Creating Manga Of One Piece In Pirates World Become My Ultimate Goal!

Rob was a high-level hacker and wanted by many government organizations because he leaked the secrets of many countries. So he didn't dare to come out of his hiding much. Since he was alone, he lived a difficult life, which that he found the joy and the excitement of life in only two things: The rule of the Internet, and the anime world. One day he came across an interesting advertisement on his personal computer that turned his life upside down. [Ding!] [The art publishing system is being prepared...] [The system is ready!] From that time onwards his goal became to draw One Piece manga in the pirates' world! And make the great era of pirates even more chaotic! ¶¶¶¶¶ Author: BlackStar_BH (Me) ¶¶¶¶¶ Note: Needless to say, this book has the same idea as "Creating The Manga Of Naruto On Naruto World Become My Ultimate Goal!" But here it applies to the world of One Piece, I was inspired by the idea and I wanted to apply it to the world of One Piece, and I hope it succeeds, of course, there will be a conspiracy and I will make sure to improve the story according to the readers opinions. ¶¶¶¶¶ As for publishing chapters, it would depend entirely on the interaction the story receives, whether it is 4 chapters a day or 2 chapters or 1 chapter or 0 chapters... It all depends on the readers' enthusiasm for this interesting book. ¶¶¶¶¶ I don't own One Piece nor do I own its characters, all I own is the protagonist, after all, this is just a fanfic without any profit, just for fun. I don't own Bleach, Attack on titan, Hunter X Hunter, Naruto, and I don't own their characters. ¶¶¶¶¶ EXTRA TAGS: #ATTACKONTITAN #HUNTERXHUNTER ¶¶¶¶¶ My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/BlackStar_BH My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blackstar_bh1 My Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/Blackstar_bh ¶¶¶¶¶ Discord of novel: https://discord.gg/5y7RbY7RqJ

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The end of the human tragedy at the hands of the Fish-Man... But the end of the Fish-Man at the hands of the humans...


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Citizen 1: Suicide...?

Citizen 2: It's the president of the 4th shipbuilding company. I think it's due to the accident last month...

There were no materials, so they sent their ship to get wood and so died at sea. Their dock is closed, too...

Citizen 3: This is horrible... This island's finished. A store after store is closing down... The land's sinking, too. I can't even support myself... What weak creatures we humans are...

Waitress: You can't go outside, the pirates are in the streets.

Her child: WAAAAAH!!

Citizen 4: Hey!! Did you hear about the sea train?!!


Citizen 5: Tom's workers...!!

Finished building the sea train!!?


Citizen 6: Does it run!? This weird ship!!

Citizen 7: But it's made by a criminal, it's dangerous!!

Citizen 8: I'm getting on!!

Citizen 9: Me too!!

Citizen 10: Tom, come out! Aren't you going to explain!?


Kokoro: We're departing!!! Get on!!!

[This story happened 12 years ago...]

Citizen 11: It moved...

The paddle... It's grasped to the tracks...

[This was the first time...]

[When the sea train. Puffing Tom, carrying the troubled people...]

[... Away from the disused and closed-off town, crossed the sea.]


Just a year ago, the condition of water city was similar to what appeared in this volume of the manga.

Extremely low resources.

There were residents feel the constant fear of sinking with their city.

Emotional anxiety.

Frequent suicides of shipbuilders owners due to the sinking of their ships transporting wood and precious resources from one of the nearby islands.

What they saw in the manga reminded these poor residents and businessmen of how hard life was in this place in the old days.

This was a world that Rob never lived in.

A world was devoid of his existence and his achievements.

A world in which these people continued to live in constant fear.

Any logically thinking manga reader can easily deduce this.

That's because a year ago, the global cruise company for the first time arrived here with their big and powerful ships, they announced the establishment of a station in the water city which made these residents weep with joy!

With the arrival of this great company owned by Rob, if you have the money you can travel to mil places in the world!

If you have the money you can send the resources or receive them from anywhere in the world in the shortest possible time!

The company brought powerful ships protected by the strongest hunters, no pirates could threaten their safety, no strong waves could overcome them, and no sea kings could disturb them, too!

With that, the lives of water city's residents quickly changed for the better.

Of course, the best shipwright and his disciples lived these events as well.

Tom wasn't a poor person like most water seven residents a year ago, his skill in shipbuilding allowed him to build a great ship out of just junk!

That was why his headquarters was in the scrap station under the bridge, but in fact, he was a man who had a lot of wealth and lands in Water Seven, to the point that many people were aware of this and were also envious him, but because of his enormous strength as a Fish-Man, no one could try to take anything from him.

Among the lands he owned was the future Galley-La Company area that he gave to Rob to set up an art store.

The entry of the global cruise company relieved Tom's heavy load of trying to improve the water city situation so he no longer thought extensively about the blueprints to build a sea train.

Half a year ago, the legendary art store appeared which made water city become a regional pole attracting tourists from all over, thus, the skills of the carpenters were discovered there, their reputation rise and the demand for them rise, too.

With that, it can be said that what Rob brought them was much more than just solving the transportation problem.

But what came a few months ago completely solved the transportation problem and more.

The legendary Sky Port that even the legendary shipwright prostrated in front of its greatness!

Once you enter the transport room, the humans and also their ships can be teleported towards a specific destination, whether to the heights of the sky or the depths of the sea, there is no place that the legendary sky port cannot transport you to instantly, just by pay the right price!

With this, will Tom keep thinking about the sea train? of course, not!


After Rob left the guest hall, Tom looked back and muttered words only he could hear.

"... What a great and mysterious man..."

After that, Tom and his group continued to read the volume with excited expressions.

After seeing Tom's court by the Enies Lobby Judge their expressions were troubled, but seeing how Tom resolved his situation they laughed with pleasure.


"NMA! The teacher is cool! Even in the manga, you are still so sassy!"

"Unlike a certain kid, even at the age of twelve, he's still a fool trying to make a useless battle ship…"

"What did you say, Bakaburg!!"

"I said what you heard exactly!"

"Hey! Don't fight here! We are Mr. Rob's guests!"

When they heard the name of the formidable man in their hearts from Kokoro's mouth their bodies instinctively stopped, if there is one person they respect and fear in this world it is only Rob... There is only one person they respect and love in this world and that is their teacher of course... But there is also one person they respect and fear in equal measure.

On the side, Stussy laughed seeing this scene.

Rob had tasked her with protecting them from the shadows, so they couldn't see her.


When they saw the state of Water Seven without the sea train or global cruise company, the group was sad, but the appearance of the sea train for the first time gave them a strange goosebump, they were so excited!

They made history in the manga!

If that's what happened in the manga, they can certainly do it again in reality too!

They were completely confident in their teacher's ability to achieve this.

Most importantly, they wanted to experience the feeling they had when they saw the first sea train in the manga and see it in real life.

"Tom-san! Let's make a sea train! Let's make a sea train!"

Cutty Flam neither bothered to bring up the subject of his parents who Tom said in the manga were probably pirates but he was more interested in the sea train.

Regarding Franky's real parents, Tom knows that they weren't pirates, they died when he was a little child and that Tom took care of Franky since he was too young, so he didn't know why his manga version was assuming that Franky's parents were pirates.

He remembered that scene where Franky asks him to include him in his workshop, that was when Franky was only 7 years old. Before Tom had taken care of him but he had not yet included him in Tom's work.

He didn't even get the title Franky from Iceburg yet. The first time they heard it from the manga, so they didn't recognize him from Franky's name when he was first mentioned in the manga.

"Tahaha! People's life in Water Seven it's very good now, so they don't need the sea train."

"But let's make it up to experience the feeling of happiness we feel right now."

"Yeah!!!" ×2

"Hello, Tom-san."

At this moment, a very beautiful woman, with red hair and a cute maid outfit appeared in the hall, she glanced to the hall side and blinked in annoyance but did not say anything and kept a kind smile on her face.

Stussy, who was well hidden, was frightened when Bell-mère noticed her.


Tom stood up with a sad smile on his face when he saw Bell-mère.

"Yo, little miss, your tragic story in the manga is caused by a scum of my race… Do you hate the Fish-Man race for that?"

"No, I came to salute a great Fish-Man who could end the suffering of so many human people."

"But you also suffered from the oppression of humans… I'm the one who needs to ask you… Do you hate the human race for their oppression of you, Tom-san?"


Water Seven:

If Tom and his group felt only happy, the people of Water Seven felt a complex emotion between sadness, joy, and self-blame.

When they saw the Flashback of a great character like Tom, who sacrificed 10 years of his life to build a sea train and eventually was plotted and executed by the scum Spandam, they felt the need to crush the marines they wandered beside them.

How could a world government do such a heinous act?

How can they kill a great man like Tom in cold blood?

It was not only the residents of Water Seven but throughout the world, many voices were rejecting the birth of someone like Spandam in this world.

Little did anyone know that after only a month everyone in the world would know that Spandam was born and he's 14 years old and a civil government servant.

After Enies Lobby arc, Spandam and his father will become deadly enemies of everyone in the world.














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