26 Chapter 26 Buying Jade

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"Jade? Mr. Lin, do you have a connection for jade?" Hang Lee's eyes lit up as he hastily asked.

Just now, he was thinking that it would be great if the other party had a source for jade.

"I can get various types of jade from a friend of mine. I'm just not clear on what type of jade to procure that would be more profitable." Lin Yun gave a slight smile and responded.

"Various types of jade?" Hang Lee's eyes widened with excitement.

Listening to Lin Yun's tone, it seemed that Lin Yun's friend had some considerable influence.

He already considered Lin Yun to be the offspring of a powerful family, and associated Lin Yun's friend with someone of Lin Yun's caliber, which made him extremely excited. If he could secure a stable source of jade, won't his jewelry and gold shop be a guarantee for success?


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