Reviews of Corridor's of Insanity


Corridor's of Insanity

Penias siyingwa

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I have read a few military genres before but this is definitely worth my time, the author has a different and unique prospective of writing. I recommend this🙌🏽🖤

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its really cool. and its my first time reading something like this. and its really really awesone. I think everyone should try this✨💜 you are doing nice dear author✨💜


The synopsis is extremely interesting. Captivating story from the beginning, cant wait for more uploads. Characters are relatable and I grew fond of them as the story developed. Well written and easy to read. Excellent novel, well done. [img=recommend]


This is great! Although I rarely read military works, this drew me in lol. The issue with this is the punctuations and spacing. Like I said in chapter one, u don't put full stops were they are meant to be and the same could be said for the commas. Also, try paragraphing your works. Sometimes, a long paragraph just distracts the reader and makes them lost. All in all, this is a great novel🥰


This is different from all the stories I have ever come across or happened to read on this platform but it is nonetheless still a very stunning read, not normally my genre but wow this story is great, no buttkissing or anything, you should totally try it out, I'd totally recommend this book


I feel this book deserves an award and I have a huge crush on the author too, I love the main character and how the story developed, it only shows the professionalism of the writer. I love how the blurb got me addicted to the story.


For the first time I read this type of genre, the synopsis was not wrong. I have been attentive and excited to read every story in this novel. There are few stories that put me this way. I'm very fascinated! Keep it up!


Here u go readers and authors! I higly recommend this book to all of you as the author puts all his love into it. The description is very well written as well as the characters and world development. It was such a good read for me and I hope u give this a try! It's another masterpiece!❤❤❤ Lovelots, Cie-Lbitch(Ciieee<3)


Short story collections are a really underused method of writing, and I'm really glad that you tried it out, it really makes it such a unique reading experience! Each story is written really well and I can't really pick a favorite out of them!


I've read very few military novels but this one captured my attention. The author's way of writing is very unique I loved it. Overall this story is very interesting and something I would recommend for others to read.


Great book well written. The concept genre is amazing and the way the story is described and the characters are introduced is interesting. I like the book over all... Great work keep it author.


Incredible, the overall has it all seriously I like how the way you came up to a serious concept specially the military genre's, I'll keep in touch with your book maybe I can get more action tips from yours to be inserted in mine also, nice well done Author, nice well done indeed.


Awesome! The synopsis, cover, language they are all mind blowing. The stories are so well written it makes you keep reading all the time. The descriptions in the first one are so meticulously crafted that I actually, effortlessly pictured everything happening before my eyes. This is such a great piece of work. Highly recommended one. The author is doing a great job! Cheers to the author!


I still haven't read any military genres but I can say this one won't disappoint me and I am right! The stories are pretty amazing and interesting. The characters have their own different traits and it's pretty amazing enough for me since it's hard to write different characters with different personalities. Kudos to the author who came up with this idea! Highly recommended! Even if you're not into the war/military genre, you should give this one a shot!


Wow. I love this. Well written. Anyone can give it a shot. I love the idea, theme and the whole background of the story. Keep it up author 💪💪💪💪💪


Very good book , every character has his or her own unique traits that keeps you on the edge of your seat , definitely a must read and kudos to the author


I don't usually read military based books but this one is an exception. From the plot, to the characters, to the exceptional vocabulary usage, and to the writing style .I definitely recommend this book to everyone.


This is one of the first military books I've ever read, voluntarily, and I was blown away. This book really solidified the genre for me, and I've fallen in love with the superb vocabulary usage, descriptive language, and the story as a whole. If your debating on reading this, or even if you wouldn't normally read something military-related, I can promise that you'll love this book! I can't wait to keep reading.


I absolutely love this one. The set up, the characters, it’s a very gripping story or should I say stories. I really enjoyed everything about this one.


The scenes is so descriptive, you take me to the battle field. Good work author, make to turn to another page of story to read more... Keep writing.