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Anyway, I'm Hikigaya Hachiman. For some inexplicable reason, I'll be separated from my sister Komachi for three long years. I received an acceptance letter from Advanced Nurturing High School. Frankly, I didn't want to go because it means being away from Komachi. Unfortunately, my parents are threatening to kick me out and stop supporting me. So, I had no choice but to accept the admission to Advanced Nurturing High School. Goodbye for now, Komachi, my dear sister. This is a translation from Chinese fanfiction 实教:比企谷的实力至上教室!

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Chapter 058: Ryuen: Ichinose, who is the person behind you?

The next day, August 8th.

The exam is over, Hikigaya rested in the dormitory for a whole day, and then it's the wonderful time on the cruise ship.

Naturally, it's impossible.

Anyway, even if it's a holiday, he doesn't want to go to places with many people.

Probably the same as before, find a deserted place in the coffee shop on the rooftop to spend leisurely.

In the early morning.

Hikigaya finished washing and was about to go out.

"Eh? Hikigaya, can you wait for us a bit too."

Shibata, who was getting dressed, said somewhat helplessly.

"Eh? Why?"

Hikigaya turned his head back in surprise.

He didn't remember having any appointments with these guys.


Shibata was also stunned, and after a while, he reacted: "Aren't we are going to the celebration banquet?"

Celebration banquet


I don't know.

"He probably didn't look at the group chat."

Seeing Hikigaya's bewildered state, Kanzaki, who had just walked out of the bathroom, looked like he understood.


Watanabe also nodded: "Then Hikigaya, you wait a bit, let's go together."

How can you decide for me without authorization.

Hikigaya took out his mobile phone and took a look. Indeed, there was a message from Ichinose, but he didn't see it because he fell asleep last night.

"No need, I have something else to do, so I won't go."

Hikigaya raised his hand to refuse

"You're not going to the celebration banquet?"

Shibata was even more stunned.

Perhaps in his cognition, not attending the celebration banquet is something difficult to understand, and one can imagine that Shibata's past must have been quite fulfilling.

"That's right."

Watanabe also stood up and continued: "It's a rare celebration banquet, everyone celebrates together, what can't be pushed back?"

"No need, you guys have fun."

Ignoring their enthusiastic invitation, Hikigaya raised his hand and turned around to leave.


He didn't know what to do even if he went, he could only sit on the side and eat snacks frantically

And it will only make the atmosphere worse,

It's also very sorry for them who want to hold a celebration banquet.

Moreover, the celebration banquet is mostly paid for by the class's point, and he has not handed in private points, so it feels a bit inappropriate.

Leaving behind several people looking at each other, Watanabe sighed: "Although I don't want to say it, I feel that Hikigaya is not very gregarious.

No one wants to keep putting a hot face on a cold ass.

To be able to persist until now, it is almost to the limit.

"Don't say that."

Shibata patted his shoulder and laughed: "Hikigaya should have some reasons, I feel that he should have some knots, as classmates, we should also be more understanding."

"Well, I have no opinion on this.

Watanabe nodded.

"It's a Pity."

Kanzaki was also a bit helpless: "If he is willing to speak out, we can also think of some ways."


The other two sighed and nodded. Shibata then changed the topic: "Okay, let's go to the celebration banquet together."


In the restaurant on the first floor of the cruise ship.

"Hi there, Shibata, Kanzaki, Watanabe!"

"Really, you boys are so slow!"

Seeing Shibata and others walk into the restaurant, Ichinose and others came up with a smile.

"I'm sorry."

Shibata laughed and explained: "By the way, Hikigaya seems to have something to do and can't come, let me tell everyone."

Kanzaki and Watanabe on the side did not refute either.

In any case, the people in Class B are all acting with goodwill.

"I knew about this just now."

Ichinose picked up her phone and smiled: "Then let's start."

She had also received contact from Hikigaya just now. Although it was a day late, he would not be negligent in these work etiquette.

But Ichinose and others must also have a number in their hearts, and several people came to the table.


Ichinose raised her glass, and a joyful smile appeared at the corner of her mouth: "For our uninhabited island exam to get the first place, cheers~"


The people in Class B raised their glasses joyfully together.

This is the result they achieved together.


One person is missing.


It's time to chat happily and enjoy the food.

"We are only 208 points away, and we can be promoted to Class A!"

"Yeah, what does Honami-chan want to do after graduation?"

"After graduation, I want to work at HARBS, and then open my own dessert shop to make my family live a better life!"

"That's great, or I will work with Honami-chan after graduation!"

"No, no, the rare freedom of career choice, everyone still has to think about their future."

"But, I just want to be with Honami-chan."

"Me too, me too~"

A group of girls gathered around Ichinose.

As for the future, they have never thought about it, at least now staying by Ichinose's side is the happiest thing.

As for the boys, well, they're chatting.


Just at this moment,

The door of the restaurant was rudely pushed open.

Ryuen walked in with Kaneda and a group of younger brothers, and the people in Class B immediately quieted down.


Ichinose came forward with a sweet smile: "I'm sorry, we booked this restaurant today, do you have anything to do here?

Shibata and others also stood behind her one after another, confronting Ryuen.

"Don't be so nervous.

Ryuen lifted Kaneda's collar with one hand and said coldly: "According to Kaneda, he was provoked and induced by a guy named Hikigaya, which made me write the name Hikigaya Hachiman as a leader."


Ryuen stared into Ichinose's eyes, trying to see the flaws in her eyes, and said coldly:

"Provoking and inducing others, I think this is something Ichinose you wouldn't do, who taught you?"

Kaneda, who was half-suspended in the air, was trembling.

Now he realized that he must have been provoked by Hikigaya.

In the end,

H is no longer finding the leader, but hoping that the leader of Class B is Hikigaya Hachiman.

He want to retaliate.

He want to see this despicable guy being despised by his companions.

Such a disgusting method.

This seriously affected his judgment.

"That's just Ryuen underestimating me, isn't it?"

Although somewhat puzzled, Ichinose still faced it calmly: "Although I don't like some small tricks, I will lie when necessary."

"Is that so?"

Ryuen sneered, glanced at the people behind him, "But the group of miscellaneous fish behind you doesn't seem to think so, it seems that you are not aware of it."

"Come! Stand up and let me see what kind of person Hikigaya Hachiman is?"

Ryuen's eyes were sharp, and his gaze swept over everyone.


At this moment, the people in Class B were shocked.

Originally thought that this exam was the result of everyone's concerted efforts, unexpectedly someone was silently contributing behind the scenes.

"Not coming out?"

Ryuen sneered, and once again raised Kaneda in his hand: "Kaneda, who is the guy who makes you hate and even change my plan without authorization?"

"No...not there...he's not there."

Kaneda had difficulty breathing and said with a painful face.


Ryuen was stunned for a moment, but soon sneered disdainfully:

"It's really something you can make the greatest contributor didn't participate in the celebration banquet. Is this the friendship of Class B, it's really eye-opening."

No matter what caused it, anyway, first ridicule and pull hatred, it's good to mess up the mentality of Class B.

The whole class was unaware.

That must be Hikigaya Hachiman's unilateral idea.

It's meaningless to stay.


"Since you got the first place, it's not a bad thing to celebrate. I wish you guys have fun."

"But it's on the premise of abandoning the greatest contributor."

Ryuen laughed loudly, and calmly turned around and left with a group of younger brothers behind him.

The group of people in Class B couldn't laugh at all.

Originally thought that even if Hikigaya didn't want to participate, they didn't have to insist, but now they can't celebrate well.

Unexpectedly, the hero was thrown aside, and they celebrated here with peace of mind.

Many people only felt ashamed in their hearts.


Shiranami Chihiro, the leader, said somewhat ashamed: "Did Hikigaya do something behind the scenes?"

"I'm not very clear either."

Ichinose also showed an embarrassed smile, and then dared to cheer up:

"But this also shows that Hikigaya has been considering for the class, and next we just need to bring him back~"

"Then I'll go."

"I'm going too, I'm going too!"

A group of people raised their hands to echo, wanting to eliminate the shame in their hearts.

"But, he probably won't come, right?"

Kanzaki frowned and said the reality.


Shibata and others looked at each other and nodded.

No matter how you think about it, Hikigaya is not the kind of person who would attend this kind of celebration banquet.

"Then I'll go.

At this time, Himeno Yuki raised her hand: "Although I haven't talked to him much, but we are in the same club and sit at the same table, it should have some effect, probably?"


Ichinose thought for a while and nodded: "Then I'll trouble you, Yuki-chan. Remember to contact us anytime if you have any difficulties."

"I know, leave it to me."

"He seemed to have been in the café on the top floor all the time. Himeno-san, you can go there and check."


Himeno Yuki quickly turned around and left the restaurant.

Damn it,

What on earth is going on

Even she felt a bit guilty in her heart, she could abandon the meritorious service and enjoy it here with peace of mind, although she didn't want to participate in it very much.


On the other side,

Top floor café.

'Could it be a ghost? What is it, it's so scary.'

Hikigaya looked around nervously, looking around.

That's right,

There can be no mistake.

Absolutely no mistake.

From the moment he stepped on this cruise ship, he always felt that someone was watching him, but he couldn't find anyone every time.

What's this, it's too scary.

Shouldn't it be, has his low presence finally reached the level of a ghost?

Do ghosts really exist in the world?


What a joke.

Hikigaya sat in his seat, thinking.

The tracking started before the exam, or maybe earlier,

It's just that he was always two points and one line when he was in school, and occasionally went to the library to borrow books.

There are too many people in the school, he might not have found it.

After thinking for a long time.

Hikigaya couldn't figure it out, who would target him.

He shouldn't have done anything to make people hate him to this extent.


On the other side,

"I didn't even attend the victory celebration banquet, As expected I'm here again."

Kushida Kikyo lay behind the wall, the sweet smile at the corner of her mouth was terrifying.

She has been tracking this him for some time.

It's just that when he was in school, this guy was always two points and one line, and there was basically no convenient opportunity to contact him.

But stepping on the cruise ship.

Hikigaya has been in the café on the top floor except for sleeping, and occasionally goes down to eat something.

His behavior pattern has been completely mastered by her.

Thinking about it,

Kushida Kikyo grinned.

Now is the time, it's time to make this despicable guy pay the price.

A big price

Even if some people are not interested in her gentleness, they will not refuse for the sake of face.

Only this despicable man, Hikigaya Hachiman.

He dared to play her!

When the two become friends, she must expose Hikigaya's dark history to the whole school, and then save this guy.

Let Hikigaya live in a fake life forever.


Thinking of this, Kushida Kikyo was a bit excited, how desperate Hikigaya would be if he knew he was being deceived in the end.


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