46 Chapter 046 Nagumo’s doubts, Oreki Houtarou, whose side are you on?

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Nagumo laughed directly.

"Five million in three days."

"Indeed, from what you just said, you did a good job in collecting points."

"But for 5 million in three days, you might as well grab it."

"And you've already stripped the first graders naked, who can you strip naked next?"

"Do you want to skin the second and third graders? I can promise you in advance that none of my second graders will be skinned by you." Nanyun said.

And these words also mean the same thing.

He meant that as a sophomore.

Is it pressure and resistance from a grade?

"Then let's wait and see," Oreki said. "And I estimate that about half of the second-year students from Nagumo-senpai will turn to me."

"..." Nagumo.

Nagumo stood up straight and looked into Oreki's eyes.

"That's interesting. Are you provoking me?"

"How about we make a bet?" Oreki looked at the numbers on his student ID card on his phone.

And Nagumo glanced there.

He felt a little nauseous for a moment.

Because the number in Oreki's private point account is 4,231,100 points.

This is also a point that Nagumo needs to take a deep breath.

Because one year later, his class had collected 8 million in class fees and then used 4 million to open a store, and then borrowed money.

The remaining 4 million is used as class fees.

And his treasury is currently only about 4 million.


Oreki Houtarou, this guy... didn't you just enter school?

In the end, he accumulated as many points as he had accumulated in a year in less than 2 weeks.

So it's even more disgusting.

Moreover, the other party's plan used the name of his store to deceive him.


No one told him that first-year students were so easy to cheat out of their money.

If he can, then he will lie first.

He directly has a physical store, so he can recruit points from first-year students. Anyway, without knowing the rules, the freshmen will agree.

Then when they know the exam rules.

For the benefit of their class, they will terminate the agreement automatically.

So this is free money.

It is a kind of teaching from senior students that can be given to first-year students.


Why couldn't he seize this opportunity?


"My student ID card is still short of 300,000 points to reach the peak."

"I hope Nagumo-senpai can make it up for me," Oreki said. "Total 4.5 million."

What is happening now is the new hidden task issued by the system - protecting the flowers.

To extinguish Nagumo's arrogance.

At the same time, he initially wanted to collect 5 million points in a short period.

after all.

Now people who have points, take students as an example.

The freshmen, except Class D, have no money.

So you have to set your sights upward, as upperclassmen still have savings.


If he hadn't come because of the system mission, then Oreki probably wouldn't have taken the initiative to approach Nagumo.

But now that we have come to know each other, which is equivalent to adding 1 to the trouble, naturally, I have to collect some compensation.

So Oreki proposed a bet to Nagumo.

If Nagumo loses, he gives him 300,000 points.


Nan Yunya laughed loudly. "It seems you want to treat me like wool."

"But after all, as a senior, it would be unkind to reject you like this."

"So," Nagumo said. "I can give you a chance, but what if you can't do it?"

Although just looking at Oreki's account made him feel sick.

But he didn't lose.

After all, as long as half a year passes, he will be able to obtain half of the profit of a store.

For example, even if the class competition dies down in the end, he can still get a share of 1 million from the store every month. Then in the remaining 2 years, he can get 20 million and finally graduate as Class A.

So he is in a position where he cannot lose.

At the same time, as the representative of the second grade, he also has a fixed number of points paid by each student in each class.

So for Nagumo now, his life is quite flourishing, and he only needs the position of student council president to consolidate his position.

Judging from the fact that Oreki came directly to the student council to find President Horikita, it is almost certain that Oreki is from President Horikita-senpai's faction.


It was confirmed that Horikita-senpai would not name him as the next president, so he would grab it himself.


Now let's cut off the foreign aid that Horikita-senpai brought here, Oreki Houtarou.

Nagumo thought in his heart.

So he added, "If you can't do it, I won't bully you."

"During this year, you are not allowed to join the student council, even if invited by President Horikita." Nagumo Miyabi said.

"This kind of thing..." Oreki seemed to pause.

"Can't you do it?" Nagumo seemed to smile.

It seems that this is indeed the case, Horikita-senpai is going to drag Oreki Houtarou into the student council. Then it was probably to contain him.

I have to say that Horikita-senpai started too quickly.

Although it was only a brief contact, Nagumo recognized Oreki Houtaro's insight and ability to act, as well as his understanding and application of rules.

If it can be used well, it is a good chess piece.

But it's a pity.

Nagumo felt that if he became the student council president, Oreki would not be able to join.

Because there was another reason that made him feel in danger.

That's the girls in the class. They are talking about the new students coming in recently, and there are some boys among this year's freshmen who are growing in popularity quite well.


It was obvious that a handsome guy like him and a capable boy were also in the class, but in the end, these girls turned a blind eye.

It's simply too much.

Among them, his childhood friend Asahina suggested a name.

Houtarou Oreki.

Asahina seemed to think this junior was cute and then shared Oreki's photo with everyone.

Hey hey hey, whose childhood sweetheart are you?

So Nagumo seemed a little wary today.

Although he can't be called a love rival, is this Oreki junior going to choose to retreat here?

He was slightly disappointed.

However, he saw Oreki shaking his head. Then he gave a rare smile.

"Then I might have to disappoint Nagumo-senpai."

"I am bound to win the 300,000 bet." 

"So the bet is established. The current time is 12:22, so it will last until 12:22 three days later. If I collect 5 million points, then Nagumo-senpai will give me 300,000, and if I lose, then I won't join the student council this year." Houtaro Oreki said.


"Why so straightforward?" Nagumo felt that Oreki's attitude seemed to have opened up at this moment.

Something seemed to have happened that surprised even Oreki Houtarou.

So what is it?

"Because the student council president promised me the position a week ago."

"But I refused."

"I have no interest in the student council."

"Then there is only one outcome. If I lose, it will not affect me. But if I win, you have to pay, Nagumo-senpai."

"So, in my opinion, Senior Nagumo, you are already a qualified money-spreading boy."

"So I have changed my view on you," Oreki said.



Does this mean that this bet is only detrimental to him?

Nagumo was a little stunned.


Does this also mean that Oreki Houtarou is not from the Horikita Faction?

So which side is he on?

This confused Nagumo.


That afternoon, when he returned to class, Nagumo told the girls in his class about his bet with Oreki Houtarou.

After all, earning 5 million points in three days is impossible from a common sense point of view.

So first let's lower the image of this junior among girls. 


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