Creatures of The Night

Author: Samcrowned00
Fantasy Romance
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What is Creatures of The Night

Read ‘Creatures of The Night’ Online for Free, written by the author Samcrowned00, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering MAGIC Fiction, DARK Light Novel, SUPERPOWERS Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: [Warning: Mature content] For a long time, the Originals have ruled the city of Petra leaving behind nothing but trails ...


[Warning: Mature content] For a long time, the Originals have ruled the city of Petra leaving behind nothing but trails of blood and deaths; a great terror. We all know them, creatures of the night and old, called vampires. With their ever-growing population, If they are not the ones to rule, no one else would! With their reign of terror, the people suffered and died. However, death was a luxury because all they did was turn the innocent humans into their population, the vampire race. They became pawns for their missions and errands while the originals, the primordial vampires, became the ruling class. But like every story tale out there, things changed on a particular night... and authority was challenged. -------------------------------------- Disclaimer This book is categorised a fantasy, and this means that you should expect anything that can be impossible, such as pig Flying, giant cockroach and talking fishes. So, be nice in your judgment. I am not a native speaker. I am just trying in my best to improve by consistent writing, so don't expect perfection. ----------- I do not own this work of art. Work of Art was found in Pinterest. DM for removal. My other books: The sorcerer's king: ways of the witches [completed] Poisonous Lips [completed] Contact info: Facebook page: Sam-crowned's stories [@samcrowned] Instagram @sam_crowned1 Discord @samcrowned00#2457 -------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to my newsletter: authorsamcrowned.substack.com I will be writing about basic principles for effective writing. If this is what you love to read about, kindly subscribe to my newsletter: authorsamcrowned.substack.com

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Hey, you! You there! Yes, you! who else would I be talking to if not you? lol just kidding. [img=recommend] I am the author of the book and I am so excited to write this piece. I intended to write a book a little refreshing and more so that I love seeing ghotic movies, I began to write this dark novel. I must admit, I am not so good writer but hey, I am trying my best to be better so, don't be strict in your comment or reviews. Oh! that reminds me please do not ghost on me if you are enjoying this book. I want to read your reviews, your comments and see your votes. This means a lot to me and I am shamelessly asking that you do this, pleaaaasssse. Okay, now, this is a story of the vampires, werewolves and the witches. This book has a lot of names and I must warn you that it will be tough to figure out who the ML and the FL is. But it you do in no time, then indeed you are smart and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. My grammar may not be smooth but I am trying my best to make each words so relatable. So, enjoy and let me always hear from you. my contact details is in the book synopsis and my profile. I will love to be your friend too.


WQ: 5/5 I can't believe it! The writing style is way too clean and I love it. SD: Vampires and werewolves in one frame are something I like as well. The story is getting intriguing and I can't wait for more plot twists. CD: Cyrus, Geraldine and the rest of the characters are all well and good-portrayed. I don't know if the Author is trying to make it perfect but I found the characters bold and unique in their way. US: I must say two chapters a day is a huge responsibility. Still, 5/5 for me. Keep updating Author. WB: Among these five categories, WB is what I like the most. The story evolves into the world of human beings and the creatures of the night. 6/5 for me. Job well done, Sam! I can't wait to read the upcoming chapters with mind-blowing twists.


The story is good and even though I can't quite figure out who are the main characters. Two stands out for me. Adam and Adeline. Keep up the work. I can't wait to find out what happens next.


The story plot is quite interesting, entertaining, and enticing with no grammatical errors and also with interesting characters. It was definitely a read for me. I encourage others to try it too.


Great Work author, interesting synopsis and great plot, even though the book is still in it early stage I can already tell it has great potential by the way the chapters are well written and how interesting the characters are, in all I'm rooting for you. keep up the good work.


The idea of the story seems to be interesting, even though it needs more development to grip more reader. I guess we just need to read more to have a better understanding of the story. But good job! Keep writing!


This is a fascinating story to read. The story's progression seems to be well, and you can tell the author put a lot of effort into it. There's nothing else I can say, the author did an outstanding job with this. Author, keep writing!


Who is the main character of this book? I can't tell because you drop so much exposition after you set an exciting beginning. I know you're eager to tell everyone about these vampires, but keep your exposition to minimum, you'll retain more readers that way


Astonishing book!! The characters are very well written, and all the scenes are beautifully described, Highly recommended book I must say! The author you have done a great job, looking forward to more of your books, best of luck for the successful future


Nice and fresh story l must say.... Also l can see a few more characters than just FL and ML🤩🤩.... The story is quite interesting itself.... Enjoyed reading it.... Keep going author and do upload more..


I really enjoy how this story delves straight into the thick of the plot and the way the ahtjor narrates the scenen creates really impressive imagery. It’s pretty well written grammatically as well. I really enjoyed the strong characters and who can say no to a vampire story😙 Keep up the good work Author!!


Reveal spoiler


The story seems to be interesting, and the world building is good too. However, the author introduced a lot of characters at once, which made it rather confusing. Overall, it's a good novel. Keep up the good work


Indeed they are the creatures of the night. Please keep on updating I love the thrilling vibe from the book and it's truly dark. I have no more to say but that's all


Good grammar, check! Updates, check! Good plot, check! What else do you need? Come on, pick up the book already and read already! Author has done a good work already.


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