Creating Artifact Spirits To Be My Wives: Am I A Blacksmith? Book

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Creating Artifact Spirits To Be My Wives: Am I A Blacksmith?

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# SPECIALJOBCLASS Su Meng transmigrated to a bizarre metropolitan world. Hundreds of years ago, a game descended upon this world and turned the world into one where everyone could change job classes. As for Su Meng, he began as a blacksmith. Fortunately, he unlocked a hidden evolution line just in time, becoming Artifact Spirit Smith! However, his Artifact Spirits seemed off. All the weapons he created became people, such as a knife maiden, sword maiden, and gun maiden. While others left their homes carrying their weapons, Su Meng could only bring his Artifact Spirit ladies with him into the secret zone. Some players commented, “What? This talented swordswoman is an Artifact Spirit?” The Job Class Union declared, “Why is such a battle-loving maiden smiling for Su Meng? She even dares to slay the Dragon King!” The cardinal of the Church of the Flames of Civilization said, “We wish to be servants of Miss Gatling! What? She is Su Meng’s servant?” As Su Meng watched his scepter spirit be chosen as the divine maiden, he had a huge headache. How should he explain to the disciples of the church that this divine maiden was just one of the many Artifact Spirits that he had created?


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