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[You are now the Editor] The administrator said in a proud tone "Okay... so what exactly are my duties as the Editor, I doubt I have to review people's work" [That's the simple part, you edit] "What?... I just edit, what does that even mean" [That is up to you to figure out] ... What do you do when you are given phenomenal power and authority over what is possibly, all of creation. Armed with a literal omniscient being as a servant. Facing an unknown event prophesized to possibly end all life. Follow as David uses his newfound power and authority to survive and also save as many people as he can. ==== Please do not forget to leave a review so I can improve my writing

king_frosh · Fantasy
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72 Chs

I'm Overpowered


Editable Object: Vivo Y15s?

Durability: ???


  A device created by the Editor. A device capable of untold things, possessing an unquantifiable amount of processing power, unlimited storage, and other unknown capabilities


Nous: an omniscient being capable of the unknown and all things. Artificial intelligence created by the editor houses knowledge known and unknown.

Life bringer: grants eternal life to whoever equips the device.

Never Lost: It will always return to its owner if lost or misplaced.

  As a creation of the editor, the device and all its components are fiercely loyal to the Editor. Any attempts at insubordination shall result in automatic deletion from reality.

Cost: 20 years.


  Yes, David planned to create an omniscient artificial intelligence. If there was anything he knew he needed the most, or he would need the most during the event or even before the event, it would be information.

  Information that an omniscient A.I. would have in abundance, as well as the fact that it granted immortality. It's simple; he was the editor. Who said that he couldn't mix things up and give himself both abilities? Now, whenever he was on his phone, he was immortal.

"20 years?" David stated this while looking at the cost of editing.

  He wasn't one bit surprised that it would cost him that much; in fact, David had expected the cost to be higher considering that the features of the new device wouldn't just give him an Omniscient Slave. It will also grant him immortality.

  Without any hesitation and with a wide smile on his face, David clicked the 'Accept' icon as he felt something leave his body. He felt as though someone had sucked away all the energy in his body, and he immediately fell on his bed.

  Though all the energy or stamina in him was lost, he didn't lose consciousness; he simply lay there and watched as the phone floated into the air by some magical means and everything... Every single thing within view slowly came to a halt.

  The ceiling fan froze, and the dust particles that were usually too fast for the naked eye to see even under direct sunlight now stood completely still. It was weird, but it was what it was; the only things moving were possibly him, the phone, which had been disassembled, and possibly photon particles since he could still see.

  The disassembled phone slowly melted into some black liquid-like substance and began squirming around as it assumed form after form and continued changing until it finally settled on a ring shape. His phone had somehow turned into a ring.

"Well, that's not what I expected," David thought as he looked at the ring, which looked a bit too normal for his liking.

  As soon as the ring was fully formed, the environment returned to normal, the blades of the ceiling fan began to move again, and the frozen dust particles in the ray of sunlight began to move again. Everything was back to normal.

  The ring in question slowly flew into David's finger, and almost immediately he felt life return to his body again as he immediately sat up properly on his bed. The extreme fatigue he once felt was miraculously nowhere to be seen.

"Am I really allowed this sort of power?" David said it out loud as he looked at his body over and over again.

  It had cost him twenty (20) years of his life, but he now had immortality and an A.I. that would probably make it seem as though he had some sort of easier start compared to the others. Turning to his mirror, David looked at himself to see if there were any changes, and surprisingly, there were none.

"Wait? Doesn't this make removing the ring my weakness?" David reasoned, since even he was afraid of removing the ring from his finger.

"At least I know it will always return to me if misplaced," David thought as he began to examine the ring.

  There was really nothing abnormal about the ring. It looked just like a normal ring, and it felt like one too, even on his finger, which also led to the problem he was facing now. How to activate the ring?

"Activate!" David shouted while striking a pose.

  He immediately covered and hid his face from the mirror after such a shameful act, but was still happy he did it anyway. Who didn't want to become a power ranger?


  A massive screen suddenly appeared before him, with the words written in bold and spread across it. David, seeing the screen, jumped in surprise but calmed down almost as quickly.

  He reached out to touch the screen, but he couldn't feel its presence in the space before him. His hand just passed right through the screen, blinking, and the screen disappeared. When he rubbed his eyes to see if he was seeing things or not, the screen reappeared.

"Wait? Is this augmented reality?" David asked, noticing how somewhat familiar the screen and situation were.

  With that thought in mind, David hoped to interact with the screen, and surprisingly, his finger didn't pass through this time; instead, he managed to tap on the 'next' icon on the screen.

[Would you like to proceed with calibration and tutorials?] The second screen read, and David clicked on 'Yes'

  In doing so, David began going through a series of tests to calibrate his eye and hand movements with the ring's system. It took him through a regular set of screens that basically everyone with a phone or a VR headset had done before.

  There was truly nothing special about it; however, David noticed something even before calibration. The ring was already way too good at tracking his movement; it had literally performed according to his intentions just now. In simple terms, the ring was incredibly easy to use. 

"Well, the measure of any advanced technology is how easy it is to use," David thought as he gave a shrug and then focused back on the screens.

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