1 Diamond

"Good day your majesties, this way to the garden" said the Butler.

Silently, with a bright smile on their faces, they moved graciously after him.

"My friend, its been awhile" an excited King Carl greeted the moment they walked in.

"My my Carl, I was here last week wasn't I?" said King William and they shared a warm laugh.

"My apologies Rachel, it is wonderful to see you" said King Carl as he kissed her ring. King William did the same to his wife, a formal greeting between them. Amid chatting and laughter, they took their seats and waited for their children to arrive.

King Carl and his wife, Queen Evelyn ruled the kingdom of Bartenia while Darchenland kingdom was ruled by the fun loving King William and his wife, Queen Rachel.

With the Kings as best friends, both kingdoms lived in peace and harmony. Each had the others back whenever it was needed. They ruled with justice and fairness, earning them the love of all their subjects.

"Your majesties, tea" the butler announced.

"Oh let that wait Sam, the prince and princess are yet to arrive" said Queen Evelyn.

Almost immediately, prince Damian joined them.

"Well there he is, one more to go" she added

"My apologies your majesties, I had a bit of work to attend to" he said as he took a bow.

"No problem at all, please sit" said King William. He took a seat next to his father.

"Um, Eve, King Carl," Rachel began,

"I would advice we started with tea"

"But why, Diamond isn't here yet. I am so excited to see her, its been so long"

"Yes, about that, um..."

"I'm here" she screamed from behind them, interrupting Rachel.

"That's princess Diamond?" asked Damian. He stared in awe at the lady in front of him.

In front of him, stood a blonde, beautiful lady, with brown eyes, full pink lips, rosy cheeks and a very pointed nose. She was wearing tight blue jeans, a white tank top and a pair of white trainers.

"What's up everyone, sorry I'm late" she said and took a seat.

King Carl and his wife did a good job hiding their surprise but their son couldn't. He stared at her, mouth agape.

King William cleared his throat.

"Everyone must be surprised" he laughed nervously.

Evelyn smiled and got up, she gave Diamond a tight hug.

"It is wonderful to have you back dear. Last time I saw you, you were barely a teenager" she laughed.

"Its so nice to see you too" Diamond smiled

The atmosphere lit up again as they discussed and tea was served.

"Damian, would you take a walk with me?" asked Diamond, he raised an eyebrow.

"Shouldn't that be my line?"

She smiled.

"Your majesties, please excuse us" she said as she got up, Damian followed her.

Both the Kings left the table too to have a little chat.

Rachel took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry about my daughter, she's a bit, wild" she apologized.

"What? no. She's grown into a very lovely and confident lady. I love it" said Evelyn.

"A lot of people think otherwise, they say she isn't a 'proper princess'" she sighed.

"Nonsense, let them. Honestly, watching Diamond as a child, I was a bit worried. She was so timid. Who would've thought she'd turn out as the total opposite"

"Well, I am happy about that but, I can't help but worry"

"There's nothing to worry about Rachel, its all good. If by any chance getting a suitor for her worries you, we'll just fix a wedding date for she and Damian" she said and they laughed.

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