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I, Akabane was graduated from the university of arts & design in the 21st century then suddenly traversed into the Naruto’s world, by bringing my knowledge of arts and my love of Naruto comic I decided to recreate Naruto comic here… [Ding! Comic System has been activated!] Great! Ninjutsu? Kekkei Genkai? As long as I can draw more comics, I would be unmatched! …Or am I? === Author: Funeral Translator: Levaa Raw Source: sj.uukanshu.com === *Disclaimer* Cover, not mine, found it on net-kun. DM me if the owner wants me to remove it and I will.

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Chapter 310 - My Waist!

Chapter 310 - My Waist!

"Tsuchikage-sama, are you okay!?"

A group of Anbu arrived, some of them woke Onoki, and some wanted to scold Akabane, but there were also many Anbu ninjas who saw the rocks shattered by the thunder on the side, so they quietly pulled the sleeves of their companions to stop them from continuing provoking the little devil.

Rōshi is not surprised.

Even he and the mysterious man would be defeated by his Genjutsu. Although Onoki's strength is very strong, with Akabane's Genjutsu alone, no one can resist him and even if there is a strong ninja in the Stone Village, with his Flying Thunder God Jutsu, no one can stop him from leaving.

Onoki stood up forcibly and said with a relaxed look: "This little devil is really unfriendly. I just used ninjutsu to fly in the air. You have to use illusion and thunder against me."


Akabane smirked and said nothing. According to his observation, Onoki fell from the sky unsuspectingly during the operation and seemed to twist his waist.

Although he is young and strong now, he can quickly recover from strong support, but it is troublesome to leave internal injury in the face after being humiliated by a kid.

Out of humanitarianism, Akabane apologized and reminded in a "friendly" manner: "I apologise, Tsuchikage-sama, I didn't hold back my strength... By the way, I know some medical skills. Do you want me to check your body for injuries? You look hurt from that fall…"

"No, I'm a Tsuchikage, and this little thing... Well, let's talk about business first. The supplies have been sent to Konoha and are now on the road, and these are the remaining three types of ninjutsu."

Onoki pretentiously threw the scroll with ease, showing that he was in perfect condition.

There are three kinds of B-Rank Hidden Stone Village unique Earth-Style Ninjutsu. They are extremely valuable, far from being comparable to money.

Akabane checked it and put it away after confirming that it was correct.

Everyone in Hidden Stone Village has seen Akabanes strength, coupled with the threat of the Flying Thunder God Jutsu, everyone suddenly has no extra thoughts and trades obediently and honestly.

As for Rōshi.

He was satisfied that he could read so many comics before he died, but unfortunately, he couldn't see the finale.

He is Jinchuriki or a Rebel who was caught rebelling against the village.

Therefore, his ending is beyond doubt.

"Then... these two sets of comics, I will give it to you guys as a gift, what you do with it is up to you. Goodbye!"

Akabane didn't intend to control Rōshi, If he dared to rebel, he must pay the price of being caught. Konoha grabs him for the purpose of trading and not to absorb him, so he has no position to help Rōshi.

Showing him comics is already the greatest kindness.

With a smile on his face, Onoki watched Akabane leave with Flying Thunder God Jutsu.

Originally, according to the plan, he would arrange a ninja to grab the ninjutsu scroll back, but now that they have seen Akabane's strength, everyone has no such thoughts. They all looked at Onoki and asked: "My lord, next..."

"Help me first. I twisted my waist to avoid the lightning of that little devil! I didn't expect a Genjutsu that made me fall from the sky!"

Onoki said a cold sweat oozed from his forehead.

In front of Akabane, he didn't want to lose face.

After all, he was still a man of life, and also a Tsuchikage, it would be too humiliating to reveal that a 14-year-old child made him suffer a big loss.

And what's worse was his action of throwing the scroll just now made the injury worse...

"Go back to the village, by the way, bring back this bastard and the comics. Anyway, the resources are exchanged, so it can't be wasted."

Onoki glanced at Rōshi darkly.

If it weren't for him, they wouldn't sacrifice so much, and even spend a lot of resources to redeem him from Konoha.

But the most important thing is...

My waist~

Onoki cursed as he was clutching his painful waist. This was the first time he was tortured by back pain when he was young, and he secretly hated Akabane.

If it wasn't for that devil, this wouldn't have happened!


Only one person came back, but in order to avoid using his Yin Seal's Chakra, Akabane still chose to transfer from Land-of-Rivers, and by the way, meet Kakuzu to understand the situation.

Kakuzu was tortured by Madara before. So now he is afraid that Madara will find him, so he has changed his hiding place. And he will never set foot on Loguetown again unless necessary.

So in order to find him, Akabane spent a lot of effort.

The new base of Kakuzu is in the wilderness. The location of his base has followed his usual style and is opened on the edge of a swamp.

It's very smelly here, but there are no people coming to this place at normal times which is the best place to hide. And as a great ninja, he can often endure things that ordinary people can't stand.

That's why Kakuzu has the potential to become great.

Akabane pinched his nose, resisted the odour and walked in, and found that Kakuzu was tinkering with things in the corner: "What are you doing?"

"It is you."

Kakuzu was taken aback, but after discovering that it was Akabane, he recovered his composure instantly.

Akabane walked over and saw a middle-aged man who was bound by a tentacle and fell into a coma.

And there is no problem from its appearance.

"Like Suigetsu in your comics, he will suddenly run wild and become very strong after he transforms, but his form is obviously not that complete. You think he is about 30 or 40 years old, but according to my investigation, he is only 20 years old this year."

Kakuzu explained it to Akabane.

Twenty years old?

But he looked old!

But Suigetsu didn't have such a big side effect at the time…

Thinking of this, he took a closer look.

The man's body was bound by some chains. Obviously, this is what Kakuzu used when he was crazy, but obviously, it didn't work...

He squatted down and took a look with medical knowledge and special methods, and he understood the reason.

First of all, this man is not a ninja and will not extract chakras by himself.

Secondly, his will is not particularly strong.

In the anime, Suigetsu was originally not a ninja, but he tried very hard to restrain himself, and met Kimimaro and Orochimaru. After that, he must have learned how to extract chakras and control the Sage Chakras.

But this man is different.

When entering Sage Transformation, the "curse-seal" will roughly extract the natural Chakra on its own. The side effects are similar to the situation where the system helps Akabane forcibly extract Asura Chakra, which leads to a drastic decline in physical fitness.

If things go on like this, it is not surprising that his life force is being consumed which makes him look older than his real age...

However, Akabane is more concerned about Kakuzu, this man with big eyebrows and big eyes is still doing research?

"Humph, don't think of me as that idiot in the comics."

Kakuzu seemed to have guessed what he was thinking and replied with a sneer-apparently worried about the scene of his sudden death in the comics.

"Then what did you research?"

"His physique is very special. It should be the same thing that can perform the kind of curse in your comics. As for why he has this physique... I suspect that it may be affected by some powerful and strange power."

Kakuzu also squatted down, patted the man's face roughly, and awakened him from his coma.

As soon as he woke up, he fell into a frenzy.

So, Kakuzu slapped him again until he fainted, and then shrugged to Akabane.

This is too crazy! Will he automatically enter that state when he wakes up?

He thought for a while and thought of several possibilities.

The power of this curse-seal comes from Ryuchi Cave. Orochimaru found the whereabouts of Ryuchi Cave by studying the source of Suigetsu's Sage Body.

So this man being in a frenzied state the moment he wakes up is maybe related to his weak willpower, or maybe the Ryuchi Cave is not far from here!?

Thinking of this, Akabane stood up as he searched the cave, a little worried about where a snake would suddenly pop out from somewhere.

Before, those snakes on Ryuchi Cave tried to get him over through Orochimaru, although he was not too afraid of those snakes. But the thought of being near the lair of those snakes made him have goosebumps.

"Maybe it was around here. I sent my Earth Grudge Fear out for a long time, but it resulted in me losing one heart."

Kakuzu said as he stared at the "middle-aged man" in a bad tone.

Judging from his expression, if Akabane did not come, the heart of this "middle-aged" man would probably be on Kakuzu back now.

"Don't, this man is useful to me, about your heart, I will send someone in exchange."

Although he said that, he actually didn't plan on studying this man when there is a mad scientist on his side.

As for the heart.

Konoha had a bunch of cultists, and each of these cultists slaughtered a lot of people, and he would not have any psychological burden on giving them to Kakuzu.

"That'd be good."

Kakuzu didn't say anything about Akabane's proposal and agreed to it.

Akabane himself is not clean, he just turns a blind eye to these things.

Anyway, no one planned to harm Konoha.

Next, he and Kakuzu both chatted for a while about the sales of One Piece, and then consulted the whereabouts of the "red-haired boy".

The result is obvious, no news at all.

Black Zetsu hid the kids very well. At least the group under Kakuzu's hands travelled halfway through the ninja world, and they couldn't find the red-haired boy who was alone.

And he met this "middle-aged man" when he was searching for the red-haired boy. Which is a totally unexpected gain.

Since there was no news from the Uzumaki Children, Akabane took the dividend and turned around to go home with the "middle-aged man".

Yesterday, in order to eliminate Tsunade's anger, he had given a lot of his remaining money, so he had to find Kakuzu.

Although this guy has special abilities, he is not much different from ordinary people when he is not in a rage, so Akabane easily brings him back to Konoha.

But the distance is far, so it still consumes a lot of chakras.

Arriving at the institute, the " middle-aged" man was handed to Orochimaru for "training" after a short explanation, then Akabane went back to the village to rest, and arranged a clone to draw the update.

Because of the mission, there is only one Shadow Clone left in the store. So there are only five chapters for both Naruto and One Piece.

Fortunately, the problem is not big.

The five chapters for Naruto are relatively little, but its content is more than enough. On one hand, Naruto is practising in the Sage Mode, and on the other hand, the Sasuke team goes to capture Killer B.

The Sage Mode is relatively unusual to most people, except for a few who understand the Sage Mode.

And Orochimaru and Tsunade are among those people who knew the Sage Mode.

They all know what the Sage Mode is, and even the training process of Mount Myoboku, they have also heard it from Jiraiya after asking 'nicely'.

As for the Third Hokage and Danzo, they had asked Akabane and Orochimaru about it a long time ago, and when Fukasaku Sage come to met Akabane, the Third Hokage also consulted him with it, and they understood the serious side effects of Sage Mode.


The following plot is different. From here, Naruto is close to completing his Sage Mode, and Naruto's classic scene will also be staged with the Six Paths of Pain appearance.

Yes, it's the invasion of Konoha.

This section is quite exciting.

When the Six Path Pain made a shot, they almost wiped out Konoha from the Ninja World!

If Naruto had not appeared, persuade Nagato with his Talk-No-Jutsu and let Nagato perform Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique. Perhaps Konoha's leader would become Danzo.

Talking about Danzo...

In these chapters, Danzo really appeared on the scene. He insidiously killed the contact frog of Mount Myoboku in an attempt to prevent Naruto from returning to Konoha.

Akabane fell into deep thought.

Although this was originally the story of Danzo, Danzo is his teacher right now, and there is a huge gap between now and the future...

The most important thing is right now he is his teacher!

So it's only right to switch roles with Mitokado Homura.

Yes, let's do that.

Of course, it is not Akabane's business how the villager will look at Mitokado Homura after passing the blame to him.

He can only say; Teacher, I tried my best!