97 Chapter 097: Hikigaya, why are there always beautiful girls looking for you?


The first school day after the sports festival.

Wait until school is over.

Sakura Airi quickly came to the corridor of Class B, her beautiful eyes secretly observing the classroom exit.

This sports festival.

The class points of Class D fell back to around 100 points again.

But the personal points issued in October still count the 200 points of the class points for a month.

Personal points are still enough.

Sakura Airi was excited and a bit lost at the same time.

Belonging to different classes, there really isn't much chance to meet.

Although she often hopes to meet at Keyaki Mall Shopping Center, she rarely sees Hikigaya Hachiman's figure, almost none.

Occasionally a few times on the upper floor of the dormitory, Sakura Airi really didn't have the courage to say hello.

This time.

Finally had the chance to eat together.

Sakura Airi pulled out her student card, which had a pitiful amount of just over 30,000 points.

This money,

It was what she had slowly saved up over the past half year.

Fortunately, apart from the camera she bought at the start of the school year, her expenses weren't very high. Plus, the school had quite a few free products, so if she was determined to save money, she could still manage to do so.

Among them,

20,000 needed to be returned to Hachiman.

The remaining over 10,000,

Should be enough no matter what she ate.

Sakura Airi was very confident, eagerly looking at the exit of Class B.

Just then,


A puzzled voice attracted her attention. When she turned her head, she found that Kushida Kikyo had somehow come to her side.

"Are you here for something in Class B?"

Kushida Kikyo asked with a smile on her face.

Inevitably, there was some confusion in her heart. Sakura Airi always kept quiet in class and didn't have any friends.

She actually ran to Class B, and this was the second time.

That's right, Kushida Kikyo had already learned through her strong network of connections that Sakura Airi and Horikita Suzune had come to find Hikigaya Hachiman to repay money last time.


She really couldn't understand.

How did Sakura Airi get involved with Hikigaya Hachiman?

And what was her purpose this time?

"No... nothing."

Sakura Airi lowered her head, her eyes darting around.

Although Kushida Kikyo was very gentle, for some reason, she always felt that this person was a bit scary.


Kushida Kikyo smiled sweetly, "Alright, I know quite a few friends in Class B, if Sakura needs any help, feel free to tell me."

"Thank you, no need."

Sakura Airi nodded vaguely, secretly observing Kushida Kikyo with some confusion.

She should be here to play with friends, right? She really hoped she would leave soon.

"Sakura, are you sure there's nothing wrong?"

Kushida Kikyo tilted her head and asked again.

She had a hunch in her heart that Sakura Airi was probably here to find Hikigaya to repay the money.

But she was also here to find Hikigaya Hachiman this time.

That damn Hikigaya, he dared to keep brushing her off. At first, he would reply to her messages the next day, but gradually it became every few days.


Kushida Kikyo seriously suspected.

She had been put on do not disturb mode by Hikigaya.

What the hell? He dared to brush her off?

If it weren't for the 'trustworthy, gentle, good girl' persona, Kushida Kikyo wouldn't want to deal with someone like Hikigaya.

And as a popular figure in the school, her time was indeed limited.

She hoped that Sakura Airi would be sensible this time.

Leave quickly.

Give her the opportunity first.

"No, no."

Sakura Airi weakly said, "Kushida, you can do your own thing, don't worry about me."


Both of them hoped that the other would leave quickly, but Kushida Kikyo didn't say it outright, and the two were stuck for a moment.

But Sakura Airi was indeed a bit conspicuous here.

Forget it.

Just repaying the money shouldn't be a big problem.


Kushida Kikyo nodded.

Just then, Hamaguchi Tetsuya from Class B walked out of the classroom.

"Kushida, and... Sakura?"

"Good afternoon, Hamaguchi."

Kushida Kikyo immediately put on a smile, "Sorry, I want to find Hikigaya, can you help me call him?"



Two surprised voices sounded.

Sakura Airi and Hamaguchi Tetsuya both looked at Kushida Kikyo.

"Kushida too?"

Hamaguchi Tetsuya was somewhat shocked, then turned to look at Sakura, "You should be here to find him too, right?"


Sakura Airi nodded somewhat aggrieved.

It was not easy to save enough points to have a chance to find Hikigaya, but why did she run into Kushida Kikyo?

"Alright, you guys wait a bit."

Hamaguchi Tetsuya twitched the corner of his mouth and turned back to the classroom.

Sakura Airi lowered her head, not knowing what to do, while Kushida Kikyo watched the exit of Class B with a smile.

She just hoped that Sakura Airi would pay back the money and leave quickly.

Neither of the two girls was willing to give in!


In Class B.

Hamaguchi Tetsuya, the loudspeaker, fell on the edge of the table, looking up and down at Hikigaya Hachiman with a serious face, as if he wanted to see him clearly.

"What...what are you doing?"

Hikigaya Hachiman leaned back, somewhat startled.

This person suddenly ran over to pry his desk, staring at him dead, could it be Kondo Isao, it's too scary.


Hamaguchi Tetsuya's gaze was serious: "I was just thinking, even though you don't talk much in class, why are there always beauties looking for you. I feel that I'm not much worse than you, so why doesn't anyone come to find me?"

"They come to find me for a reason, it's not what you think."

Hikigaya finally breathed a sigh of relief, realizing: "Is someone looking for me again?"

"Yes, and it's two together."

Hamaguchi Tetsuya was a bit annoyed: "Hikigaya, it's okay to be popular, but it's not so good to step on two boats."

"I've said it's not."

Hikigaya got up somewhat speechless.

Why does this guy always not listen to people's explanations, could it be that this is the commonality of Class B?

If he was popular.

How could he have been ostracized before, and even couldn't make friends, although he doesn't have friends now.

Ichinose and others who were chatting, and Himeno Yuki were also curious to look over here.

It's really embarrassing.

Hikigaya quickly got up and left the classroom, and the first thing he saw was Sakura Airi.


Sure enough, she came to pay him back, and it seemed that she was going to treat him to a meal.

Hikigaya showed a smile at the corner of his mouth.

Then he saw Kushida Kikyo with a sweet smile next to her, and Hikigaya's face suddenly became a bit disgusted.

Why is this girl here, she is really pestering me.

Hikigaya suddenly had the urge to turn around and leave, pretending not to see.

However, Kushida Kikyo did not give him this opportunity.

"Good afternoon, Hikigaya-kun."


Hikigaya exhaled lightly.

Kushida should be here to apologize to him for dinner, and Sakura Airi should be here to pay back the money and treat him to dinner.

Although a free dinner, it's a waste not to eat.

But the reasons they invited him to dinner, in Hikigaya's eyes, were not a big deal.

If he had to choose one.

Hikigaya would rather eat something casually with Sakura Airi, and really didn't want to entangle with Kushida Kikyo.

Hikigaya suddenly felt a bit troublesome.

"So, what's the matter?"


Kushida Kikyo was a bit embarrassed: "Didn't we agree on LN before, it was all because of me, that Ike and others left bad memories for Hikigaya-kun, so I always wanted to invite you to dinner as an apology."

"Just because I didn't have much time during the sports festival, I came to find you today."

Who are you fooling?

Although Kushida Kikyo's words.

It contains the meaning that you are very important because you were too busy before, but you came to find him as soon as you were busy.

But this kind of words can only deceive Yamauchi Haruki.

Like Horikita Suzune and Sakura Airi, they really came over for the first time, although Horikita Suzune changed to online transfer after exchanging contact information.

But you can also see a significant difference from it.

Hikigaya is very clear that in Kushida Kikyo's eyes, his priority is not high, even very low.

Low to the point where it is different from Sakura Airi and Horikita Suzune, and cannot spare a bit of time during the sports festival.

Although in this.

Indeed, Horikita and Sakura are lone rangers, and Kushida has too many friends, but his priority is still very low.

It's really too pretentious.

"No need, it's not a big deal."

Hikigaya just wanted to refuse, and quickly get away.

"I'm just apologizing, just inviting Hikigaya-kun to dinner."

Kushida Kikyo suddenly raised her voice, attracting curious baby Shibata and others, and then she whispered in a low voice:

"Can't it?"


Upon hearing this, Sakura Airi was about to cry.

Why does Kushida also want to invite Hikigaya to dinner, and what is the apology?

Although it's very curious.

But Sakura Airi really didn't dare to speak up, standing there like a wronged little wife.

"Eh, what's going on?"

Hearing the voice, a group of people from Class B came out.

Shibata looked at Kushida's sad face and frowned:

"Hikigaya, how did you make a girl cry again..."


Hikigaya weakly defended himself.

When did he ever make a girl cry? He was always the one being mocked and bullied by girls, wasn't he?


Ichinose looked at the two of them and asked considerately, "Can you tell me what happened?"


Kushida Kikyo apologetically explained the incident on the cruise ship.

After all, it was just a misunderstanding by Ike Kanji and others, there was no need to hide it, but the instigator was indeed Kushida Kikyo.

"I see..."

Ichinose thought for a while and looked at Hikigaya.

It seemed that she wanted to stand up for him.

"Hikigaya, you really don't care about Sudou's questioning, do you?"

"Yes, I don't care at all."

Hikigaya said seriously.

As expected of Ichinose, she really was a good leader. Right now, he just wanted to get rid of Kushida Kikyo quickly.

"Kushida, that's what he said"

Ichinose nodded and looked at Kushida with a smile, "So Kushida, you don't have to worry about this at all."


Kushida shook her head, covering her heart with a guilty face:

"It's all because of me that Hikigaya was misunderstood by Yamauchi and others. The rare cruise trip also left a bad memory for Hikigaya. Even if Hikigaya doesn't care, I still feel a bit guilty."

Damn it.

My worst memory right now is you.

Hikigaya stared at this pretentious bad woman with his dead fish eyes.

"So, I just want to invite Hikigaya to dinner as an apology now."

Kushida Kikyo met Hikigaya's gaze and quickly changed her tone to a slightly self-deprecating one:

"Did I cause you trouble?"


Just as Hikigaya was about to speak, he heard Ichinose say:

"That's right, Kushida is really gentle,"


Ichinose suddenly stood on Kushida Kikyo's side:

"Although you seem to not care, Kushida seems to have been keeping this matter in mind. It's just a meal, and you don't seem to have anything to do after school, why not go with her?"


Such kindness can easily be exploited by people with ulterior motives.

Hikigaya saw a hint of cunning in Kushida Kikyo's guilty eyes.

This despicable woman.

Kushida Kikyo looked at Hikigaya with expectant eyes.

Little girl, you still want to fight with me!

"That's right, Hikigaya, if you have something to do, you can wait until tomorrow to say it."

"It's just a meal, don't hesitate."

A group of people from Class B also hurriedly echoed, standing on Kushida Kikyo's side.

This guy.

She seemed to be very good at using her popularity.

Looking at the performance around him, Hikigaya felt a bit helpless.

He was really not good at dealing with this kind of interpersonal communication, especially with women like Kushida Kikyo.

It seemed that no matter when,

He was always on the side with fewer people.

If you didn't know, you might think that Kushida Kikyo was a member of Class B.


Hikigaya stared at Kushida Kikyo with his dead fish eyes.


He wouldn't give in easily.

"That... Airi."

Hikigaya turned his head to look at Sakura Airi and said, "Didn't you say last time that you wanted to treat me to a meal? Let's go together?"

There are other people here.

No matter what kind of persona you want to establish, it will be limited by the persona.

As long as there are outsiders,

Kushida Kikyo can't be too pretentious.

Otherwise, rumors like "Kushida has someone she likes" might spread the next day.

This is for Kushida who wants to be friends with everyone.

It should be something absolutely unacceptable.

Although it feels a bit embarrassing to use Sakura Airi in this way, it can only be so for the time being.

Later, apologize to Sakura Airi.


Kushida Kikyo was slightly stunned for a moment, turning her head to look at Sakura with some confusion.

Isn't it about paying back the money, why do you have to invite to dinner?

But Kushida Kikyo couldn't ask too much detail.

Otherwise, she would be labeled as a 'big mouth that gossips everywhere'.

So, Kushida had to say: "Is that so?"


Sakura Airi's face was full of grievances.

The personal points that were hard to save up, turned out to be three people, and they were with the inexplicably scary Kushida Kikyo.

But she has run away twice in a row.

If she continues to push to the next time, she is afraid that it will leave a bad impression on Hikigaya Hachiman.


Sakura Airi weakly nodded her head.

"Then let's go."

Hikigaya Hachiman put the single shoulder bag on his shoulder and turned to leave, with Kushida Kikyo and Sakura Airi following him.

Airi-chan, I'm really sorry.

He will definitely thank Airi-chan for her help, if there is anyone to blame, it can only be blamed on Kushida Kikyo, the big devil.


Hamaguchi Tetsuya looked at the backs of the three leaving and nodded.

"I found out, Hikigaya, must be a fool."

"Um, I think so too."

Some boys echoed and nodded.

It's really too stupid.

If it were them, they would definitely choose Kushida Kikyo, and Sakura Airi's meal could be eaten later.

You can eat two meals!

Now it's actually three people together.

There must be no chance of progress now.

"Hikigaya is not stupid."

Ichinose looked back and smiled and explained: "This shows that Hikigaya is broad-minded and kind-hearted, and he doesn't take Kushida's apology and Sakura's gratitude to heart, so he wants to efficiently get over these things all at once."

"That should be the case."

Some boys echoed and nodded.

It can only be explained this way.

But in the eyes of boys, it's really too stupid.

What a good opportunity!

Unless Hikigaya has some special fetish, why doesn't he know how to cherish it.

On the other side.

Himeno Yuki also couldn't help but show a satisfied smile.

Obviously, whether it's Kushida Kikyo or Sakura Airi, Hikigaya doesn't put them in his heart.


Hikigaya is a big idiot.

She still agrees quite a bit.


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