331 Mischievous Valen

A deep-throated laughter tore through Maverick's lips, "Hahahaha… What do I stand to gain?" 

"Ah? What do you mean, Mr. Maverick?" Jeslyn feigned ignorance. 

"Little brother has missed you."

"Ahem," she coughed. "Tell little brother that I'm not available." 

"How about you deliver the message yourself?" his lips curled into a cunning smile. 

"Ehm, the thing is… ahem… oh, Valen! Valen wants me to help him do–"

"Valen isn't home." 

"Eh?" Jeslyn's eyes widened in horror. "Where did you send my son?" 

"He went on a vacation with Rex, so you have no excuse, Mrs. Lu." 

Jeslyn sighed. What's the worst that can happen? Let's just give in and go say Hi to little brother, after all, it's been some weeks since she last visited him– he must be angry now. 


Valen, who had 'gone on a vacation' was seen, standing in Rex's sitting room, doing a stare-down contest with him. 


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