516 Alien Races (3)

Translator: CKtalon

Over there, they would enjoy a tenfold increase in their assets! The competition wasn't that intense. After all, each habitable planet could only accept a maximum of 30 million migrants.

"Earth is the civilization's home planet after all." Li Miaomiao sat in the courtyard and said to her husband, "Everyone knows that Earth's civilization will become stronger in the future. Many people are willing to build their lives on Earth. The migrant planets… probably won't hit the 30 million number each."

"30 million people is the highest limit. In fact, having a few million people in the first batch is enough for development." Xu Jingming tapped the projection and watched spaceships hover above Earth. Many humans were carrying their luggage as they were sent into the spaceships.

"The conditions for migration are very good, and it's all voluntary," Li Miaomiao commented. "Everyone is allowed to register voluntarily in the virtual world, so it's quite stable."


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