1 A Withered Well

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"Students, you have to stand as straight as possible no matter what kind of pain you suffer later."

"You may have a greater chance of awakening the Life Guide if you hold on for a while longer!"

The first affiliated primary school in Jing'an City welcomed its annual big day.

On the field stood young men and women who were about to graduate.

These young faces were full of tension and anticipation.

The Soaring Dragon Federation stipulated that after every student received their basic education, they would awaken the Life Guide before they reach middle school.

Awakening the Life Guide meant that one's life would change, becoming a Beast Tamer and stepping onto a completely different path from ordinary people.

The instructor in charge of opening the Life Guide for these students had a serious expression.

Many parents were waiting nervously outside the field and were far more nervous than their own children.

This was because these parents understood that this event that everyone could participate in when they were 12 or 13 years old was actually the most important exam in their lives.

Among these parents were two teenagers 15 or 16 of age, this pair of male and female teenagers were both wearing the uniform of Jinghai Beast Taming High School.

Many parents cast colored glances at the two youths.

Jinghai Beast Taming High School was not only the best Beast Taming High School in Jing'an City but also the top in the entire Jinghai Province.

Those who could enter the Jinghai Beast Taming High School were basically Beast Tamers.

All of them were elites.

However, this did not include Fang Mu.

Fang Mu might be commuting to Jinghai Beast Taming High School but he was not a Beast Tamer.

Fang Mu was also on the playground of Jing'an First Affiliated Primary School like these students when he was 12, looking forward to awakening his Life Guide.

As a transmigrator, Fang Mu had thought that awakening the Life Guide would give him some cheats.

However, God had played an unexpected joke on him. Fang Mu had not been able to awaken his Life Guide.

If he could not awaken his Life Guide, he was destined to not be a Beast Tamer.

The girl beside Fang Mu had a ponytail and held two books related to Beast Tamers.

The bottom of the two books was obviously thicker, meaning that this young girl had taken many notes in these two books.

Hu Tao turned her head and saw that Fang Mu's gaze was fixed on this group of students who were about to awaken their Life Guide.

She tightened her grip on the two Beast Taming books.

Hu Tao and Fang Mu were classmates at Jinghai Affiliated Beast Taming Secondary School and had both been promoted to Jinghai Beast Taming High School.

Fang Mu did not have the talent to become a Beast Tamer, but he was able to study at Jinghai Beast Taming High School.

Rumor has it that it was because Fang Mu's brother and sister were honorary alumni of Jinghai Beast Taming High School.

Fang Mu had no Beast Tamer talent.

In the beginning, he was ostracized by his classmates.

However, gradually, his classmates, including Hu Tao, realized that he was always the first to arrive and the last to leave.

Long-term exposure to his excellent personality wasn't something that his lack of talent could cover up.

On the day he graduated from Jinghai Affiliated Beast Taming Secondary School, Fang Mu had come in first for all the written tests but because Fang Mu did not contract a beast, he scored a zero for the actual combat assessment.

Even so, Fang Mu was still within the top ten of his grade.

After entering Jinghai Beast Taming High School, Fang Mu chose the Beast Nurturing specialization.

He wanted to walk the path of a Creation Master.

The ability of a Creation Master was to nurture beasts and help them purify their bloodline and evolve.

It was the noblest existence among all Beast Taming professions!

Even if Fang Mu was not a Beast Tamer and could not become a true Creation Master, his talent was enough for him to become a Creation Master's assistant after graduation.

Such a future was much brighter than that of ordinary Beast Tamers.

Only 30% of the 100 people in this world could become Beast Tamers. However, among them, only one in every 10 people could contract a beast with combat ability.

In Fang Mu's previous life, it was very common for ordinary parents, grandparents, and grandparents to raise money to buy houses for their children.

In the world after Fang Mu's transmigration, his family had the same thoughts about their juniors.

However, what they had pooled their money to buy was not a house, but a beast that could fight.

A Beast Tamer contracting a beast with combat ability was only the beginning.

Cultivating a beast was more expensive than buying the beast itself.

This situation and phenomenon made Beast Tamers generally very poor, which also elevated the status of a Creation Master.

Fang Mu looked as far as he could see.

On the field that originally had 8,000 people, less than 3,000 people were still struggling to stand.

An illusory index condensed from mental strength appeared over the heads of these people.

Fang Mu looked at the growing children with envy.

Fang Mu was 16 years old.

Fang Mu would come to this field on this day every year ever since he failed to awaken his Life Guide at the age of twelve, which made this year the fourth year.

It was at that moment that Hu Tao spoke, gently touching Fang Mu's arm with her elbow.

"Fang Mu, there's a spiritual materials analysis class later."

"We should get back to class!"

"We will definitely be punished with writing a spiritual materials analysis paper if we're late for Teacher Cui's class!"

"You're good with such a topic, but it'll take me at least three hours to write it!"

As she spoke, Hu Tao, who was a young girl, somehow felt sorry for Fang Mu.

Fang Mu must be very eager to awaken his life index and become a Beast Tamer.

In this world, everyone has three chances to awaken their Life Guide.

After his first awakening failed, he could try awakening again every year for the next two years.

However, after trying three times, if he still could not awaken the Life Guide, it would be impossible.

It was common sense.

In the entire Soaring Dragon Federation, there had never been a precedent of awakening the Life Guide after the third awakening at the age of 14.

This was because once one's mental strength had been stimulated three times, one would have lost his reaction to the stimulation of awakening one's Life Guide.

The low-frequency spiritual fluctuations emitted by the instructor who helped these students awaken their Life Guide could not be completely gathered.

It was also directed at these parents waiting outside the field.

However, these parents did not have severe reactions like these students.

Fang Mu heard Hu Tao and was about to head back to class with her.

Teacher Cui, who taught spiritual materials analysis, specially asked Fang Mu to join her academic research after discovering his talent.

Fang Mu's research on spiritual materials had already appeared in some academic newspapers.

This was definitely a rare honor for a high school student.

However, Fang Mu didn't think much of it. In fact, he was used to it since Fang Mu had been a biologist in his previous life.

In his twenties, he had been the main speaker of many biology lectures at well-known universities.

Therefore, Fang Mu had already experienced this honor countless times.

Next, the instructor would emit even lower-frequency spiritual fluctuations to help these 3,000 students who had just awakened their Life Guide stabilize their Life Guide.

Fang Mu followed Hu Tao back two steps.

Suddenly, Fang Mu felt his body stiffen and intense pain in his skull which seemed to last an eternity.

Fang Mu blacked out the moment the pain faded.

He woke up with Hu Tao's anxious exclamation. At the same time, a dry well appeared in his consciousness.

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