1 Creating Manga Of One Piece In Pirates World Become My Ultimate Goal!

{Welcome to the Network of Interesting Dreams!}

{Here, your dream can come true!}

{Click here to participate in the survey}

While Rob was surfing the internet on another boring evening, an interesting advertisement popped up on his browser.

(Heh, dreams can come true? What a funny joke.)

Rob's expression remained cold even though he thought the intriguing ad was a funny joke.

But it's really interesting because it's the first time he's come across such an advertisement, so he actually went in to have a look, he wasn't afraid of data-sucking viruses or anything else, because he himself was a high-level hacker without pride, his computer is secure to the max and he's also not just an easy target.

He was after all one of the lords of the darknet, the real interesting thing about this ad that provoked Rob is that no ad could appear on his computer because he had already taken care of this issue long ago.

So how can an electronic advertisement breach all its security walls and appear in front of his face?!

(This is really interesting.)

The moment Rob clicked the ad link, his computer screen turned red and many childish questions appeared in his eyes, but he knows that answering these questions will make his servers analyze this virus faster and eventually finish it.

{Welcome to the survey from Network of Interesting Dreams}

{Get excited! Because today is your lucky day!}

"Oh, he said today is my lucky day! Damn you!"

1-{Which anime or manga world would you like to live in?}

{Please record your answer here(...)}

Rob answered without hesitation:

(One Piece)


2-{What is the most interesting thing you can do in this world?}

{Disclaimer: If your goal is not interesting enough your survey will not be accepted and you will be disqualified, think carefully before scoring your goal!}

{Please record your answer here(...)}

Rob thought, well, what could he do in the world of One Piece that would be so interesting to this damn virus?

To be a pirates king? No, it's too tacky.

To be a Yonko? No, too corny.

Well then, what about the Fleet Admiral? No, very frequent idea.

How about being a revolutionary? No, too corny.

It will be a celestial dragon then!

Rob's enthusiasm slid down again as he searched One Piece fanfics stories in Webnovel via his phone, unfortunately, the Celestial Dragon was a frequent idea too.

"What the hell, nothing is interesting here…"

Rob is starting to lose his temper because he hasn't really found any interesting idea of ​​his goal in the world of One Piece.

What about the harem king? No, it's the most fucking idea. Only the sea kings have not been desecrated by the damned transmigrators.

Rob continue scrolling through the fanfics ranks in his browser until particular fanfic caught his attention.

"This is it! I will become the king of mangakas!"

Finally, Rob found something interesting that might be accepted into the survey, he hesitated a bit but eventually scored it.

(Create One Piece manga in One Piece world and let the world of pirates enjoy the future, let the great age of pirates become more chaotic!)


Rob breathed a sigh of relief when his goal was accepted and continued answering the survey questions.

3-{Do you want to be strong from the start or weak to strong, or just a weak man in the background?}

(I want to be strong so that I don't worry about my safety)


4- {Do you want a random or specific reincarnation?}

(Let it be random but I want to be handsome)


5-{To what era do you want to move?}

(After the God Valley event, sea ​​calendar 1493)


{If you could wish for 4 abilities that could help you with your goal, what would you wish for?}

(1- Photographic memory, 2- Devil fruit without any side effects can freely create, edit and modify the paper according to the user's imagination, 3- A high-level system can help me spread my art all over the world, and it is better if available with it a dimension store that sells items from the modern earth that can be bought with reading points or something, 4- high-level drawing talent)


{Your survey has been accepted, thank you for your interesting idea, and have a nice trip.}

"Huh! What's going on...!"

Rob noticed that the red light emitted by the computer screen was getting so bright that he couldn't open his eyes at all.

After a while, clarity returned to his sight and he was able to open his eyes again, but when he saw the scene in front of him, he was shocked by its absurdity.

The blue sea was covering his entire field of vision!

In Rob's mind, an incredible idea appeared.

(Could the survey be real?! Too ridiculous!!)

Looking at his surroundings, Rob noticed that he was on a wooden ship and was standing at the stern watching the ship's movement.

"Ah!! My head! Shit, shit, shit!!"

Rob's head started hurting like hell as so many strange memories flowed into his head like squeezing billions of data into a small storage memory.

After a few seconds, the headache that nearly split his head subsided until it disappeared completely.

Rob's eyes widened as he discovered an astonishing truth from the strange memories that filled his head.

He has truly moved into the world of One Piece!

{Interesting Dream Network congratulates you on your successful cosmic transition!}

{Promised benefits will be dispatched shortly, please find a quiet place and stay away from any disturbance.}

A mysterious aura surrounded Rob as if he had been separated from the world. All that was going on in Rob's mind at the moment was:


Because he really hadn't comprehended anything from his current situation until now, his so-called genius had become just dust in front of this miraculous confrontation, even the voice that was repeating in his head like a roar of thunder was something so mysterious that he didn't even know if it could be called a voice in the first place.

{You have been sent to the world of One Piece! Completed!}

{You have got a special title: Beginner mangaka! Completed!}

{Beginner mangaka: From now on rich thoughts will fall on you like rain.}

At this moment, Rob felt as if he had entered a kind of enlightenment state, just like the state of thoughts flowing like a river when the mangaka creativity begins to manifest itself in a great story.

{You have got the immortal body that does not die! Completed!}

After the mysterious state of enlightenment, he felt a cold feeling flowing through his entire body and a majestic thought filled with grandeur appeared in his mind.

Immortal and never die!

Even after he turns to ashes he can come back in his full body!

Even after he's crushed in a meat pie, he can rise again in his full body!

This was so horrible, no, this is terrifying by millions of miles.

{You have got the body of a random man named Rob also and handsome also! Completed!}

The picture of a man with a height of 260 centimeters with a fairly handsome face with a sharp stature and weary eyes bearing the temperament of a man with great responsibility appeared, with short black hair, yellow pupils, and a slightly muscular body.

This was the guy who got Rob his body! It really seemed like a random character but Rob had a vague feeling saying the exact opposite.

This guy is not any ordinary random character!

{The appropriate schedule was determined according to the desire of the participant in the survey, the current year 1493! Completed!}

{A photographic memory has been obtained that can retrieve all the memories of the survey participant and record them in high-quality mental data! Completed!}

Once again, Rob felt his mind split into many layers, and memories that were buried deep in his mind began to return one by one, whether it was Earthly Rob's memories or Rob from the pirates world, everything was restored from the first moment of both people in their worlds.

At this moment, something mysterious happened within Rob's soul, as if two people were merging into one, Rob's soul became brighter as if her level had risen to better than just an ordinary soul.

The photographic memory brought back all the memories that had disappeared over time from both people and kept repeating themselves in Rob's consciousness until each of those multiple memories was organized into a very large mental library.

At this moment Rob was crying silently, all his buried memories were recovered, good or bad, for Earth Rob his most terrible hidden memory was the accident in which his parents died and he survived when he was 9 years old and was moved to live in the orphanage since that time.

And for Rob from the world of pirates, his worst memories were when pirates attacked his peaceful village and his parents were killed in front of his eyes by fierce pirates, and by chance, he was also 9 years old at that time!

The weeping face turned into a happy smile when Earthly Rob remembered the happiest moment of his life that was buried deep in the river of history when he got a computer for the first time from the kind uncle who was donating to the orphanage at the time when he was 11 years old.

As for Rob from the pirates world, the happiest moment in his life was when he married the love of his life and his adventure partner!

Rob froze as he recalled the memories of the man who had possess his body. His body completely stiff, unable to believe that this woman was his wife right now!

{You have obtained a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit and without any side effects, Paper Paper no Mi, can create and modify paper according to the desire and imagination of the user, also has the properties of logia where the user's body can be transformed into mere paper, it has unlimited possibilities! Completed!}

Rob's thoughts were interrupted at this moment as he felt a heaviness in his right hand and saw a white, pear-shaped fruit with swirls and spiral patterns out of nowhere.

This was definitely a Devil Fruit!

Rob didn't hesitate to eat it in one bite, it tasted very good like any ripe pear, in fact, it was a devil fruit without any side effects really! Even that disgusting taste has been removed.

After Rob ate the Devil Fruit, he felt a mysterious feeling enveloping his body as if he had become very light and could scatter in a stack of paper if he wished, Rob pressed this sudden urge into his mind, because it was not the time to try anything! There are still other benefits to be received.

{You have got an art publishing system attached to a dimensional store! Completed!}


[The art publishing system is being prepared...]

[The system is ready!]

[Preparing a dimensional store connected to the modern earth...]

[Connected successfully!]

This time, a window like a computer screen appeared in front of Rob, and several notifications rang in his ear, like automated notifications, different from the majestic and divine voice that had been echoing in his mind until now.

(What is the art publishing system?)

Rob asked the most important question before he got into anything else.

[Arts publishing system is a system that has one goal and that is to make its host a universal artist known to all beings in the world]

(And how does it work?)

{You've got a very high-level drawing talent! Completed!}

Before he could receive any response from the system, the majestic voice reverberated in Rob's mind like a thunder blast and by the end, he felt his five senses being enriched by a kind of excellent talent.

His hand felt itchy in order to drawing!

His heart felt a passion in order to drawing!

His eyes were fascinated by the sight of the beautiful blue sea and the fishes jumping from time to time behind the ship's track, he wanted to paint this amazing scenery as quickly as possible!

His nose felt that the fresh and pure air of this world could be expressed in drawing too!

He felt that the sound of waves and seabirds high in the sky, the gentle wind pushing the sail of the ship, and the feet moving from time to time on the deck, all these sounds could be expressed through painting!

He felt his mind receiving a professional and high-level drawing ability!

All his senses were fillted with this talent, for the first time, Rob knew that any feeling could be expressed through drawing just like in real life.

{All your circumstances were fulfilled by the Divine Network, since the Divine Network gave you everything, we can remove everything easily. You can live your life however you want but you have to follow the interesting target that was included in the survey to the end, if you don't meet it you will be doomed to die and wipe your soul out of existence, once again we thank you for participating in our survey and we hope to see interesting events that will result from your work in this world.}

Rob did not dare to think about opposing the owner of that terrifying voice, he nodded his head over and over until the voice completely disappeared from his head.

Well, he had to become a mangaka from now on and paint a One Piece manga in the One Piece world as his ultimate goal!

That's it all.

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