10 Chapter 10 Powerful Power Bank

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"Because without a good brand for headphones, pricing is difficult. So, I've decided to establish the brand through the power bank. With a power bank, the data is exactly as it appears, clear and straightforward..." Lin Yun nodded and responded.

"With that, the data you provided about your power bank, is it true?" Zhao Zhun inhaled sharply and questioned.

"Not that I don't trust you..."

No sooner had this sentence left Zhao Zhun's lips, than he realized the implication. He felt somewhat embarrassed and hurriedly added an explanation.

"Heh, the power bank data I provided is indeed a bit exaggerated. It's no wonder you have doubts, Zhao. That's why I have produced these headphones," Lin Yun cheerfully responded.

"All right, Zhao, your phone is fully charged now. You can test it out to see if the battery life is satisfactory."

Before Zhao Zhun could respond, Lin Yun gestured towards the phone on the counter.

In the short time they had been speaking, the power bank had already fully charged Zhao Zhun's phone.

"This... it's fully charged already?" Zhao Zhun looked at his phone's battery and saw that it indeed showed full power. He took a deep breath.

It had only been what, six or seven minutes?

In the next moment, Zhao Zhun instinctively looked at the power level on the power bank itself.

Surprisingly, the number reading only fell from 75% to 73%.

"I forgot to mention, the power bank's capacity is calculated the same way as most smartphones in the market. Each milliampere-hour represents exactly that, with none of the usual exaggerations commonly seen. Hence, the 100,000 mAh is accurately represented." Noticing Zhao Zhun's attention, Lin Yun laughed and continued.

On the market, many power banks and smartphone batteries calculate capacity differently, including those from major brands.

A 10,000 mAh power bank, when converted to a phone battery's capacity, may only yield 6,000-7,000 mAh, which could still be considered good.

This doesn't even take into account the energy losses during the charging process. If you add that in, a 10,000 mAh power bank can only charge a 3,000 mAh phone twice at most, and that is a generous estimation.

The power bank Lin Yun custom-produced, however, genuinely held 100,000 mAh. On top of that, due to its extraterrestrial technology, the charging technique was incredibly efficient with virtually no energy loss during charging. A phone with a 3,000 mAh battery could be fully charged thirty-three times at least.

"No exaggeration?" Hearing Lin Yun's addition, Zhao Zhun's complexion changed once more.

Without any exaggeration, the power bank's capacity grew even more impressive. According to unwritten rules, since calculations vary, a 10,000 mAh power bank only contains 6,000-7,000 mAh. If this power bank genuinely held 100,000 mAh, how terrifying would that be?

Wouldn't that be the equivalent of a regular 150,000 mAh power bank?

"This power bank can charge multiple phones simultaneously. You can try it with several phones, Zhao. This way, you can quickly assess its capacity. You'll find out I'm not bluffing. Then, you can also test these charged phones for any issues..." Lin Yun paused before continuing.

"How much does this power bank cost?" Zhao Zhun nodded and inquired.

The power bank data that Lin Yun provided could be easily tested. The next thing was Lin Yun's selling price...

If Lin Yun's price was too high, it would complicate matters.

"Zhao, how much do you think this power bank should cost?" Lin Yun pondered and asked.

"That's hard to say. Conventionally, a fast-charging 10,000 mAh power bank retails for around 100 yuan, with wholesale prices around 50 yuan. Usually, the price increment is less than the corresponding capacity increment. But your power bank's compact size and light weight are significant advantages, not to mention its charging speed is nearly ten times that of regular power banks..." Zhao Zhun reasoned.

"In normal circumstances, if you were to set the wholesale price of this power bank at 1000 yuan, it wouldn't be unreasonable. However, a power bank is an accessory item after all. Even a phone doesn't cost that much, so the amount users are willing to invest in a power bank probably isn't much..." Zhao Zhun's analysis, after a pause, continued.

Undoubtedly, Zhao Zhun's vast experience in electronic wholesale paid off, resulting in comprehensive analysis.

"You're right, Zhao. I plan on putting a wholesale price of 180 yuan on each power bank." Lin Yun nodded, replying.

"Wholesale price, one hundred and eighty yuan?" Zhao Zhun exclaimed surprisedly.

Wasn't this price too low?

"Actually, the products from my friend's laboratory are not just limited to power banks and earphones. This power bank is just a brand-building product, so it only needs fast brand spreading, not high profits," Lin Yun laughed.

"So, that's how it is," Zhao Zhun realized.

It was common for a business to put profits aside for quickly securing the market and building a brand.

In many industries, substantial money was initially poured in to scare off competitors, right up to the point where competitors were too weak to strike back.

Compared to that, it was already quite good not to lose money and be able to quickly dominate the market.

"The power bank, the product you chose is good. As you've said, the data of this kind of product is obviously good or not...it is not the case with earphones..." Zhao Zhun thought for a moment and said.

Although the earphones Lin Yun brought were excellent, he had never heard any earphone better than that one, he had to admit that the pricing of earphones was quite vague.

How good did the sound quality warrant? How much was it worth? That was a difficult question to answer!

"You can test the data of this power bank first, brother Zhao. If you're willing to take it, I will bring a thousand units later. You don't need to pay now, just give me the money after you've sold them," Lin Yun nodded and said.

"Of course, who wouldn't want such a good power bank? You can bring those thousand power banks," Zhao Zhun laughed heartily.

At this time, he trusted Lin Yun completely. The power bank's appearance and the charging speed it displayed just now, the wholesale price that Lin Yun set wasn't high at all.

Moreover, Lin Yun even let him inspect and take the goods first, and only pay after selling them. He found no problems at all.

"This power bank..."

Subsequently, Lin Yun gave Zhao Zhun detailed information about the power bank, and then left.

Lin Yun didn't leave the Golden Dragon Building, instead, he went to the eighth floor.

Here, the Cosmic Trading System absorbed spiritual energy very quickly. Since spiritual energy was money, it would be a foolish move to leave.

"Boss, I have contacted the packaging boxes you asked me to. They have begun production now. Approximately, in one day, three thousand units can be produced..."

Soon, Ding Wei called, saying cheerfully.

"Three thousand units per day, isn't that a little less? Check if they can increase the production. If they can't, contact other factories. Besides, when they have produced a thousand boxes, send them to Brother Zhao at the Golden Dragon Building," Lin Yun contemplated, and then said.

These boxes were for power banks packaging. Star Blue only produced power banks, not the packaging, as both power banks and packaging boxes were categorized as low-leveled production. The cost and difficulty of producing the packaging boxes were not much different from producing the power banks, making the price of packaging boxes quite high. So, he didn't let Star Blue produce them.

Although he was currently only asking Star Blue to produce a thousand power banks, he believed once these power banks went on market, they would definitely explode in popularity. Hence, the assembly of three thousand boxes per day might not be enough.

"Alright, Boss," Ding Wei agreed immediately.

He had delivered goods to Zhao Zhun before, so, he was aware who his boss was referring to as Brother Zhao.

Two hours later, Lin Yun left the Golden Dragon Building and took a cab to Cheng Zhong Village. In his vacant factory, he took out the remaining power banks from the trading space.

Then, he put the power banks into a large box, and took a taxi back to the Golden Dragon Building.

"Lin Yun, your power bank is fantastic. After charging up twenty-five mobile phone batteries, the power bank was finally depleted. I have checked the charged batteries, and all of them perform as good as new..." Seeing Lin Yun arrive, Zhao Zhun instantly rushed forward, and exclaimed excitedly, "Moreover, I found that this power bank only needs an hour to be fully charged..."

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