Contracts With the Void Book

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Contracts With the Void


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In an ancient town of catholic roots in the Pre-War America of 1935, strange events and phenomena often manifest in the worst of their forms. Vanilla Land, a 16 years old outcast and weirdo with access to magical plushes —ancient and powerful totems capable of summoning powerful spirits and powers for its users— loves to explore wicked places, investigate mysteries, and even fight horrid abominations when necessary. And it's in one of these explorations where she suddenly meets her abrupt when she and a powerful apparition destroy each other. The result? A powerful, demonical entity is impressed by her actions and gives her a second opportunity to live again. She must perform a series of tasks for such an entity —not without getting rewarded with more powerful artifacts and plushes— but in the end, everything points out that there's an ancient source of power capable of redefining reality. And she's not the only one trying to reach it... Come and find out all events that Vanilla had to go through in that dying town of supernatural events, eccentric creatures, and unexpected personalities getting in her way. Cover art by cielnoir Instagram/TikTok: @cielnoir.art


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