered family, he's not related by blood. Now that father is sick I don't have to pretend that soul artifact actually impregnated that quellspine. For fucks sake Zenyph doesn't even look like dad. That peace loving pacifist probably used someone else, to not end up like those other concubines." preached Nytio as he pointed at Hina.

Zenyph grew livid at the insults thrown towards his mother and couldn't help but glare daggers at his half-brother. However, Tessa responded calmly towards Nytios words, "Maybe that's true, but Zenyph was raised by Notos, so regardless of his heritage, he is still part of this family, blood or not."

"You just want another excuse to justify your son's participation in the trials, just so you can become a concubine with real authority." argued Nytio without backing down one bit.

Tessa took offense at his statement and shouted angrily, "How dare you speak such nonsense!? I've sacrificed everything I own just so that Theo wouldn't be involved in your schemes anymore. Do you honestly believe I'd betray Notos like that?!"

Nytio scoffed mockingly at his stepmother's declaration of innocence and responded sarcastically, "Right, just like how you haven't been sending your spies inside other clans these past few weeks huh?"

"What? Do you have evidence of this supposed treason of mine?" countered Tessa defiantly raising her voice even higher than before.

Everyone around them remained silent allowing the two nobles to settle their dispute, while secretly listening attentively in case something interesting popped up. However, as soon as they noticed Nytara shooting warning glares at them they quickly focused on their food and began feasting noisily ignoring everything around them, while pretending they hadn't just heard anything that had been discussed moments ago.

Nytio chuckled arrogantly as if he had just won a game of chess and answered triumphantly, "Yes I do have proof."

"That's enough." said a voice so soothing yet full of authority.

"Nytio while your ambitions for the throne is part of your birth right, I will not let you fight over it while Notos is still alive. Nor will I let you berate the other queens. If you wish to win then do so in a manner fitting for royalty, I would hate to have to kill you." stated Freya threateningly while glaring sharply at Nytio.

"Of course your majesty Freya, my apologies. I did go a bit too far." said Nytio before lowering his head in submission towards her.

"Now Zenyph answer the question, are you going to participate in the Eldritch Trials next year?" asked Freya calmly as she locked her piercing red gaze onto Zenyph causing him to break out in cold sweat.

Zenyph felt like he had been thrown into deep water without any training whatsoever, leaving him drowning.

Next year? Do I only have one year to get become stronger than my brothers? I didn't even read anything about an Eldritch Trial and mother didn't tell me anything. What if Nytio was only lying and trying to see how I'll react.

"No, my brothers are far better suited for the throne than I, and I'd much rather live with goblins than spend my day ruling over an empire." joked Zenyph lightheartedly hoping to calm the atmosphere down a bit.

"Oh, then why did you accept the invitation to Nexus Royal Academy?" questioned Freya confused at his reasoning.

Zenyph's heart almost stopped beating for a split second when he realized he messed up bigtime and lost the opportunity to lie about his plans. He had no choice but to be honest and hope she'll understand where he was coming from or worse ignore him altogether leaving him alone in his endeavors.

"Ahh, I guess my curiosity got the best out of me. The thought of learning new spells from other mages excited me, so I accepted without thinking. Though I also hoped to avoid any conflicts with my half-brothers, so please don't misunderstand and assume I'm looking for trouble. I swear on my name, Zenyph Drakonhart that I'll stay away from politics." Zenyph pleaded while looking directly into Freya's eyes.

Freya maintained her gaze on him for several seconds without speaking nor moving a muscle until finally nodding slightly accepting his reason.

Zenyph internally sighed in relief glad that things worked out well for now despite messing up earlier, "Thank you your majesty Freya." said Zenyph respectfully showing her proper courtesy before continuing to eat his meal.

"Wait," said Hina with sudden realization, "How did you know that my son accepted the invitation for Nexus Royal Academy?"

"Hina, what a stupid question. Of course I know everything about every member of this family, It's why Notos chose me and settled for you." explained Freya as if stating the obvious making Hina frown at her remark.

Freya ignored her entirely and directed her attention elsewhere instead, "Lynette!" she called out firmly drawing Lynette out of her thoughts making her jump suddenly.

Lynette lowered her head submissively and apologized, "Forgive me your majesty Freya for disturbing your meal, what may this servant do for you?"

Freya snorted lightly shaking her head disapprovingly at Lynette's behavior and ordered, "Tell me all of Zenyph's secret. From where he sleeps, to his favorite brothels, his favorite courtesans, whether he prefers human women over elves or dragons, whether he likes being on top or bottom during intercourse-"

"WHAT!?" shouted Hina standing up violently pushing her chair back hitting the table, knocking glasses over and spilling liquid everywhere.

"Yes you're majesty Freya, Zenyph has been keeping quite a few interesting secrets." answered Lynette while making eye contact with Zenyph smiling mischievously at him before continuing, "First of all..., Zenyph hates getting drunk. So if he tells you otherwise then he's lying. Also, Zenyph isn't interested in girls, he prefers older women instead."

"Really?" inquired Freya amused as she observed Zenyph closely analyzing his reactions closely.

While Lynette continued embarrassing Zenyph, she never once told them his actual secret. Prompting Zenyph to reconsider his mistrust in Lynette.

Damn, Lynette played me perfectly and took advantage of my inability to respond back to make her story credible. I've underestimated her cunning and wit, she must've planned this whole thing ahead of time. Zenyph thought bitterly while fighting off a smile from escaping his lips as he admired Lynette's performance.

When Zenyph glanced towards Hina who had regained control over herself, she averted her gaze towards anything but Zenyph, making his mood dampen instantly.

He realized he has a lot of explaining to do if he wants to play the sweet boy with his mother. And judging by Lynette's face she enjoyed his reaction immensely.

However, Freya interrupted Lynette by raising her hand indicating that Lynette should stop talking. Once silence returned to the dining room Freya stood up elegantly from her chair and excused herself from the table saying that she has some business to attend and left abruptly leaving everyone dumbfounded and wondering what happened.

Lynette then made eye contact with Zenyph and winked suggestively while smirking teasingly.

"Well brother, I was actually hoping to have you assassinated tonight but lucky you, you're already enrolled in Nexus." laughed Nytio, "If you make something of yourself at the academy I might just give you a small town to rule over once I become the Emperor. Wouldn't that be wonderful little brother?"

Zenyph involuntarily shivered at his threat and forced a smile on his face as he stared at Nytio in complete silence.

The rest of dinner proceeded in awkward silence until Nytio dismissed himself too leaving only Tessa, Hina and Zenyph along with several servants waiting on them.

"I'm happy that you've decided to get out of the palace, Zeny." commented Tessa as she refilled her glass with wine before taking a sip.

Zenyph was taken aback by her sudden change in attitude compared to earlier this evening, but after thinking it through he understood that it's just the difference between being in public and alone together.

Tessa took notice of his confusion and elaborated further, "Don't misunderstand me Zenyph, I'm not in favor of you being king but

I appreciate the fact that you're staying out of harm's way."

"Thank you, Queen Tessa." replied Zenyph politely as he stood up bowing slightly towards her in gratitude.

"If you ever in trouble at the academy, just look for Noleria. Unlike her brother and mother, she's a really sweet girl. Just don't get her wrapped up in your self indulgence."

Zenyph nodded obediently promising himself to avoid involving her as much as possible, "Will do your Majesty."

Tessa nodded satisfied at his response and walked away disappearing from view leaving Zenyph and Hina alone for the first time.

Hina kept her head low refusing to make eye contact with him and waited patiently for him to leave so that they could resume avoiding each other. But Zenyph refused to leave, instead he walked closer towards Hina and stopped next to her chair with a serious expression.

"Let's go on a date mother." stated Zenyph bluntly surprising Hina.

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