95 Efforts have been wasted

Alone, Zhang Wang could move more freely and without worry. Without Guo Lang pestering him, he went off in the direction where Zhang Sun's ghost had fled. There were marks in the ground, twigs broken and pungent aura left behind. A clear path was painted forth and Zhang Wang did not hesitate to rush forward.

However, no matter how far into the woods he traveled, he didn't seem to be getting any closer to his query. He cursed, a sizzling frustration bubbled beneath his heart, gnawing away at him. He kept running, determination ablaze, the grass crunching beneath his feet.

And yet the subtle string of resentful energy thinned, and marks that littered the ground slowly dispersed. Zhang Wang wouldn't admit that he lost the trail, rather, the trail had simply and mysteriously disappeared…leaving nothing in its wake.


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