Convict to King

Arell Rose, finds an unexpected path to redemption in a mysterious RAPPER System that grants him a host of different abilities and challenges to overcome. The system's main goal? to create the best rapper alive. Can this troubled teen navigate the obstacles thrown in his way and truly become a legend in the music industry?

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Arell clicked on the beat he had chosen, and the instrumental filled the room. The soft piano keys and subtle drum pattern set a contemplative and intense mood, perfect for the storytelling track Arell had in mind. He stared at the pages of notes spread out in front of him, filled with scribbled lines and ideas.

The room was dimly lit, and the only sound besides the beat was the rustling of paper as Arell shuffled through his notes, his mind focused and clear. The raw emotion of the beat resonated with him, matching the tone of what he wanted to convey.

Kenny walked into the room, concern on his face. "Arell, you've been writing for six hours straight. You're crazy."

Arell snorted, a faint smile playing on his lips. "Just got a lot to say."

Kenny shook his head but couldn't help but be impressed. "Alright but take a break if you need to."

Arell shook his head, putting on his headphones and pulling the microphone closer. "I'm good."

Kenny's eyes widened as he realized Arell was about to start recording. "Oh, you're starting now?" He hurried out of the room, calling out to the others. "Yo, Malik, Devon! Get in here!"

Arell took a deep breath, focusing his thoughts as he prepared to record. He adjusted his headphones and pulled the microphone closer, ready to turn his hours of relentless writing into a response.


Reference Beat (Kendrick Lamar - Sing about me, I'm dying of thrist)


"Started from the bottom, ain't no fairytale

Reese You talkin' street cred, but you got none, capisce?

From Parkway Gardens, where the real ones reside

You claimin' GD, but where's your loyalty, you lied"


Arell's voice was steady, almost conversational, but with an undercurrent of intensity. He wanted to make sure every word hit home, questioning Reese's authenticity in the streets where loyalty was everything especially after he spoke about his own.


"Snitchin' rumors, fallin' out with Chief Keef

Fake GD, where's your proof? You a thief

Claimin' hits, but you missed opportunities

While I rose from the ashes, building my own communities"


He paced around the studio, his eyes narrowing as he channelled the raw emotions he felt. He knew the rumours about Reese and Chief Keef well, he had witnessed the fallout firsthand. Arell wasn't afraid to call him out, knowing his words would cut deep. He also wanted to have interconnected bars, 'Claimin' hits, but you missed opportunities, wasn't just referring to music.


"Gun charges, yeah, you got caught, you slipped

While I was out here hustlin', you tripped

One-hit wonder, 'Savage' was your peak

But I'm climbing higher, my future ain't so bleak

Blood thicker than water, but the streets run deep

I've seen brothers turn ghost

I've seen families weep

You can't come back to the Chi, you say?

I made it outta there, now watch me slay"

He slowed his flow, emphasizing each word to make sure they resonated. He was building towards a crescendo, each bar hitting harder than the last.


"Imitatin' Keef, you lack originality

While I'm breakin' boundaries, pushin' creativity

Talkin' 'bout the guns, the street violence you hype

But real men don't need to boast, they the stay quiet type

Legal issues, missed your shot at fame

While I grind every day, rememberin' my name

Fake tough guy, fought a girl, that's your claim

But my battles are real, ain't playin' no games

BD smoke, you got rivals on your back

But I keep my circle tight, never lack

Parkway Gardens, where the struggle's real

But I turned my pain into power, that's the deal"


He slowed his flow.


"Spittin' "Savage," but your life's a three-pointer with airball trajectory

Signed by Glory Boyz, but your future's lookin' like a D-League salary

Bricks on the court?

Nah, you bricked your chance at a golden ticket to riches

Shoulda been ballin' with D' Rose, but streets had you fumbling with switches"


Arell smiled briefly, satisfied with the clever wordplay, comparing Reese's failed opportunities to missed shots in basketball, and linking Derrick Rose, the basketball player, with his own name "Rose".


Arell's voice lowered slightly, his delivery becoming more intense


"Real talk, Reese, you don't know my life

The struggles, the battles, the endless strife

'Stay in your lane, boy, you ain't built for this

All that tough talk, get you put on the hit list'"

"You say you got guns, might bust a few

But I got dreams and a team, we'll outlast you"


Arell's voice softened, almost as if speaking directly to Reese, the intensity of his words carrying a quiet power.


"Convenience store? Yeah, I ducked a few shots

But now I'm duckin' fake friends, you connecting the dots?

Loyalty, love, family, and pride

These are the things that keep me alive

Sent a hit, but I'm here, breathing and strong

Each failed attempt just proves you wrong

Assassin's bullets missed, my aim was true

Shot back twice, now it's clear who's through

Chief Keef snitchin'? You wanna' talk bout me snitching?

Cause right now, I'm risin' above, clearin' out the hate

Shots fired, remember that night?

You shot that old man, why'd you do that?

While you stuck in the past, I'm tearin' it apart

Just like how ripped open, that old man's heart

Fake tough guy, you ain't seen real pain

While I faced my demons, walked through the rain

I'm buildin' an empire, wearin' the crown

Someone callin' me a bitch, but they talkin' from a distance

I'm still here, stacking bread, handling business

They chirpin' like a bird, but I ain't even stressed

I'm too busy makin' moves, while they stay pressed"

He began spitting the words in rapid fire

"Street cred, authenticity you lack

I'm the real deal, no need to act

Parkway Gardens, my roots run deep

But I chose to rise, my future to keep

Fake GD, you just a facade

While I stay true, hold my faith in God"


He leaned back from the microphone, the beat continuing to play as he let the last line resonate. The room was silent except for the beat, hanging in the air like a living thing.

Arell pulled off his headphones and turned to face Malik, Kenny and Devon, but he was already lost in his thoughts, planning the next move.

"That was good," Kenny said, breaking the silence. "You really went in."

Arell nodded, not quite ready to bask in the praise. He walked around the room, his mind racing with ideas. "I need a beat switch," he said, more to himself than to anyone else. "This needs to go deeper."

He returned to the computer, his mind racing with ideas. He needed a transition that would take the track to the next level, something darker and more intense. He pulled up a new instrumental, one that transitioned smoothly from the contemplative tones of the previous into a harder, more aggressive beat. It was layered with eerie synths and deep bass, setting the perfect backdrop for his next verses.

Arell closed his eyes for a moment, feeling the new beat's energy.


Reference Beat (Kendrick Lamar - Backseat Freestyle)


He adjusted his stance, pulling the microphone closer and leaning in. His voice changed, becoming softer yet laced with a quiet fury, capturing pain and betrayal. Today he would expose Reese.


"Let's switch it up, Reese, hear this tale

From a girl you hurt, now liftin' the veil"

He closed his eyes, envisioning the pain of the girl he was channeling. He wanted to convey the fear and betrayal she felt.

"You thought you were strong, fists flying high

But all I saw was weakness, tears in my eyes

You claimed you loved me, then left me with scars

Your touch turned to torment, behind closed bars

1-2, 1-2 that's how you checked me

And then had the nerve to act like you're the best for me"

Arell's voice trembled slightly, mimicking the fear and pain of a girl, drawing everyone in the room into the narrative.

"You a monster in the dark, hidin' from the light

Fake gangsta façade, couldn't win a real fight

Fighting girls, that's what you like

Hidden scars and hidden wounds, that's what you left in plain slight

But here's the truth, Reese, you can't escape from reality

The girl you broke is here to set it straight"

He changed his flow, making it faster, more aggressive, matching the intensity of the beat.

"You talk about guns and your street fame

But real men protect, they don't play these games

Loyalty you preach, but where was yours?

When I needed you most, you showed me closed doors

Why you so sensitive? I only said a few words

And you responded with uppercuts, had me spinning in circles"

Arell moved around the mic, his hands gesturing, adding emphasis to his words.

"You left me in pieces, but now I'm whole

Stronger than ever, reclaimin' my soul

Your name's in the gutter, your fame's in the past

I'm risin' above, while you fall fast"

Kenny, Malik, and Devon were watching closely, their expressions a mix of shock and admiration.

"Parkway Gardens, you claim your turf

But in your heart, what's your worth?

You hurt those who love, betray and deceive

Real men build up, they don't leave

They don't beat women, Strike and punch

They use words, Reese, you need to soften your heart"

Arell's eyes were closed, his hands moving with the beat, feeling every word.

"You thought you'd break me, leave me in despair

But I'm stronger now, no longer ensnared

Every bruise, every tear, every silent scream

Built me up, now I'm livin' my dream

And no, I don't blame you for what you did

I know it past trauma, you haven't taken off the lid

Street cred, gang loyalty, that's all you knew

But respect ain't earned through fists turning a girl blue"

He leaned closer to the microphone, his voice dropping to a near whisper, filled with intensity

"You beat a girl, that's your legacy

But you can't break my spirit, now you see

Fake tough guy, hiding behind your lies

But real strength? That's in my eyes

Loyalty, love, these things you lack

I'm takin' my life, my power, my voice back"

He stepped back, letting the beat play for a moment, the intensity of his words hanging in the air.

Arell took a deep breath, his voice steady but filled with intensity.

"Arell here again, let's put aside that girl you beat up

Let's rewind the clock, Reese, back to our youth

Where the streets raised us, cold hard truth

Parkway Gardens, in the belly of the beast

Where every day's a struggle, survival's feast"

He began with a reflective tone, setting the scene of their harsh upbringing.

"Remember those nights, duckin' from the cops?

Hustlin' in the alleys, chasin' street props

We had dreams, of riches, cars, and fame

But the streets play dirty, it's all a game

Care less for snitching, bout my Granny I don't play

Snitching huh? Coming from Reese where loyalty's a myth?

Maybe your grandma shoulda snitched on Keef, saved you from diss."

Arell's voice grew stronger.

"Slangin' rocks, watchin' for the Feds

Money, drugs, sex, it messes with your head

O' block, where loyalty's tested every night

You slip once, lose everything in sight

Cold winters, no heat, but we had to eat

Workin' two jobs, barely made ends meet

You remember the hunger, the nights with no food

That's what made us savage, in a gritty mood"

Arell's voice was filled with emotion, drawing from personal experiences.

"Stacks of cash, dirty money in hand

But it's all temporary, like footprints in the sand

We chased the paper, but at what cost?

Lost friends, lost family, innocence lost"

He shifted his flow, speeding up his words.

"Flippin' bricks like acrobats, countin' racks

But every high, there's a low, a knife in your back

We lived the fast life, speedin' down the lane

But crashin' hard, caught up in the pain"

Arell's voice intensified, his words hitting harder.

"Chicago nights, bullets flyin', bodies fall

In the land of the free, but trapped by it all

We made a name, built a rep, but at what price?

Blood on our hands, sleepin' with one eye open at night

But look at me now, setting the foundation

An empire, Infinity

Turned my pain into power, made it my identity

While you stuck in the past, living off false serenity"

He leaned closer to the microphone, his words carrying a sharp edge.

"From serving dimes on corners, dodging the heat

To shaking hands with designers, securing my seat

Took a loan from the bank, turned a new leaf

Invested in myself, now I'm the chief

You still talking street cred, living in the past, while I'm creating legacy

Building something to last Infinity's

While you stuck in beef, can't see past the block

I'm moving mountains, making power moves nonstop

Infinity's the future, a vision so grand

While you fade away, unable to understand"

Arell's voice grew softer, almost pitying.

"Nigga don't ever diss me

Don't you know who I am?

The type to raise the bar, nigga I am your calamity

The typa nigga, that would drive you to insanity

Have you searching for words


'Whats something I could say, to hurt lil Rose'

Nuh uh, nigga, the zip is closed

Black and White, nah, you might as well put the yellow tape

I think another body just dropped, I left a murder scene"


He pulled off his headphones, the beat fading out as he turned to face Kenny, Malik, and Devon. Their reactions were instant, erupting into applause and shouts of admiration.

"That was insane," Kenny said, breaking the silence. "You really went in."

"Man, you tore him apart," Malik added, shaking his head in disbelief.

Arell nodded, not quite ready to bask in the praise. "Thanks, but I'm not done yet," he said, walking over to his computer. "Still have to mix this."

As the others began to relax, chatting and unwinding, Arell focused on the mixing process. His mind was a whirlwind of inspiration, driven by the raw and emotion he had just put out.

While Arell continued mixing, the world of twitter was blowing up.


@Gang10Ppusha "Ay @LilReese you killed Arell"

@RGYK "Arell who? Reese is the real OG. Nigga's from Chicago already know. They know what we reppin out here. GD on top"

@Mariceneedplay "Imagine being a snitch. Reese exposing these niggas"

@DV1 "Imagine being a snitch and thinking you can diss Reese 😂"

@Chpper! "Reese always been the realest. Arell trying too hard. Stay in yo lane lil boi @ArellRose"

@Hs2s2s "Arell about to drop some heat. Reese better watch out"

@Lyr23 "Bro Arell better respond, even Lil Durk is calling him out."

@HFanatic "Yo, I bump Arell's music all the time. Didn't know he had beef with Reese. This is about to get interesting."

@Rahrerrd "'Smoking on your dead ass Granny' Nah Reese you evil for that'"

@SuniyeisGoated "Lil Reese is back! This the Reese I love from them like that days."

@Apron2 "Arell better stay out Chicago cuz it aint sound like Lil Reese playing"

@EEATERR "This is good work Lil Reese expose this industry plant! Run to Atlanta lil boi!

@Lil Reese "#GrannyPack"


With this simple hastag, the multitude of those who had been waiting for a hit from Lil Reese for years now, flooded twitter with tweets including the same hastag, so much so that it eventually featured at the 10th place on Twitter trending.

Meanwhile in a Dental office somewhere in Atlanta, Kamilah clenched her jaw as she read the comments. She couldn't believe how cruel people could be, especially towards someone as talented and genuine as Arell.

Her mind drifted back to the first time she saw him perform at the Tabernacle. She had been ecstatic when she managed to get a ticket off of someone else, and seeing him live had been an unforgettable experience, considering that she had discovered when he had first started not long ago.

Her reverie was broken by the sound of the doorbell, signalling another patient arriving. She sighed and closed the app, forcing herself to focus on her work. As she prepped the room for the next patient, her mind kept returning to the tweets. The injustice of it all gnawed at her.

She had a journalism degree she rarely used, having settled into the steady job at the dental office. But now, she felt a surge of determination to put her skills to use.

"What if I could do something?" she thought. "What if I could help Arell?"

She decided to dig deeper into Lil Reese's past. If there was dirt to be found, she would find it and share it with Arell, giving him ammunition to use.

The afternoon dragged on as she went through the motions at work, but her mind was elsewhere, planning her next steps. When she finally clocked out, she hurried home, her thoughts consumed by the task ahead.

She started her research, sifting through old articles, social media posts, and any information she could find on Lil Reese. The deeper she dug, the more she uncovered about his history—arrests, altercations, and connections to various incidents. She took notes, organizing the information into a comprehensive document.

As she worked, Kamilah couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction. She was using her skills for something meaningful, something that could help someone she admired.

Late into the night, she compiled everything she had found. Exhausted but satisfied, she saved the document and sent a message to Arell's account, attaching her findings. And though, Arell likely didn't have notifications on for messages considering he now had a rather large following, she knew it would pop up in his notifications as they had previously messaged one another.


"Arell, big fan since day one. I did some digging on Lil Reese. Thought this might help. Stay strong."


Below this she attached the documents that had various videos and pictures she found after looking through Instagram and post from other social media sites from various accounts, and though, some of the images and videos didn't exactly show Lil Reese's face she was able to connect the videos and images to tweets that Lil Reese and others posted, through their dates and content.