102 Wants us to follow

Zhang Wang scowled, not quite liking the proposed idea.

But he wasn't given a chance to voice his complaints, a mouth greedily covering his before words could be formed. He groaned, disgruntled, and tried to push Yu Yanlin off without much success.

The demon king only hummed before moving his attention to the Immortal of a Thousand Blossom's neck, greedily marking him with kisses and nipping bites. It was not enough to break skin, but enough to leave a painting of reds and purples. 

Zhang Wang moaned, unable to contain himself when a heated hand reached down between his thighs and pawed at the side of his cock. He shuddered, lashes fluttering and arms instinctively wrapping around the demon king who hovered above him. His heart was a racing horse and the Immortal of a Thousand Blossoms wrestled with reminder that he was being pinned down. Trapped.

And like--


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