1 Divorce

"Madam Qin, please let's go inside...."

No reply.

"If Master finds that you are here, out in this cold, then he will punish us all."

Bai Liyue ignored the bodyguard's words and looked at the dark sky.

The night was deep and so was the pain in her heart. The pale crescent moon shone like a silvery claw in the night sky with the blanket of stars stretching to infinity. Everything seemed to be glowing under the moonlight. The ocean glistened beautifully looking like an array of pearls, busy in their own mischief. In the background, a beautiful melody was being played on the grand piano mixed with the waves of laughter and cheers of elite men and women.

And here she was standing on the deck outside the grand hall. Half of her face was covered with darkness while the other half was illuminated under the moonlight. Her long black hair swayed with the cold wind as she swept her big brown eyes at the beautiful vast ocean.

She looked almost lifeless; as if life and hope had given up on her. Her face seemed broken with tears glistening in her empty eyes. Behind her, the party seemed to be in full swing, but she seemed detached as if she was just a figment of somebody's imagination, something that could be easily blown away by the wind and disappear in this vast ocean.

Unfortunately, she wasn't.

Bia Liyue took a deep breath, her shaky hands holding onto the cold railings for support.

"Madam Qin, please be careful...." One of the guards moved toward her to stop her.

"Stay back," she warned them coldly.

The guard paused. He signaled something with his hand to the other guards and looked back at Bai Liyue. "Madam Qin, please let us go back. If Master saw you like this, he will be very angry."

"Shut up!"

Recalling those horrible and depressing memories, sadness and grief engulfed her. But more than that, anger consumed her mind when she thought that her husband was the culprit behind everything. He pretended to be her savior, pulling her back on her feet and giving her false hope while pushing her back into the spiral of depression and rejection from the dark.

Oh! What a fool she was...

Tears were on the verge of falling from her eyes, but she steeled herself to remain strong. She was not going to shed any more tears because of that man. He pretended to be a supportive husband when she was at her lowliest point. His careful actions were changing her perception of his bad nature. She was finally starting to believe that he really loved her and cared about her, despite all the other bad things he had done. He was starting to become her strength, her only hope amidst her failure.

But who knew?

He wasn't her strength, but the very person who was behind her failures.

He was the cause of her downfall.

Confusion began to fill her mind. Bai Liyue didn't know what to believe and what to not. In these three years of marriage, she had seen so much that it was hard for her to understand why would he do this to her. He claimed to love her and he had displayed it every time.

Was all that just a show?

Suddenly, she heard the familiar sounds of rushed footsteps approaching her. A pair of strong arms wrapped around her tiny waist from behind and a small fleeting kiss was planted on her shoulder.

"Love, what are you doing out here? Didn't I tell you to wait for me?"

A mocking look flashed through Bai Liyue's eyes when she heard the concern and worry in his voice.

"Worried?" she asked.

The man nodded keeping his chin on her shoulder. "Umm."

Bai Liyue chuckled. "Well, you don't have to worry. I am not running away anywhere. Look, everything around us is covered by the sea. Even if I want to run, I can't run."

Qin Yufeng frowned. Something seemed wrong. He grabbed her arm to turn her around to face him. Seeing the expression on her face and her tears-filled eyes, he realized that something was indeed wrong. "Love, what happened? Are you okay?"

Bai Liyue looked at the man carefully.

This man was her husband, Qin Yufeng.

If someone asked her to describe her husband, then she would say that her husband was just like the emperor of the olden times. He was handsome like an angel but even more terrible than a devil. Wherever he went, he commanded attention. People couldn't help but notice his amazing aura and dominating presence. After all, her husband was one of the most handsome, rich, and powerful people in the entire nation. Most men admired him and wanted to have a connection with him while most women loved him and wanted to be with him, but not her.

He was the owner of one of the multinational companies in the country - Qin Corporation. But only a few knew about his real identity. He was a Mafia King, a person with a fearsome reputation in the Underworld. And, she was his wife, his rich little wife.

"Qin Yufeng, let's get a divorce."

"What?!?!" Qin Yufeng was shocked.

"Let's end our marriage," Bai Liyue repeated.

"W-what... why.... how.... wait," Qin Yufeng took a deep breath. Anger flashed through his eyes and her grabbed her arm. Looking straight into her eyes, he sneered coldly, "Yueyue, do you know what are you talking about?"

"I know."

"No, you don't!" Qin Yufeng yelled, his eyes flashing with anger. "You don't know what you are talking about. Never! Do you hear me? I will never end this marriage. Yueyue, you are mine, only mine. You are my wife. The love of my life. I love you more than life itself. You can never escape from this marriage, not until I die."

But the defiant look on her face stabbed his heart.

"Yueyue, you better take that thought out of your mind." Qin Yufeng warned through gritted teeth. "Because divorce will never happen between us. Do you hear me? NEVER!"

Hearing his arrogant words, Bai Liyue was filled with rage. Something snapped inside her mind. She was already in a bad mood because of his betrayal. He had already broken her dreams and her happiness. Though she didn't love him, but she trusted him. In this marriage, at least there was trust between them. But, now everything seemed to be wrong.

She was proven wrong by him. He broke her trust and stabbed her in the back. He was the one who shattered her dreams. Now, when she wanted freedom, he wasn't ready to give her. Why?

What did he take her for?

His prisoner?

A canary that he had raised?

Or maybe his little slave?

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