1 Awakened Class, Forging Master

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Dragon City, Dragon City Academy, was holding an annual awakening ceremony. In the school square, the students who were about to awaken were all excited.

"Have you heard? The representative of Dragon City, Linglong, will attend the awakening ceremony today!"

"Really? Senior Sister Linglong will come to our academy today?"

"I didn't expect to see the legendary figure of Dragon City, Senior Sister Linglong!"

"You have to know that Senior Sister Linglong is a Mage who has awakened a Rare Class! It's said that her magic tricks can even play with time and space!"

"This is so powerful!"

"Of course she's strong! Back then, on the graduation trip of the academy, she accidentally entered a high-level demon beast lair and the other members and teachers who were in the same party with Senior Sister Linglong were completely wiped out! It was Senior Sister Linglong who destroyed the demon beast lair alone and saved the lives of the entire team!"

"Damn! Senior Sister Linglong is awesome!"

"As expected of the goddess of Dragon City!"

I wonder if anyone in our batch will awaken a Rare Class?

"You're thinking too much. Is a Rare Class something you can awaken just because you want to?"

"Senior Sister Linglong is a student of the 19th year of the academy. Three years have passed and she's the only one who has awakened a Rare Class!"

"It seems that there's no hope for Rare Classes. Powerful Classes are fine too!"

"Yes, a Powerful Class is still reliable. It's best if it's not a Support Class. Give me a Warrior Class. Pure men want to fight monsters head-on!"

The students discussed animatedly.

In the crowd, Su Meng sighed when he heard this. As a transmigrator, he had transmigrated three years ago. After transmigrating, he immediately obtained the memories of his previous self and learned that he had actually transmigrated to a world filled with demons! Hundreds of years ago, a huge change happened in this world. The game relocated and fused with reality!

Countless demons had descended on the land, causing misery and suffering. The cities were occupied by demons and ferocious beasts, and humans had suffered heavy losses. The country no longer existed.

Humans could only unite with the city as a camp. Fortunately, with the relocation of the demonic creatures, there was also the Awakening Stone. Through the Awakening Stone, everyone could awaken and obtain extraordinary abilities to become an Awakened. Only then could they have the ability to resist the demonic creatures!

Because the game was combined with reality, everyone became a player. They could freely open the game interface and check other people's information. It was extremely convenient. Of course, as a player, you could also block your personal information so that others could not see it.

Although everyone could become an Awakened, they were divided into different Classes according to their awakened abilities. There were strong and weak Classes.

The most powerful were Rare Classes, one in a million. Only one rare professional would appear among a million people. Rare Classes were usually monopolized.

For example, Linglong was a Drama Mage. In the future, there would be no Drama Mage among the Rare Classes. Normal Classes could be replicated. Among the Normal Classes, there were some Powerful Classes, and the most popular Classes were Warriors, Mages, and Priests.

Warriors had powerful combat strength. Their bodies were powerful, and they could fight ten people alone! Mages were good at controlling various spells. The Heavenly Lightning and Earthly Fire exploded randomly! As for Priests, although they were of the Support Class, however, because they had super powerful Regeneration abilities and extraordinary combat strength, they could heal and attack. They were essential for the teams. In many teams, the remuneration of Priests was even higher than that of Warriors and Mages.

However, most awakened abilities were life skills, such as cooks, bartenders, beast tamers, and so on! In addition to these Normal Classes, there were also very Rare Classes.

For example, a Mechanic with a powerful talent for future technology could build a cyberpunk fortress alone! Thousands of monsters often could not do anything to a fortress!

As a transmigrator, although Su Meng had obtained the memories of its predecessor, he was an orphan and had no family. Therefore, Su Meng had not had an easy time in the past three years. He had to rely on himself.

Now, it was finally time to graduate and awaken a Class. Whether it could change one's life depended on this wave! Su Meng did not have high expectations for the awakened Class. Warriors, Priests, and Mages, he only needed a Powerful Class.

Don't let him have any weak Support Classes! For example, bartenders, cooks, and so on. Although the quality of life would be very good, it would not be mainstream in the end. In the end, he would only be reduced to a worker! He wouldn't even have the strength to protect himself!

"Everyone, be quiet. The awakening ceremony will begin immediately!"

At this moment, a hunched old man with white hair in a Chinese tunic suit walked to the podium and spoke into a microphone. Don't underestimate this hunched old man. He was the headmaster of Dragon City Academy, Principal Long Teng!

[Long Teng]

[Level 43 Dark Mage]

Through the game interface, Su Meng could clearly see some information about the principal, Long Teng. He was actually a rare profession changer among Mages, a Dark Mage!

Only by becoming an Awakened could humans have levels. The basic level was Level 1. Every 10 levels was a watershed, and one could change profession every 30 levels. This also gave many Awakened who had awakened weak Classes a glimmer of hope.

"Next, we have a special guest. Your senior sister, the pride of Dragon City, Linglong!"

Long Teng said loudly.

"Whoosh!" Accompanied by a burst of uproar, a young and beautiful girl in a cheongsam appeared in front of everyone.


[Level 31 Life Ending Mage]

Everyone was shocked when they saw Linglong's interface! Level 31, it was actually Level 31! She had only graduated from the academy for three years, but she had already advanced to the Gold rank? She had even completed her profession change and become a Life Ending Mage! All the students present instantly became her fans!

"Alright, the awakening begins now. Your senior sister, Linglong, will awaken for you with the Awakening Stone in her hand!"

Principal Long Teng spoke again, and the scene immediately fell silent.

"Let's welcome the first student to awaken, Zhang Xueyou!"

Linglong held the list of students and read out the first student's name.

"Senior… Senior Sister, please guide me."

Zhang Xueyou went on stage with a smile. He was one of the roommates of Su Meng. As the Awakening Stone in Linglong's hand emitted a faint light, Zhang Xueyou's Awakening information came out.

[Zhang Xueyou, Awakening Class: Breeder!]


After seeing the information displayed on the huge electronic screen behind the podium, Zhang Xueyou's entire face fell. At least a beast tamer will do. What the hell is a breeder! Could it be that I have to stay at home or go to the zoo to raise small animals in the future?

Seeing Zhang Xueyou's encounter, many people gloated. Someone had awakened as a breeder. What more exciting profession could there be?

"Next, Su Meng."

Because he and Zhang Xueyou were roommates, Zhang Xueyu was naturally followed by Su Meng. As the second student to go on stage, Su Meng was still a little nervous. The students looked at him curiously.

"Su Meng, is he that genius student from Class One?"

"The one who scored full marks in theory?"

I wonder what Class he will awaken?

Could it be a hidden Class?


"That's impossible!"

Su Meng followed Linglong's instructions and placed his hand on the Awakening Stone. Unexpectedly, this time, the Awakening Stone emitted a dazzling light!

The light illuminated the entire academy square! Whoosh! The entire venue was in an uproar! However, after the light dissipated, a line of information appeared on the huge screen.

[Su Meng, Awakened Class, Forging Master???]

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