COTE: Hikigaya Hachiman In The Classroom Of The Elite

Anyway, I'm Hikigaya Hachiman. For some inexplicable reason, I'll be separated from my sister Komachi for three long years. I received an acceptance letter from Advanced Nurturing High School. Frankly, I didn't want to go because it means being away from Komachi. Unfortunately, my parents are threatening to kick me out and stop supporting me. So, I had no choice but to accept the admission to Advanced Nurturing High School. Goodbye for now, Komachi, my dear sister. This is a translation from Chinese fanfiction 实教:比企谷的实力至上教室!

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Chapter 234 Get On The Bus First And Then Buy The Ticket, Ichinose’s Two-Hit Combo

In the dormitory.

Hikigaya opened his hazy eyes.

A strand of hair brushed against his cheek, making him feel slightly itchy. Hikigaya was instantly surprised and glanced at Ichinose Honami, who was pillowing on his chest.

"Sure enough, it's not a dream..."

Hikigaya muttered to himself and shrugged his nose.

Immediately, he smelled a strong body fragrance, and Ichinose breathing also made his chest feel slightly warm, making it difficult to move.

no way.

Who can resist the passionate Ichinose?

After being pushed down by such a beautiful girl instantly made him lose his mind and he took her as his own without hesitation.

He glanced at Ichinose's red face. Hikigaya quickly raised his head to look at the ceiling, not daring to look any further, feeling like he couldn't help it anymore. According to Ichinose's theory, without lies, there would be no truth. The real thing only exists in lies and failures. Only relationships that have passed various tests can be called real.

The real thing only exists in the deception that Hikigaya hates most. "Only if it passes the test can it be considered real..." Hikigaya couldn't help but put his arm around Ichinose's shoulders and couldn't help but smile. That's how Ichinose arrived at the answer, even though some may find it hard to accept.

However, there's nothing wrong with embracing Ichinose's theory. He also wants to make this idea a reality. After all, it's already the reality; can there still be deception?

An this moment.

Ichinose opened her hazy eyes, feeling the strong heartbeat in her ears, and a happy smile appeared on her lips.

After a while Ichinose reacted, and her pretty face turned as red.

She stood up quickly, and the sheets slipped off her body, revealing her delicate body as white as mutton fat in front of Hikigaya.


Ichinose's pretty face turned red, and she hurriedly pulled up the sheets to wrap her delicate body:

"I'm sorry, I accidentally couldn't hold it back...

This is a lie.

It's also the truth.

Ordinary confessions hold no appeal for Hikigaya. What he desires is a connection where their souls can intersect. Ichinose understood this well. She believed in expressing one's feelings openly—after all, it's better to speak your mind than to live with regrets. And now, Hikigaya doesn't have a girlfriend either.

Ichinose took a bolder approach. It didn't matter if Hikigaya remained indifferent; she wouldn't regret her actions. Every time she saw Hikigaya, her determination only grew stronger.

Ichinose couldn't help but want to get closer and touch his body.


She truly couldn't help herself, and she didn't want to suppress the throbbing feeling in her heart any longer. Therefore, this wasn't a lie.

"No, no, no, I am..." Hikigaya also blushed and said, a little embarrassed, "I'm sorry for leaving you with a bad experience."

After all...

Ichinose's body was just too tempting.

he is not an experienced person either.

So he suddenly lost his mind. In the second half, he seemed to be greedily asking for more than Ichinose could give, which was really shameful. "Eh? That's not the case."

Ichinose was stunned for a moment, no longer caring about the sheets on her body, and then hugged Hikigaya's waist.

Although he is confident when he makes up his mind, Hikigaya tends to underestimate himself during ordinary times. 

"Although it was a little uncomfortable at first," she admitted.

Leaning into Hikigaya's arms, Ichinose narrowed her beautiful eyes and showed a happy smile. 

"But in the end, it's so comfortable—it feels addictive. I think I like you more." Ichinose couldn't express her feelings accurately.

She felt as if her heart was filled up. Just being in Hikigaya's arms like this made her feel particularly at ease and happy. "Oh, oh..." Hikigaya's face turned red.


After all, it was the pitch-black Holy Sword that surpassed Ayanokouji and Koenji, which seemed to satisfy Ichinose.

The dark holy sword had finally drawn blood! Hikigaya couldn't help but feel proud, knowing that anyone who had dismissed it as garbage was proven wrong. "But..." At that moment, Ichinose said somewhat hesitantly, "Hikki, do you think I'm an easy person?"

"Well...." Hikigaya choked on his words. Strictly speaking, Ichinose might be hesitate about dating Nagumo Miyabi, making her seem more approachable. But words held little meaning. 

From another perspective, Ichinose's determination to save her companions—even if it meant sacrificing herself—was her responsibility as a leader. And yet, she remained unwilling to give up her love for him. 

Certainly, it could also be understood that Ichinose undervalued herself.

Regardless of interpretation, Hikigaya leaned toward the second possibility, but if he thought rationally... 

Actually, Hikigaya felt that compared to him, Ichinose Honami was more of a companion. There was nothing wrong with that. After all, the companions of Class B held greater importance. Hikigaya believed there was no need to prioritize one over the other.

"How can it be?" Hikigaya was slightly startled.

"Thank you, I'm really happy to hear Hikki say this..." Ichinose said, rubbing Hikigaya's face with her little head and said apologetically.

"But more than myself, I want to see everyone's smiles. I don't want to lose anyone, and I want us all to be promoted to Class A together."

"Compared to ordinary people, I think I may be a more casual type."

"There's nothing wrong with that," 


Hikigaya shook his head indifferently.

Compared to herself, Ichinose does care more about her companions, which may also be her potential as a leader.

Even if she changes, Ichinose will not become a cold leader like Horikita Suzune.

But Hikigaya still doesn't want her to change. Ichinose is already very good now, so she doesn't need to be so harsh on herself.

"But there's no need to worry now," Ichinose said, hugging Hikigaya's neck and raising the corner of her mouth slightly.

"Now I belong to you, and without your permission, I can no longer make decisions on my own."

"Things or whatever, don't think of yourself as an item." Hikigaya's face turned red and he was speechless.

He discovered during the sports festival that although the meaning is similar, Ichinose's mouth occasionally comes out with some extraordinary lines.

"Is that so?" Ichinose tilted her head in confusion, turned over involuntarily, and hooked her long, round legs around Hikigaya's calf.

"Then I'm your girlfriend?"

"Well, if you don't mind." 

Being squeezed by the soft and delicate body, Ichinose's face couldn't help but turn redder.

But whether this is the real thing or not is no longer important.

It's just that he wants to turn this relationship into a real thing. Although it feels like the order is wrong, there is no other way.

Hearing his words, Ichinose's face turned red as she felt the ferocious black holy sword being unsheathed again.


"Eh?" "Is that okay?" Ichinose was also a little embarrassed and said:

"Although I still feel a little uncomfortable, if you wants it, I can do it at any time."

"Then forget it and wait until you feel better." Hikigaya couldn't help but shake his head.

It felt like Ichinose was a bit overwhelmed.

"Really." Ichinose rolled her eyes beautifully, held Hikigaya's cheek and asked again.

Serving your husband is your duty as a wife.

She will definitely make Hikigaya the happiest man in the world!


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