1 a watch

now are 7:00,i go to work in polici becuse i am pilicial.mu name is jack

i get my friends some muder for me


hello,what you want?

i have a murder for you now in sabway



what happy here?

she died.

this i now idiot.

she was runing of someone whem she comit


where are the body


oh,my good where are a head and the arms .

we don't know.

someone see something?

I SAW SAW someone help me i go to died.

who is he ?

maycom parker 19 years he saw but he is crazy.

hey pack what do you saw?

i saw he he witch... a mask... of..... gas

thanks maycon go for your hause and sleep.

hey ana you find something?

yes i find blood here but not is her and i find.

a bag here with a 9mm and peiper has some



i am nightmare.good night.

its afraid but nightmare is a good name

this is not funny.the 9mm is false.

ana i find something here.this a watch

of ingland

do you know about a shop of watch here?

yes he sell imported watchs. maybe he know

about this.your name is fredy

in shop:

hello fredy we have ask for you about ingland


he runed get he now

i got he

thanks policial

now.why you run of me fredy?

please i dont now about any.

you go to ansower some asks in the Police

in police:

what you know about a watch?

i dont know anything

please speak for me . from whom the watch

you are protect you can to speak of watch

a person with a mask buy a watch but he was

ok can speak .

with knife and he threaten my family i was,

afraid and i give a watch for he sorry,

thanks fredy.

releases he.

this dont help out murder but why he buy a


jack jack a watch was a bonb but was