Cosmic Professional Gladiator

In 2036, mankind steps foot on Mars for the first time. In 2052, Earth holds the first World Martial Arts Tournament, a global martial arts competition watched by the entire planet. Top professional gladiator, “Spear Demon” Xu Jingming, retires at the prime age of 26 with a body ridden with injuries. One day, the United Nations announces that mankind would be ushering in a new era for human evolution. Advanced technology had been found on Mars, a secret kept to this day. Research had been carried out to use science to augment human evolution. All of mankind can now evolve themselves by partaking in this VR experience using the freely distributed VR headset. How will Xu Jingming use this opportunity for all mankind to his advantage?

I Eat Tomatoes · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
813 Chs

Hellion Origin Lifeforms (1)

Translator: CKtalon

Xu Jingming used the Primordial Battle Armor to draw upon the Cosmic Force and found it infinite. He extended a finger from his right hand, and an incomparably hot and dazzling ball of light condensed at the tip of his finger. The Cosmic Force contained in it was already the limit of Xu Jingming's mental strength.


With a thought, the ball of light turned into a dazzling beam of light. The beam penetrated the cosmos and flew for more than seven million kilometers before dimming and dissipating.

"Nine, comments on this move?" Xu Jingming asked.

"Master," Primordial Battle Armor #9's AI replied, "although you can mobilize a large amount of Cosmic Force with the battle armor, your control is too crude and inefficient. The pure might of this move can only be considered as reaching the threshold of Lv. 10! In actual combat, a Lv. 9 Origin lifeform with some actual combat experience can easily dodge it."

Xu Jingming nodded slightly.