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What is Contrarywise

Read ‘Contrarywise’ Online for Free, written by the author Tashady, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering Fanfiction, Fan Fiction, Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Tracking what should have been an easy story, Lois Lane stumbles across a kidnapped girl.When Lois disappears, Superman ...


Tracking what should have been an easy story, Lois Lane stumbles across a kidnapped girl. When Lois disappears, Superman and Batman are drawn into the mystery. Encountering six mysterious teenagers looking for the same girl, they uncover a plot that could change their world forever.

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*swoosh*boom* Something came falling down in high speed towards a resident area.The impact caused a lot of destruction and death. "Ahhhh" "help m..me.." "aahhhh" "mommy why are you not talking" Everyone was in distress and when they looked at the impact area. Then they saw a guy coming about the impact hole unscarred with two big bouquets which was a little messy after falling to the ground.. After seeing that they started to run away from him. "Why are you running? Don't worry I am not like others who kill you due to little inconvenience too.And sorry for your loss." The guy coming out of the hole said to the people running away from them casually and went his way. One by one everybody leaves the area from where the guy fell. The guy just looks as they leave the area desperately. *sigh* "Just as usual" The guy who fell from the sky said to himself and sat in a stone waiting for someone. A few minutes later, A helicopter sound was heard and the helicopter flew towards the guy. After the helicopter comes near the guy, someone jumps down from the flying helicopter with the help of harness and rope. The distance between the flying helicopter and the ground was 50 meters. *thud* "Sir Elio,I am very sorry that your plane malfunctioned. You had to jump to not go in the wrong direction where the malfunction plane was late for your visit." The lady who jumped from the helicopter said to the guy whose name is Elio sincerely. -------------------------------------------------------------------- update can be irregular so please be patient. https://discord.gg/JFMfx3q7Zt

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Six Pack Box Set

This steamy collection features six M/M erotic romances by up-and-coming author Sarah Hadley Brook. Follow along with these gay men as they seek out their happily ever afters. Celebrate as they find true love, fulfill their desires, and even act out a few erotic fantasies. Contains the stories:<br><br><strong>Caleb's Choice</strong>: Caleb Dodson has lived and breathed baseball most of his life. Playing in the Minor Leagues means he’s close to his dream of being in the Majors, and he doesn't want anything to mess that up. That means keeping his attraction to men a secret. But when new announcer Lucas Landry arrives at the stadium, Caleb falls hard and fast. Maybe it’s time for Caleb to figure out just what that dream is.<br><br><strong>Eggplant Highlights and Mustard Yellow Jeans</strong>: Seth Robinson manages a local kitchen boutique and has his eye on sexy customer Chris Berger, but he’s too shy to start a conversation about anything other than kitchen gadgets. When they finally do get together, they are both dealing with a lot of changes in their lives. Are they strong enough to work together and find their happily ever after?<br><br><strong>Evan's Fantasy</strong>: Evan is crazy about his roommate's best friend, Nick, but keeps it secret. When he's caught in a compromising position, moaning Nick's name, the cat's out of the bag, but it turns out Nick wants to play. Two sexy men share an unforgettable night of passion as Evan's fantasy becomes reality.<br><br><strong>Motorcycle Man</strong>: Biker Ben Makowski is irritated when a student in his latest riding class doesn't even like motorcycles. Ben can see the man, Angus Winter, is dealing with something painful, and sets out to find out what it might be. Angus Winter is a writer and must learn about motorcycles for a book. He's afraid of bikes, but his sexy new teacher makes him want to reveal his burden and begin to heal.<br><br><strong>Officer Charming and the Prince Who Wooed Him</strong>: Officer Chad Charming does not believe in love at first sight, or even true love. When Jeff Garner’s horse kicks him and he lands in the hospital, he is furious. When Jeff announces he believes they’re meant to be together, Chad tells him that it can’t be. While Chad recovers, the two men become close, but can Chad ever get past the idea that love isn’t real and allow himself to love his Prince?<br><br><strong>The Great Pretender</strong>: Billy loses control of his vehicle on the way to the diner and ends up alone in a ditch. Will the sexy mechanic in the black leather jacket come to his rescue in more ways than one?<br><br>Bonus content! Read the first chapters of Sarah's novels, <strong>Holding On</strong> and <strong>The Promise of Hope Shelter</strong>, included in the back of this edition!

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133 Chs

Tales of the Legendary Scholar

They meet in the most unlikely moment and turned their life around. Freidrech newly arrived in his own nation's capital city, which is so foreign to him compared to his village's idyllic and nondiscriminatory atmosphere, after he is forced to come. Now, he is facing a royal prince and tells him to bow. This draws out one of his late father's teachings from the deepest recesses in his mind. "The blood of your great ancestors runs in your veins. Don't easily bow down to anyone, or accept suppression by any being, not even from a monarch, unless you pledge your allegiance to him. Also, giving in to oppression is directly telling the oppressor that you're easy prey and open for manipulation." He is uncertain on how to face this oppression right now. Will he bows or not? What will he do to uphold his father's words while keeping his life safe? As for the prince, Theodrech has nothing to do with Freidrech, so he wishes to let this slip, but the boy opens his mouth and proposes the most ludicrous challenge he ever heard and triggers his curiosity. "I, Freidrech Goederf Gerboud, son of the late Village Chief of Wrilon, will challenge you, Your Highness, to a battle of riddles… If you win, I will not only bow but be your servant for the rest of my life." This amuses the prince. It is the first he met a boy of the same age who is not intimidated by the air of authority he projects. Rather, this boy challenges him. "Why are you so headstrong? In fact, bowing to me is an honor. You saw the King's noble Knights. When they saw me, they bowed," says Theodrech, testing Freidrech. "Allow me to be forward, Your Highness. For me, bowing to a monarch does not guarantee loyalty. If I were you, I rather have men who stand straight in my presence but who got my back, than bowing men who are dreaming of my death," replies Freidrech. The prince’s curiosity increases. A huge smile is seen on his face. Prince Theodrech decides to take Freidrech under his wing. Little did they know, this boy who Prince Theodrech takes in as his confidant and friend in the most ridiculous fashion is someone indispensable in his life and the one who can help him succeed the throne when he almost believes he has lost. Thus, the Tales of the Legendary Scholar begins. ______________________________________ Release schedule: For now, every other day. Later, I will release daily. NOTE: Please, don't copy this story and post it anywhere without permission from the author. Images above are not mine. ------------- New Ongoing Novel: 1. Whispers of Love from Xinyi to Ming (Ongoing) 2. The Recipe of Love (Completed) 3. I'm Guilty, My Beauty(Completed)

JoanB · Fantasy
16 Chs
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Participating in the DC Fanfic contest with a storyline I dreamt up one day. Never thought I'd actually flesh it out and post it. Leave your reviews and whatnot! (Oh, and everything isn't quite what it seems in the beginning or is it?????)


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