276 Piper's doomsday

"Stop yelling and just do it ah, be fast about it." Brian hurried him.

A sigh left the Assistant's lips before he got the laptop and started to track Brian's GPS.

Brian is the first human who lives in Country M, yet knows nowhere except the places he frequented. 

"Brother Brian, what are you doing in the woods outside of the city?!" 

"Oh, what part of the City is this?" Brian asked. 

"The southern part. It's a very dangerous place." 

"Why is it dangerous and who resides in this area?" If no one lives around here, why would Piper go here?

"There've been reports that people go missing when they go there and the authorities can't find anything no matter how hard they try. As for who lives there, give me a little time to hack into the housing department's database." The Assistant replied while his fingers flew through the keyboard. 

With the way he types with fast speed, it was obvious there was more to him than meets the eye. 


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