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A man reincarnated in a strange and unknown world. The moon was red and he had a sword that seemed about to break in his hand. And the sword... did it speak? Follow the story of this man on his way to become the best swordsman in a world of terror and madness. I do not own the cover, I have no problem if the author wants me to change it. I'm still practicing English, so it would be good for you to correct any mistakes I make. Other websites: -Royal Road: https://www.royalroad.com/profile/308708 -Scribble Hub: https://www.scribblehub.com/profile/97000/paragondaoofbs/

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I'm Human

Chapter 60: I'm Human

"What do you mean by that?" William was surprised by the question.

Anna remained expressionless.

"During the previous Epochs, ordinary people were constantly dying due to altercations between Beyonders. Many wanted to gain power simply to survive, perhaps to protect loved ones." She explained. "However, nowadays the Beyonders are under surveillance by the churches, there are rarely large-scale conflicts."

This made William's eyebrows raise.

"Although you can increase your power by entering the world of the supernatural, you will live a life of constant risk and loneliness. Do you think it is worth it, Captain?"

Her voice never wavered, but just as she was, bathed in the moonlight, her figure gave off a melancholic and distant air. There was no one else on deck, and the sound of the waves was calming, but the atmosphere held a certain tension.

William was silent for a few seconds before answering.

"Actually, at first it was out of ignorance." He said.

Anna didn't answer this, because that wasn't the question she had asked, and they both knew it.

"If I have to describe it in any way, by the time I realized it, I was already completely immersed in it." William continued. "I've only been at this for a short time, but I've already lost someone I could consider a friend."

"And don't you think it would be better to stop? The higher you go, the more you will lose. You know that, right?" Anna tilted her head curiously.

William pursed his lips and looked at the sky.

"That's right. However, something inside me tells me that if I don't continue down this path, I won't like the outcome. Don't you feel the same way?"

This time it was Anna who was silent for a few seconds.

"So it's all based on instinct?" She questioned. "I thought it would be something more logical."

This made William laugh lightly. He approached Anna and looked deeply into her eyes.

"Going against logic is my way of remembering that I'm human. You should try it sometime." He chuckled again and walked away towards the cabin.

Behind him, Anna stood until William disappeared, all the while looking at his back.


The next day, everyone woke up and went to breakfast.

'She's still here...' William was stunned to see that Anna was still with them.

Of course, it was quite obvious that she was not a Sequence 8 Beyonder, she was probably some old monster from ancient times. William had assumed that after last night's talk, she would disappear, because that's how mysterious, ancient monsters usually act, but for some reason, she was still on the ship.

Although, in fact, something had changed about her.

"Captain, here it goes." Anna smiled as she tried to feed William with a fork.

The Deacon candidate looked at her as if he were contemplating the vicissitudes of life.

"Wha..." He couldn't finish speaking, because somehow the food had appeared in his mouth.

'Were these two always so close?' Arthur was speechless. 'As expected of 'Him', 'He' can even pick up girls he doesn't know after just one night.'

William didn't know how to react for a moment, but he quickly regained his composure and decided to ignore the fuckery.

"Today the ship will stop in Bansy Harbor until tomorrow, it seems they have to resupply." He announced to the other two.

"Bansy? I've heard some nasty rumors from that place." Arthur suddenly seemed happy to be able to contribute something.

"Is that so? What do they say?" William looked at him, trying to stop Anna from continuing to feed him.

"Legend has it that more than five hundred soldiers who had been deployed by Loen's army disappeared in this place. Later, many human bones appeared on nearby coasts." He told the story he had heard. "It also appears that the ancient natives had a tradition of cannibalism, based on the murals and paintings that have been found."

The trouble alarm was already ringing in William's head before Arthur could finish his first sentence.

'We haven't even reached the Southern Continent...' He absentmindedly ate from the fork Anna held out to him, he had accepted his fate.


Sure enough, a few hours later they arrived at Bansy Harbor.

The weather suddenly changed. Strong gales arose and rain poured down.

'What is this feeling?' William felt an abnormal aura coming from the island. 'I'm sure I've felt it before...'

It wasn't night yet, but the rain would be bothersome, so they decided to stay on board until it let up.


Short chapter, but well it'd be weird to stop in the middle of anything else.