84 Token stacks

Sikong Ren was always especially haughty and child-like after a bit of drinking.

This either made him easier to tease, or extremely mischievous and brazen.

Sometimes this was a funny combination. Other times…well. Zhang Wang cried in outrage, "Just what have you done!?" He had a bad feelinTog welling inside of him, a burst of warm of where the spell sank into him. Was this some sort of curse? He was already thinking of all the trouble he'd gone through in the past, precisely arising from one drunken Sikong Ren!

Ah, the regret!

The Immortal of a Thousand Blossoms scrambled up from the ground, awkwardly setting back the chair and almost fell off a second time when he sat down.

The Master of the Strays watched him squirm, waiting a painfully long time before he spoke, a little slurred despite his efforts in appearing sober. "It's a simple tracking spell, no need to be so alarmed."


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